While Asshats lie in DC, Phoenix Police show up BIG for little Tatum Raetz

While Asshats lie in DC, Phoenix Police show up BIG for little Tatum Raetz

A little girl, named Tatum Raetz, graduated from kindergarten in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tatum and mom

Her Daddy couldn’t be there with her.  He was killed by an illegal hit and run driver, with a history of fleeing to Mexico.  The Senate should be proud.

Since her Daddy couldn’t be there, some 100 Phoenix Police Officers showed up to give show their love and support to Tatum, along with 400 other parents and friends.

inside the graduation

So while politicians, IRS administrators, and other assorted asshats do their best to cover their ass while they lie and deceive the American people, regular working people show up and do the right thing.

While Oklahoma grieves and starts the long process of healing, we are watching those in power scramble for cover, lie, take our hard-earned money and give to murdering criminals who don’t belong here, lie some more, take tax paid vacations, lie again, and generally act and talk like the lying Socialist leftist power hungry bastards they are.

Look at the photos of little Tatum with her friends….they will protect her….never to replace her Daddy, Officer Raetz, but she’ll always have them watching over her.

Tatum, Mom, and Phoenix police

This is the America that Obama, his illegally appointed minions,  the IRS, and the other endless and assorted bureaucratic vomitous and morally challenged bureaucrats that lord it over good, decent law abiding people….this is the America they cannot understand and, let’s be honest here…don’t like very much.

Goodness and selflessness isn’t on their agenda.  Power and control is.

I’m so grateful that today, while I grow sick watching the lies grow and spread in Washington D.C., that a little girl graduates from kindergarten surrounded by her protectors.  I am grateful that she will always remember this day…full of hope and love.

There’s your real hope, Obama.  And it’s not covered with lies.  And the “change”?  I can’t wait.

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  • Kathleen3 says:

    This little girl’s sacrificed father, the 25,000+ other Americans killed/murdered by illegal aliens, and the over one million sexually assaulted has not once been acknowledged by our elected officials who are now working intently to reward these illegal aliens.

  • Buzz Bannister says:

    We lost my wife’s aunt when a truckload of drunk illegals slammed the vehicle while Cindy’s aunt and Uncle were going to Saturday Mass. The uncle held her in the middle of the road, she was already dead. The messicans (from Messico) said they didn’t know who was driving, they all got hospital treatment and escaped back to Messico. As of today Cindy’s aunt is still dead.

  • SDN says:

    Riddle me this: How many of those officers refuse to arrest illegals on the orders of the amnesty loving politicians? That’s how many accessories there were of Officer Raetz’ murder.

  • mac says:

    You know, I’d be happy if we just applied the same laws to illegals in America that Mexico applies to illegals in Mexico. If we did, the numbers of illegals would drop sharply.

    However, the numbers of graves filled with illegals would undergo quite a steep increase.

  • theMoll says:

    Got something in my eye…

  • Ezra Gonzalez says:

    Wow, that’s awesome that little Tatum can have such support from a giant extended family like that.

    But yes, DC spins on like a perpetual motion circus while the citizens they “rule” are stuck dealing with the results.

    Heinlein had an answer for these halfwits, if only it could be implemented.

  • ALman says:

    To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln (who said, “No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.”), Adults stand ever so tall when they stop all their “adult-stuff” to support and love a child in need.

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