NY AG Won’t Prosecute Andrew Cuomo For Sexual Harassment

NY AG Won’t Prosecute Andrew Cuomo For Sexual Harassment

NY AG Won’t Prosecute Andrew Cuomo For Sexual Harassment

It’s good to be a Democrat. Especially if you are Andrew Cuomo who was investigated for ELEVEN charges of sexual harassment. Today, the findings of that investigation were announced by NY Attorney General Letitia James.

You can read the full 165 page report here. Fair warning, it will completely show how much of a sexual predator he is. 

The report included at least two previously unreported allegations of sexual harassment from women who accused Mr. Cuomo of improperly touching them, including an unnamed female state trooper and an employee of an energy company. And it highlighted at least one instance in which Mr. Cuomo and his aides retaliated against one of the women who made her allegations public.

“Governor Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees in violation of both federal and state laws,” she said. “The independent investigation found that Governor Cuomo harassed multiple women, many of whom were young women, by engaging in unwanted groping, kisses, hugging, and by making inappropriate comments.”

Ms. James said the report revealed “a deeply disturbing, yet clear picture” and “conduct that corrodes the very fabric and character of our state government and shines light on injustice that can be present at the highest levels of government.”

There were nearly two hundred people interviewed during this investigation, which also included 74,000 pieces of evidence. 

As the findings show, Cuomo is not only a sexual predator, he weaponized his office to retaliate against any woman who dared speak up and call him out for creating a toxic workplace, breaking state and federal laws regarding sexual harassment, and more. Additionally, the report ALSO shows the state employment office did nothing when several complaints were lodged by some of Cuomo’s accusers. 

As has been previously noted, Andrew Cuomo is facing calls to resign by Republicans AND Democrats. Cuomo is also under investigation for his pandemic book deal, as well as for his nursing home COVID orders that killed over 15,000 seniors in 2020. 

The investigation started in March 2021. 

James hired two outside lawyers — former acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon Kim and employment discrimination expert Anne Clark — to conduct the probe and Cuomo was grilled for about 11 hours in his Manhattan office last month, the New York Times reported Monday.

At several points, the July 17 session — which was recorded on video — got heated when Cuomo confronted Kim over his role in previous federal investigations of the governor and his allies, the Times said.

Want to bet that Cuomo was trying to threaten Kim for daring to be one of the lead investigators? 

The details regarding the state trooper, which were previously unknown, show how lewd Cuomo is. 

As is noted in the report, it wasn’t that Cuomo was a toucher, he was a groper who created situations that left women not only in shock, but completely uncertain as to how to handle the situation given he was not only their boss, but the Governor of New York. Below is one Executive Assistant’s testimony. Fair warning, it is disturbing and infuriating. 

“You’re going to get us in trouble,” to which the Governor replied, “I don’t care,” and slammed the door shut. Executive Assistant #1 testified that the Governor’s demeanor at the time “wasn’t like ‘ha ha,’ it was like, ‘I don’t care.’ . . . It was like in this—at that moment he was sexually driven. I could tell and the way he said it, I could tell.”

The Governor then returned to Executive Assistant #1 and slid his hand up her blouse, and grabbed her breast, “cupp[ing her] breast” over her bra. Executive Assistant #1 testified:

This wasn’t casual groping. No, it was specifically targeted harassment. 

Now Cuomo has insisted several times that the investigation would clear him. Instead the very opposite has happened. So, what is next? Criminal prosecution by the Attorney General’s office?

Oh. Well. Isn’t that special? So, next question, will the Assembly do anything? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Then again, the Assembly isn’t known for its spine regarding Cuomo, so don’t hold your breath. 

What about Cuomo deciding to resign? Joe Biden said he should if the allegations were true, and guess what? They are. So will he?

This tweet from Cuomo regarding the state of New York’s OWN policy is coming back to bite him in the butt. 

Or, as Janice Dean states:

Cuomo feels absolutely no shame for his harassment. No sooner had the news broke of the investigation results, then Cuomo went on live TV. Evidently, HIZZONER the Jackass is insisting the facts are much different than what is stated in the report. According to Cuomo, he’s just misunderstood and was targeted because he’s been in the public eye all his life. 

The unmitigated GALL of this tool to claim that HE is the one who is misunderstood! Not only that, but to single out one of his accusers and gaslight her, and then offer up a politically motivated apology? WOW. He is an even bigger jackass than I imagined. 

This is the same man who told us to believe all the Kavanaugh accusers with zero questions asked. Now he’s gaslighting the women who’ve bravely spoken out about Cuomo harassing them. 

Cuomo won’t face criminal prosecution for his predatory sexual harassment of eleven women, which also means he’s likely going to skate on his role in nursing home deaths. And, that’s criminal right there. 

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