Jihad in the UK; British Soldier Beheaded

Jihad in the UK; British Soldier Beheaded

Shariah law has arrived in Southeast London with an unforgettable attack on a British soldier who was attacked by three men shouting “Allu Akbar” while they attacked him with machetes, in an attempt to behead him, which was filmed by bystanders on their mobile phones. Now, understand that Shariah law arrived in Britain a long time ago, the Whitechapel neighborhood in London has turned into a virtual “no-go zone” as seen in France and other regions of the United Kingdom where Shariah law is observed as opposed to the law of the land. Shariah law is meted out against the citizens of these no go zones by roving bands of Muslim men who have taken it upon themselves to become the morality police of the local area.

In this instance, the attackers have not been identified as British by the press though the local MP has identified the victim in this case as a British soldier. The government is rightly identifying this as a terrorist attack. In a move that gives this blogger some hope, the Home Secretary Theresa May is appearing on the BBC today condemning this as a terrorist attack against everyone in Britain and announcing that British Military installations are ramping up security in response to this attack across London.

In this video, we see one of the suspects lecturing bystanders cameras about “removing your governments, they don’t care about you” and claiming “that our women in our lands have to see the same”.

For more information on this, please see the BBC Live Stream and for information on the basic timeline of the attack, I refer you to esteemed Jihadi specialist Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch . I will keep you all posted as the details come out on this case and as it develops.

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