WaPo Drama: Journalist Doesn’t Recognize America Anymore

WaPo Drama: Journalist Doesn’t Recognize America Anymore

WaPo Drama: Journalist Doesn’t Recognize America Anymore

More journalistic drama at its finest from WaPo is coming your way. A few days back, journalist, Ted Gup, penned an editorial in The Washington Post entitled: “I don’t recognize America anymore. I have a way out“. These A-listers had “a way out”, too.

Did any of them leave? Nope. They’re all still here! Gup, on the other hand, has been proactive in this threat and has a visa from Britain that allows him to apply for settlement in after a total of three years of working and living there. More from Gup and WaPo:

(My Visa) represents an option to exit a United States I now barely recognize — one that almost daily distresses me with its xenophobia, its saber-rattling, its theocratic leanings, its denial of facts and science, its tribalism, and its petty and boorish president. I think of that visa as my “Trump card.” Come 2020, if the nation chooses to continue on this toxic path, it may well be my way out.”-Ted Gup

Xenophobia. Theocratic leanings. Tribalism. Denial of facts and science. Gup checks his boxes of typical (judgmental) liberal name-calling.

Gup goes on about ending his love-affair with America and making that dramatic exit in 2020. He talks about his ancestors and how they came to this country which was their “beacon of hope”. We, as Americans, can all relate to the stories of our ancestors who came here for a better life. But then, Gup’s piece takes a turn to point out our “petty, boorish President”. Can Trump be a bit petty? Sure. Can Trump be a bit boorish? Yes. He’s a freaken businessman from New York City! Gup takes it all to another level, though:

A year ago, I visited the German concentration camp Dachau. Our English-speaking guide, a retired army colonel, began by reminding us that Adolf Hitler came to power with a single compelling message: to “make Germany great again.” He repeated that comment and paused long enough to allow it to sink in before commencing a tour that chronicled the lunacy of a nation devouring its own.”-Ted Gup

Glad he cleared that up. Because I was seriously wondering how and when he was going to incorporate Nazi Germany into this picture and liken Hitler to Trump as every good journalist does.

While makes his case with statistics, Gup forgets to factor in some of us Americans. Those who have lived elsewhere, whose families came from (really) humble beginnings, who believe in science but who also love God and yes, actually are educated human beings. He paints this picture of an “us versus them” mentality as every “good” journalist does.

(Sigh). So here goes. Here is my take. My forbears did not start any stockyards. Their names are etched on the registers at Ellis Island. They came from Reggio di Calabria, Sicily, parts of Greece, the Ukraine and the Czech Republic with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few possessions. They worked in coal mines, were florists and sold fruits and vegetables for long, hard days on the streets of New York. My great-grandfather helped build the 59th Street Bridge in Manhattan, my grandfather was a baker, he died when my mother was five and she and my uncles took care of my grandmother, who was a maid for a wealthy Jewish family of entertainers. My dad’s mother was a single mother for quite some time-even after she was married. My dad grew up in an abusive household, quit school at 15 because of increasing gang violence at his high school and became a construction worker. My mom worked part-time jobs throughout high-school and lived in a tenement building in a drug-laden neighborhood. There was no opportunity to go to college (let alone drop out of HARVARD). My husband’s family came from humble beginnings, too. His grandfather was a glider pilot in WWII. His dad worked in the shipyards and his mom was a waitress. When all lost hope, they all worked HARDER. And all the while, they never asked for a handout from the government-from ANYBODY.

My husband served in the Marine Corps for 21 years. His brothers were also Marines. As a military family, we have attended funerals of friends who never returned home to their loved ones. We have seen and experienced firsthand how military life-multiple moves, deployments, long working hours, etcetera impact a marriage and our families. Thankfully, all is intact and these struggles have made us stronger.

We have worked hard. We went to college. We went to grad school. We have paid our debts. We still work hard to provide for our family.

We lived overseas in Japan for almost four years. While living in Japan gave us a fond appreciation of a beautiful culture much different than our own, we returned back to the States after those four years feeling like we were dropped onto another planet. We landed in the Pacific Northwest in the Great State of Washington. I was witness to an almost 60 year-old man in a kilt laughing while his son cracked 9/11 jokes at The Washington State Fair on 9/11. Friends from college accused me of “guilt-tripping” them when I posted a picture of our colors for Veterans’ Day on Facebook. After all, I am married to a member of our armed forces who participated in a “war they did not believe in” and with the flick of the wrist, I was no longer part of their “tribe”. My Faith all of a sudden made me an “ignorant bigot”, a social leper, in some circles. Now Black Lives Matter, butterfly lives matter, baby lives don’t. We’re rewriting the English language and sued for not making intentional syntax errors in our “correct” use of gender pronouns should we flub up. We are intolerant and inhumane for not thinking that all people deserve their “fair share”-even if some people do absolutely nothing to earn it. Every day, people are apologizing for being American, embarrassed to claim to come from our great country. Admittedly, we didn’t recognize America when we returned from The Land of The Rising Sun!

Everything begs the question: What the hell happened here?!

To those who would take me to task for considering leaving the nation, I would simply say that the America I know has already left me — or, more precisely, has turned its back on the principles that made it what it was for so long. I would take the madness of Brexit there over what feels like a more malevolent and portentous turn here.”-Ted Gup

You know what is portentous? The malevolence of the pretentious. America has not turned its back on Americans. And true Americans do not turn their backs no matter how tough times get-no matter what the opposition. This is part of what makes our nation one of the greatest. And while America may have left some, its spirit is still alive and well under the toxic sludge of virtue-signaling, blatant journalistic bias (from WaPo and others), blow-hard celebrities and an aggressive stifling attempt of any opposing viewpoints by the calculating, divisive and sanctimonious far left. Go ahead, Gup, and stay in Britain. Tear up the passport to the country that has “deserted” you while you’re at it. We triple-dog dare you.

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  • Dave says:

    Amen sister. I don’t follow your blog, not sure why(my bad) but your always linked from other sites I visit so I end up here often. It seems like this place we call home always has it’s crazy moments. I was watching a story on Netflix’s about a crazy lady who might have faked a rape in Hawaii. Boy did America suck with that story and how we treated Hawaiians. That was in 1930s. Or the Jim crow times or other spots throughout our history. But for the most part we Americans were like your family. Heads down, leave me the heck alone and let me be. Love what the founding fathers had in mind and no matter how stupid we get we always seem to come back on course. For all of trumps nuttiness, we are lucky to have orange man bad. He really does want the best for all of us normals. And shows the disdain and disrespect needed for the rest. It’s about time. Anyways great blog. Love how you like this place called America. And isn’t in crazy for how bad it is we have millions trying to get in????

  • SJW really means SMAOEP

    =S*** My *ss Or Else, Peasant!

    Brahmandarins like him have driven more than one leftie into conservatism once they saw the multi-culo emperor had no clothes on, and that the real agenda was power, control, and narcissistic supply for a small coterie

  • Bobb says:

    We’re rewriting the English language and sued for not making intentional syntax errors in our “correct” use of gender pronouns.

    Only leftists, like Justice Ginsberg, believe a person who is pregnant may not be referred to a mother, but may compel you by law to refer to that person as a man.

  • SDN says:

    “Go ahead, Gup, and stay in Britain. ”

    Be glad we’re giving you the option. Back during the American Revolution, people who preferred Britain to America got options, too.

    “Let’s see, I can stay here and proclaim my hatred of those deplorable provincials, and end up burned alive in my house like cousin Aloysius and his family a mile away. Or I can run for New York with nothing but the clothes on my back and hope I can get aboard a ship for London or Halifax. Choices, choices.”

    Better leave while we’re still feeling charitable. Because every time you open your mouth, the charitable level drops.

  • Ruprecht says:

    Every 8 years we turn into nazi Germany then a Dem is elected long enough for everyone to forget the over the top hyperbole in time for them to pull it again. In a sane world they’d be asked about and made the fool over the repetition of this garbage.

    As if a similar saying makes Trump = Hitler. Such valid nonsense.

  • GWB says:

    one that almost daily distresses me with its xenophobia, its saber-rattling, its theocratic leanings,
    Holy Cow, man! You just described Woodrow Wilson’s administration!

    its tribalism
    Well, thank you, 0bama, for stirring that one back up!

    But, wait. Isn’t this guy going to ENGLAND?! Where they want to leave the EU (xenophobia)? And they just voted for people like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage (petty and boorish)?

    which was their “beacon of hope”
    And I guarantee the reasons they came to America (unless it was within the last two generations) are actually the opposite of the things he now supports. It was likely because of freedom and equality under the law and opportunity – NOT because of welfare checks and speech codes and multitudes and swarms of regulations and heavy-handed, overbearing government. It’s likely they were escaping the latter.

    petty, boorish President
    Have we ever had a President from NYC before?
    (Oh, and don’t get me started on Johnson. The man was worse than Trump, it seems. If he had had Twitter… oh my.)

    a single compelling message: to “make Germany great again.”
    He’s right. But it’s also a very blunt and broad club to try and smear Trump and his supporters with that. Every single voter who is looking for a savior in their President is susceptible to the demagoguery that brought Hitler to power.
    Of course, the ones stomping through the streets in their steel-toed boots are NOT Trump’s supporters. The ones screaming and yelling at their opponents to shame them into leaving the public square are his detractors. The ones demanding the non-conformists depart this country are not the patriots.

    He paints this picture of an “us versus them” mentality
    Which, btw, was another tactic of… Hitler and the Brownshirts. (Also, of the Communists. You know, like the Blackshirts.)

    all people deserve their “fair share”
    I’m ok with that, as long as I get to decide what’s “fair”. I happen to think gruel is “fair” if you didn’t do anything to obtain it, but you could have. We can work from there.

    has turned its back on the principles that made it what it was for so long.
    You are so damned right. But in exactly 180 degrees from what you think.
    Honestly, you’re just mad that your little drive for utopia didn’t work out because we elected that Bad Man. Unfortunately, your utopia is NOT founded on the ideals of America, but on the idiotic ravings of a man who never worked a day in his life and didn’t grasp human nature at all. Oh,and he was working from a baseline (feudalism) that never existed in America (except on the slave plantations) and therefore is patently inapplicable.

    If you don’t want actual freedom and opportunity and equality under the law (not in outcomes), then you really don’t want America – as it was, or is, or should ever be. You want Communist China. So I’ll give you two parting words:

    Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.
    More poetically:
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

  • David Longfellow says:

    Good riddance.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Golly, how odd!
    On May 27th I suspect there were a LOT of folks, many in uniform, may in cemeteries, that would agree concerning “An America I no longer recognize”
    Of course THEIR “essays” are presented in the corner store, the fraternal order meetings, the truck stops,and the post TSA airport “holding areas” running CNN, rather than featured in…say… Das The Washington Post.(et alia)

  • Go ahead, Gup, and stay in Britain. Tear up the passport to the country that has deserted you while you’re at it. We triple-dog dare you.

    He won’t, that’s the pisser…like any leftie he talks big, but when it comes to an individual act without an adoring crowd? Forget it.

    Even Antifa only has courage in a mob.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    If the only thing Mr. Trump accomplishes is to get weirdos like Gup to leave, his presidency will have been a success.

  • Bob Kingsbery says:

    Wait until he finds out Britain is leaving the EU in October because Europe sucks, and that Nigel Farage will become Prime Minister.

  • TheMadKing59 says:


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