When Is It “Okay To Be White”? Oh Please, (White) Democrats! Tell Us!

When Is It “Okay To Be White”? Oh Please, (White) Democrats! Tell Us!

When Is It “Okay To Be White”? Oh Please, (White) Democrats! Tell Us!

Was this a trick or a treat? Apparently, a Maryland high school did not find the flyers with five words on them to be much of a treat when they saw them plastered all over campus this past Tuesday. The five words? Glad you’ve asked:

“It’s Okay To Be White”

According to WaPo, these flyers have also turned up in Rocky River, Ohio; at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn.; at Tulane University in New Orleans; at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Md.; around college-campus rich Cambridge, Mass., including the Harvard Yard and at the University of Alberta in Canada. In most cases, schools and cities have pulled the posters down, but the message has continued to spread in images and hashtags across Twitter and other social media platforms, even prompting a related Know Your Meme entry. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center chimed in. More from Tucker Carlson:

More from our friends at WaPo:

The episode is indicative of the efforts white-nationalist groups have made to recruit in and around the nation’s college campuses and other mainstream settings with claims of growing white maltreatment and expanding anti-white discrimination. The white victim construct is one that experts say, not so long ago, only had traction in avowed white supremacists, segregationists and neo-Nazi circles. But today, it animates open and anonymous public discussions of race and shapes the nation’s politics.

What, what? In some circles, the above is the truth that some want to believe. In other circles, the flyers were spawned from the site 4Chan to troll the alt-left.

The “monsters” who put these flyers up were out in full force. How dare they claim it’s okay to be white when (sanctimonious) politicians, actors and actresses, and athletes are telling white people that we’re not okay and that we are all racist and contributing to the oppression of others. When our educators ram “inclusion” and “diversity” down our child’s throat enough to further define that divisiveness between the African-American kids and the White-American kids and the Hispanic kids and the White kids and the Muslim kids from the Christian kids and the LGBTQ-plus-a bazillion-other-letters-white kids and the straight white kids (though they don’t see it that way). When videos illustrating why it is NOT okay to be white go viral.

The irony of this is, if the flyer said anything else like, “It’s okay to be black” or “It’s okay to be gay” or “It’s okay to be Muslim” or “It’s okay to be Atheist,” would there be cause for such an uproar, or would this little piece of paper be construed as nothing but an expression of free speech? And, if it’s NOT okay to be white, it’s also, in their book, FAR from okay to impersonate or “appropriate” another culture either so, really, what gives? Is it okay to be a freaking potato? I mean, I give up! We’re sure to offend someone there, right? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

When is okay to be white? Perhaps when white people talk about the “right” issues. When white people claim tolerance and inclusion of other groups even though the actions of these other groups prove that they hate every fiber of our beings and want to terrorize us and obliterate us. When white people are accepting and loving of others despite the other side’s venom and disdain for our beliefs and lifestyle choices. When famous white people cash in on being champions for other races, cultures and ethnic groups even though they don’t put their feet forward in understanding the complexity of the issues they speak of and continue to live their lives preaching to others from their make-believe worlds, private jets and elaborately-maintained homes taken care of by immigrants. When you’re a white athlete making millions of dollars and supporting causes such as Black Lives Matter, it’s okay to be white. When white politicians follow the right script, it’s okay to be white. It’s okay to be white if you are a Democrat. It’s okay to be white if you are gay, lesbian, non-binary, non-conforming, gender-queer or trans. It’s okay to be white if you’re an educator who uses “Resist” as your middle name. It’s okay to be white if you’re dressed up as a big uterus with a stupid pink hat. It’s okay to be white if you scream at the sky because of who is in The White House. It’s okay to be white if you worship satan. It’s even okay to be as white as you wanna be and run for president, for crying out load, while taking money from countries who do exactly the opposite to the women you claim to want to fight for and then, after your “kingdom” comes crashing down, it’s okay to whine about your losses and how unfair life has been to you!

When is there a problem with being white? When you are a straight male or female. When you read your Bible. When you want to crush people who come in through our borders and take away the lives of loved ones for no reason other than their venomous hate. When you hate seeing your white kid being discriminated against because he is a white male and doesn’t belong to “the cool group”. When you value the lives of the innocent more than your own and are appalled at the sheer selfishness of other women around you, all while women in other countries are raped and genitally mutilated. When you think Hollywood and the political figures they support are hypocritical pieces of crap. When your spouse and other friends have spent months eating MREs or living in tents and getting shot at and you decide not to watch some jackass making millions of dollars in a football uniform KNEEL. When you have a sense of pride and are not a victim because you have worked hard for everything in this life and are sick of people who just want a handout. Then, we have problems! Then, you’re a bigot, a racist. A faaaaaaaaascist and it’s NOT okay to be white!

The flyer didn’t say, “It’s supreme to be white,” or “It’s superior to be white,” or “It’s better to be white;” it said it’s okay. Slap on the sunscreen, Caucasians. I’m okay, you’re okay…we’re all okay and will endure another day of stupidity.

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  • Steve S says:

    I saw the Ta-Nehisi Coates proclamation that the only reason Donald Trump is President is because he is white. It’s an interesting thesis, in the face of the declining proportion of whites among the American populace. If whites are a declining proportion, but Trump is elected because he is white, then there must be a goodly number of non-whites who sympathize with and even want to appropriate whiteness. That must be why the anti-white campaign keeps dialing itself higher and higher: white-privilege apparently was not a screechy enough deterrent, so now it is all White Supremacist all the time. I wonder what the next dial-up level will be?

    Since these folks hate whiteness so much, I really wish that they would stop wearing blue jeans and eye glasses, stop using light bulbs and flush toilets, and they really really should cease speaking English.

  • Miss Trixie B says:

    Considering that not one person ever born had the opportunity to select his or her race and that if everyone’s skin was stripped off we’d look exactly the same, I find this whole racial superiority/inferiority crap to be a bunch of nonsense.

  • TRX says:

    I remember seeing “It’s Okay To Be Straight” T-shirts on campuses back in the 1990s…

    “It’s meme recycling!”

  • Hank says:

    These “diversified” minorities don’t mind “appropriating” white culture when they talk on their cell phones, turn on a light or steal a car. They think they’re just as good as us. The Africans who kicked out the colonial powers thought so too. Now look at the once prosperous African colonies like Rhodesia and South Africa. They can’t even feed themselves.

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