#Antifa Plans Widespread Protests On November 4th [VIDEO]

#Antifa Plans Widespread Protests On November 4th [VIDEO]

#Antifa Plans Widespread Protests On November 4th [VIDEO]

Antifa is at it again. Major cities across the country are bracing for the latest in a series of never-ending violent temper tantrums by members of the Antifa or “Anti-Fascist” movement. According to the newspaper of record in Portland, Oregon, the group RefuseFascism.org is rallying their supporters to march in cities across the nation because according to them “The Trump/Pence Administration Must Go!” The group has garnered national attention after being featured in a “puff piece” on our local chapter (aren’t we proud?!) on CNN (seen below). Yes, you see, we here in the PNW like to share the pain and we actually export these morons to other states to square off with alt-right idiots wearing chinos, polo shirts and carrying tiki torches. America, you’re welcome!

Well, this time they are converging on our beleaguered downtown, yet again, much to the upset of local residents and business owners alike. These guys are real charmers, and I would bet their moms and dads are SO PROUD of their little Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s). They do things like launch feces and urine-filled bottles at our local police, but you see, since the local mayor tells our cops to stand down, they just have to take it. Generally, the pattern that these things follow goes something like this:

Antifa puts out the call to the great unwashed here in PDX via Facebook, then they gather at a central location downtown. 

They shout various slogans such as “This is what Democracy looks like” and various foul slang terms into their bullhorns and get themselves all worked up into a lather-filming everything on their iPhones-of course.

Then they march through the streets, breaking windows and generally making nuisances of themselves by setting things on fire in the middle of the streets.

Our Mayor gets tired of the bedlam and tells the police to go and break it up.

The troublemakers are arrested, spend the night in jail, and get out the next morning in time to work an early shift at their coffee shops.

So when the Portland Police Bureau spokesman says in the video from CNN that “We haven’t seen it this violent until the last eight months or so,” I am afraid I have to say, “No, Mr. Simpson, it HAS been this bad every year since I moved here in 2002.” They do this on every May Day; Christmas for Communists is how we here in the PNW colloquially refer to it. I find it interesting that these folks are adopting the same fashion statement as the Nazi blackshirts of old; after all, these are supposed to be the folks who are RESISTING the modern day “fascists,” right?

Add some black masks and “Viola” Antifa!

I wish you all safety and solace on this lovely autumn weekend. Please be safe, and if you live in any of the cities in the crosshairs of the Antifa mobs, play it safe and stay out of your downtown cores. Better yet, volunteer for your favorite conservative cause this weekend and thank them for motivating you to actually do what you have been meaning to do for months.

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  • Stacy0311 says:

    Call up fire trucks. Water hoses are great for breaking up crowds semi-humanely.
    AND it’ll be the first time a lot of those fascists get a bath in a few months

  • Skil1lyboo says:

    Having only read it on fringe websites I’m not sure if it’s true but there is a claim out there that the FBI followed some ANTIFA rioters to Germany for the G20 summit and witnessed them meeting with ISIS and Al qaeda connected terrorists. Hopefully it’s just another fake news story since it’s being ignored by websites like VGB but If true it’s really not that shocking since their goals align with each other.

  • Kate says:

    We’re ready. Plus I’m making Bacon Jalapeño Poppers and breaking out the good wine.

    • Jennifer says:

      Making snacks and prepping the sea breezes!

      I’d be fascinated to dig into that further and it doesn’t shock me at all. There has been a long term partnership between the Islamists and the leftists.

  • jacmo says:

    Now that the day has passed with just a bunch of screaming Antifa wannabees, who put their limited vocabulary on display, they’ve fizzled like a firecracker landing in water. Best video I saw of it was the Circa live feed that showed a small crowd of the wannabees. Showing off their intelligence one in the crowd called the police communists while waving a hammer and sickle flag.

  • Jennifer says:

    Ah victims of public education I see

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