Wall Street Journal Calls On Trump To Resign

Wall Street Journal Calls On Trump To Resign

Wall Street Journal Calls On Trump To Resign

Like a bull shark that smells blood in the water,the Wall Street Journal has called on Donald Trump to resign the Presidency so that he can avoid being impeached again or removed by the 25th Amendment. With twelve days to go, the WSJ is circling and waiting to tear off pieces of the Presidential carcass and swallow it whole.

In an article to be published January 8, 2021 in the print version, the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal lays out its case for resignation. Using the actions of a very few misguided, alleged Trump supporters, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote:

That still leaves Wednesday’s disgrace and what to do about the 13 days left in Donald Trump’s presidential term. Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are demanding that Mr. Trump be removed from office immediately—either by the Cabinet under the 25th Amendment or new articles of impeachment. There’s partisan animus at work here, but Mr. Trump’s actions on Wednesday do raise constitutional questions that aren’t casually dismissed.

Don’t get me wrong. I was not well pleased with the speech Donald Trump gave at Freedom Plaza on January 6. You can read my take on the guilty parties here. President Trump was last on my list of those who bore the guilt. Too many elected public servants have been co-conspirators with those undermining the safety and security of American institutions to put much blame on Donald Trump. Did the members of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board sleep through this past summer of Antifa? Did they not see the statistically impossible numbers coming out of certain states that elected Joe Biden as the 46th President? Did they sleepwalk through all of the nastiness Donald Trump has dealt with since he came down the elevator in the gorgeous Trump Tower?

The Wall Street Journal wants us to ignore all of that. Pfft. Doesn’t matter at all. Nothing to see here. Resign, Donald Trump and let the country move on. Don’t you hate that phrase “move on”? Move on to what? Let’s ignore the 70 plus million people who voted for Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election because they will satiate them.

More from the Wall Street Journal article:

The related but separate question is whether impeachment or forced removal under the 25th Amendment now is in the country’s best interests. The latter seems unwise unless Mr. Trump threatens some other reckless or unconstitutional act. After Wednesday he has promised to assist an “orderly transition” of power. A Cabinet cabal ousting him would smack of a Beltway coup and give Mr. Trump more cause to play the political victim.

Impeachment has the virtue of being transparent and politically accountable. If there were enough votes to convict in the Senate, it would also seem less partisan. The best case for impeachment is not to punish Mr. Trump. It is to send a message to future Presidents that Congress will protect itself from populists of all ideological stripes willing to stir up a mob and threaten the Capitol or its Members.

Donald Trump didn’t stir up the mob, in reality. He didn’t do what I would have wished. He didn’t say, “March up to the Capitol and scream your brains out”. But, he didn’t tell the very few of the Freedom Plaza attendees to breach the Capitol building.

So, why are the WSJ Editorial Board members circling?

If Mr. Trump wants to avoid a second impeachment, his best path would be to take personal responsibility and resign. This would be the cleanest solution since it would immediately turn presidential duties over to Mr. Pence. And it would give Mr. Trump agency, a la Richard Nixon, over his own fate.

Oh, Hell no, my dudes. You want riot and mobs. That would get you riots and mobs. Many people, not me, consider Mr. Pence a disloyal person. And, since there are those of us, me, who feel that our concerns of a stolen election have not been heard, that would just be one more symbol of the Deep State telling us to go be the serfs we were born to be and shut up.

Tonight, President Trump released a third condemnation of the violence on January 6:

Thank you, Mr. President. You could not have given this speech before now. You had to resist the stolen election on behalf of every one of your supporters. Again, thank you.

And, to the vicious sharks on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal, the blood you smell in the water is that of sunshine patriots. You claim at the beginning of your article that your lodestar is the Constitution. If that were true, the stolen election would be your focus. Not the anger of a man who has spent four years taking incoming and standing tall for America.

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  • an ol exJarhead says:

    I think Chuck Dow was a liberal Bush “relublican. So the WSJ has always been “psrogressive”. I , as a bus undergrad, had to subscribe to it 60 years ago. The paper was, like NY Post, far left “Republican”. Its opinion section did have some conservatives. It was , like all, iberals, Anti Barry in ’64. Successfully put down Ronny in ’76. failed to stop him in’80.

    It seems to me that when Ronyiwas President their editorial page became mostly far left GOPe folk.

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