Brainwashed Little Boy Cries Over the Planet in Viral Video [VIDEO]

Brainwashed Little Boy Cries Over the Planet in Viral Video [VIDEO]

Brainwashed Little Boy Cries Over the Planet in Viral Video [VIDEO]

Watch out, Chewbacca Mom. You may have broken a Facebook record for most-watched video, but your reign of fame may be overtaken by the viral video of an overwrought little boy crying over the planet.

Henry Marr is a little six-year-old living in Washington State (let me show you my shocked face) who is completely brainwashed passionate about the earth.

His mom, Allie Hall, picked up the six-year-old from school one day to discover that he had become distraught over a video he had seen in school about pollution. He broke down in tears while in the car, and his mom naturally just had to capture it on video.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, the “s” word for Henry is “stupid.” Or so claims mom.)

But that’s not the half of it.

At home, Henry has taken to demanding that his family not use the faucets or the showers. Gotta conserve water, you know.


And he writes his messages on pots and pans, so as not to waste paper and kill more trees, apparently.


Since his video has gone viral, little Henry has written a book called Enjoy the Planet, Don’t Wreck It.

He’s also become a self-styled park police ranger at his local park, picking up trash and blowing a whistle if he sees a “naughty person” who fails to take proper care of the earth. He even saved two slugs — slugs mind you — from being stepped on.

Henry’s park ranger uniform. Credit:

It’s obvious that Henry is a very precocious and sensitive little boy, which are blessings to be fostered, not exploited for internet fame or to drive an agenda. When I was young, we learned that throwing litter from car windows was inappropriate, and that was the extent of it. It appears that the adults in Henry’s life have indoctrinated this young boy far beyond his emotional maturity. And that’s the most tragic aspect of all.

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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

  • Deanna Fisher says:

    I hereby dare little Henry’s mother to take him into Seattle, where he can start yelling at the homeless people who have set up tents along Interstate 5 about the amount of litter that they leave behind. If the kid is that hyper-sensitive about litter at his local park, the sight of these homeless camps will give him a fit. I’d love to see a video of THAT.

  • Jennifer says:

    Child abuse. Poor kiddo!

  • Teresa says:

    Who are you trying to brainwash? Henry has the facts, while you obviously not only want to hide from the truth but convince others to as well. He is not lying, but you are.

    • Kim Quade says:

      Right. Henry doesn’t think his family should use water, or clear trees to build houses like where he resides.
      His mom drives a polluting vehicle and uses a phone to video him which uses petroleum products in its manufacture.
      If you can’t see the irony in that, perhaps you’re as brainwashed as poor little Henry.
      Bless your heart. But thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

  • parker says:

    I am all for common sense environmental protection, I am not for bainwashing children to fear toilet paper, other issues of hygiene, and modern civilization. Poor kid, He has been algored.

  • Sad says:

    This is child abuse what this mother is doing to these children. The other little one is all upset also. This mother should be arrested for doing this to these innocent little children. She is victimizing them.

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