Chicken-Hearted Lois Lerner to Plead the Fifth at IRS Hearing

Chicken-Hearted Lois Lerner to Plead the Fifth at IRS Hearing

Well, isn’t that special? The math challenged **cough chicken shit** former head of the tax exempt division of the IRS plans to plead the Fifth at Wednesday’s House Oversight hearing. Ms. Lerner, whose IRS division trampled all over our Constitutional rights, will use that very document to her own advantage. Ironic much?

Lerner is the very same woman, mind you, who received a big fat bonus for a job well done, and then promoted to head of the ObamaCare division in charge of implementing all the hidden taxes stuffed within it. If that doesn’t that make your skin crawl, and your heart skip, I don’t know what does…but surely she has nothing to hide, right? There’s no “there, there,” right? She’s just keeping mum for the fun of it all. Not because she knows where the bodies are buried. And certainly not to protect her own cowardly hide…or someone else’s. Maybe she’s waiting for Susan Rice to help deliver her testimony.

Now imagine yourself, when the IRS pounds on your door demanding answers to its tax questions, pleading the Fifth. Or as transpired at last week’s hearing, invoking former Commissioner Steven Miller‘s excuse: it’s soooooo hard running the IRS. Or perhaps today’s explanation: Well, yeah, it was my agency, but, no, no, no I’m not responsible for what happened there. They’d certainly understand, right? Your job is so laborious, how can they possibly expect you to be competent at the same time? Nope, it’s prison for you. Bonuses for them.

Lerner’s attorney has countered that Mr. Issa is dragging the Chicken-Hearted Lois Lerner in for questioning “to embarrass and burden her.” As if somehow she hasn’t already succeeded in that end by targeting her fellow Americans for extra scrutiny and vicious audits based on nothing other than their political ideology. Newsflash, Ms. Lerner, YOU are the embarrassment. You’re the current poster child for the entitlement minded, zero accountability, blame it on everyone but yourself crowd so prevalent these days, a culture expertly modeled by a lazy, hapless president fixated more on his golf swing than the health of our nation. You’d best suck it up, cupcake. You’re about to feel the pain of a very public audit.


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