Breach Of Capitol And Death of Protester Easily Forseen

Breach Of Capitol And Death of Protester Easily Forseen

Breach Of Capitol And Death of Protester Easily Forseen

I am heartsick and furious over what I saw happen yesterday. The breach of the U.S. Capitol and the death of protester and Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt were easily foreseen and preventable events. There is plenty of blame to go around. Let’s take a look at just some of the guilty parties.

The Media Industrial Complex

Yes, it’s low-hanging fruit, but they started this. From Trump’s Inauguration on January 20, 2017, the media called President Trump an illegitimate President, lauded the Democrats boycotting his Inauguration, and heralded as heroes the vulva hat wearing women who protesting. None of the media condemned Madonna with her fantasy of blowing up the White House.

Worse than all of the above, for the last four years, the Media Industrial Complex has depersonalized and condescended to Trump voters. That will make you angry.

Nancy Pelosi

This woman is pure evil. EVIL. She not only depersonalized and condescended to Trump voters, but she held back Covid relief for political reasons, as she admitted. She consistently tried to thwart Trump because he was Trump. Period.

Worse than the above, which is inexcusable, was her theatrical ripping up of Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address. That was an act against every American.

Rudy Giuliani

Oh how I used to love Mayor Giuliani. When we lived in Fairfield County, Connecticut, my husband worked in Midtown Manhattan. Rudy Giuliani made New York City safe to be a playground for me and our son. We never worried about being accosted by cretins or Squeegee Men. We rode the subway, walked the streets, played in Central Park, went to every museum and show that we could. It was a marvelous way to grow up. Especially for adult me.

That Rudy is gone. We talk a lot about Joe Biden and his mental decline, but Rudy Giuliani has been showing signs of being off bubble for a while. He has not given wise counsel to President Trump.

Rudy Giuliani, mob fighter and law and order Mayor is gone. Worst of all was his “trial by combat” at the January 6 rally. He whipped up the crowd with those loaded words:

Muriel Bowser and Steve Sund

Muriel Bowser is the horrible Mayor of the District of Columbia, and Steve Sund is the Chief of the Capitol Hill Police. The physical breach of the Capitol is on them. Mayor Bowser requested the Secretary of the Army allow her to call up the National Guard, but asked that they be unarmed.

Although the January 6 rally was scheduled well in advance and was given permits by the National Park Service, Chief Steve Sund did nothing to harden the perimeter. Two of my friends, who are supporters of Black Lives Matter, reminded me of the pictures from the BLM protests. Twitter remembered too.

Worse than being feckless is being incompetent.

Ashli Babbitt and Knoxville Girl

Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed yesterday in the Capitol breach. Accuse me of victim shaming, but I don’t give a fig. Ashli Babbitt should have known better:

Babbitt, a vocal Trump supporter and 14-year Air Force veteran, apparently was shot in the chest Wednesday by Capitol Police after protesters stormed into the Capitol building during wild demonstrations against Congress’ Electoral College vote.

The day before her death, she tweeted, “Nothing will stop us…. they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light.”

Mrs. Babbitt swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Her First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances does not include a breach of the Capitol. She should have been completely familiar with chain of command.

If you don’t know about the completely moronic Knoxville girl, you should. Knoxville girl went to D.C. for the rally, stayed for the revolution and got maced. Worst of all, she whined about it.

Oh, Elizabeth, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Donald Trump

Oh Donald. You broke my heart. I was down with you until yesterday. I would still vote for you, because…Joe and Kamala are craven, but Donald, why? We know the election was stolen. True fact. You have been let down by the Courts and by your legal counsel. But, whipping up the crowd and then encouraging them to march to the Capitol. No. I can deal with your gruff manners, blunt talk and tweets, but this was the worst thing you have ever done.

That’s my list of the guilty. I would be interested to learn what others you might think are guilty, my patriotic brothers and sisters.

Update: Capitol Hill Chief of Police Steve Sund has tendered his resignation.

Featured Image: Toni Williams/All Rights Reserved

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  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    Toni, yup! And where would you score:

    the “Opposition is the End of Days” narrative; there is no such thing as “Loyal Opponents”, only “Loyal Allies” and “Disloyal Adversaries”
    the “I’m a glorious Freedom Fighter in The Revolution (or Resistance) against the pure evil sub-humans of the Other Side” justification; they so richly deserve whatever we give ’em!
    the change in focus from “What’s Right” to “Who’s Right” (so you must be either 100% in favor or 100% opposed to whatever that individual believes, says, or does.)
    the easy use of extreme language, e.g. “any disagreement = Treason, Sedition, Murder, etc.”
    the false equivalency that Revenge is Justice

    It’s a long list that’s been in play for a longer time.

  • CD says:

    4 Boxes of Liberty – Soap box, Ballot Box, Jury Box and Cartridge Box.

    At what point do the cowards stop twiddling your bowties and consider what to do once the Soapbox (all media), ballot box (fair elections, where fraud cannot occur, or is something is done about if it does), and the Jury box (courts) have been completely taken away?

    The cuckservative answer is to “keep your heads up your asses and pretend that the people who took the boxes away in the first place will give them all back at some point.”

    Keep dreaming darling.

  • NTSOG says:

    “… the Media Industrial Complex has depersonalized and condescended to Trump voters. That will make you angry.”

    They’ve done more than that. They have denigrated conservatives racially if they’re white or black, told them their Christian beliefs are irrelevant, even evil, told them that their lifestyle, especially those from rural areas, is irrelevant and meaningless and that their understanding of being men or women is a form of bigotry. The media have also promoted the violence of Antifa/BLM, excusing their rioting as ‘protests’ while those thugs assaulted, destroyed and stole from hard-working people.

    Hillary and her leftist supporters sewed the seeds of this violence four years ago out of envy and spite. Now the Democrats are going to reap what they sewed.

  • Joe R. says:


    Peel alive all those who paid for the BLM / ANTIFA CROWDS TO GET THERE.

    Nearly a half hour of video on The Gateway

    Pundit showing even capital police leading BLM / ANTIFA into the Capital buildings.

  • talgus says:

    this complete event was orchestrated with hidden ANTIFA, Capital police opening paths, lack of normal barriers, and the deep state to get evidence to Impeach Trump and declare the rights in the Constitution forfeit for all conservatives. It appears to be working 100%

  • Aussie Supporter says:

    Sorry Toni, but i wish to disagree with some of your statements:

    The right to protest even includes inside the Capital.
    Ashli, was unarmed and should have not been shot.No warning shots were issued either i notice.

    Yes, vote fraud has just occurred in the presidential and Senate votes.We all know that,Democrats are famous for it and good at it. So in reality, your Country has just suffered a Coup.
    Is it not the right of every American, when their Government systems fail, to take issue with the Coup.Since the Courts and Elected-Representative refused to even allow proper audits?
    The Democrats,Media and Big Tech and Deep State have planned this for a long long time, no doubt about it.The Chinese Flu was maybe even designed to help the transition to a “Single-party” Republic.
    Every move has been planned and counter planned.Now they will go after Trump and his family to utterly destroy him, and Republicans will help them no doubt.Why? They do not want Trump leading the revenge against the RINO’s and Globalists.I expect Trump will be killed of jailed until death.There will be no justice with judges.
    So in summary i suppose: Your Country has been taken over, your Constitution has been shredded, your Electoral system has been violated, your freedom of the press and opinion has been manipulated. And now the purge will happen, with Republican support i mind you.Your guns will be taken away, your only means to protect yourself.
    There is no coming back from this.The only 2 options now are a National Strike or Civil unrest. Of course we know the Democrats want the civil unrest, a good reason to shoot everyone and remove the 2nd Amendment.

    In Australia we have suffered the same type of coup, but in a more sneaky way.
    Democrats would already be working on 2022 vote fix, they will let you win some but just not enough.

    Welcome to being ruled folks.
    I suggest you do a National Strike until swing states have new election with in-person voting only.Under 100% military supervision.I am sure Australia would send our Defense Officers over to help if asked.

    Also i suggest Primarying every single Republican that chose not to object, they have ignored a crime in Vote Fraud, so they are a Party to the fraud and Coup.

    Many many Australians are horrified at what has happened.We were so proud that USA was pulling up her socks and pumping again. Alas, traitors among your people have chopped you down again.

    Call a National Strike please.It is your last chance to fix your electoral system.

  • twolaneflash says:

    It was SOLELY the fault of Congress. It was Our House they were elected to preserve and defend. They failed, just as they’ve failed to protect and defend The Constitution. Congress is complicit in the murder of an American veteran. There are not enough patriots in that body to fill a clown car. Jesus wept, and so do I.

    • Aussie Supporter says:

      Yes mate. Plus the State members that did not object to hundreds of rule changes Democrats did under a very coordinated and deliberate plan.
      So that smells like many Republicans were also out to get Trump and American Nationalism.

      Call for a General Nation-wide strike until new elections conducted in the dubious States.

  • Ama says:

    The message millions of Americans wanted hear for the last two months was simply this: “We are investigating voting irregularities and fraud. We agree that that there are lots of indications of irregular events surrounding 11/03. We will get some answers BEFORE 01/06. You have a right to ask for these issues to be addressed”. Instead, every legal pathway we tried, -our state reps, our fed reps, the courts, we were told to shut up and sit down. My understanding is that the constitution constrains the elected and appointed- but we sure don’t see that. As tragic as all this is, the one outcome that most nauseates me is the elected senators saying that yesterday’s events caused them to “change their minds and withdraw their challenge.” Sell-outs of the worst sort. Either you think that there was fraud or you don’t.

    To everyone: either this Country is done or you start doing the heavy lifting. I hope and pray you will always have the grace and fortitude to make the right choices, and when that gets muddled I hope you will persevere to correct the course. I know we all feel pretty sh*tty right now, but resolution is not to be had by selling out to other side- whether due to grief or guilt. Keep searching for common ground, and build from there. Very few issues are truly just two-sided, but conservatism can help you critique those issues. Conservatism is about upholding the dignity of each and all individuals- These God given liberties and our pursuit of them don’t go away based on actions of others.

    For America, for Hong Kong, For the Uighers, For India, For Ethiopia, For Nigeria, For Poland, For Hungary, Peace.

    • aussie supporter says:

      Ama, a few points:

      1. Conservatives will be purged.Like dealing with National Socialists there is no middle ground with these people, they hate you 100%.They would gas you if they had a chance to get away with it.

      2. No matter what amount of “Heavy Lifting” will fix the Electoral system.It has been hi-jacked and violated.It must be brought back to in-person only, with strong watching of Democrat cities

      3.I am a very charitable person, from now on i will not be assisting any Charities that do not 100% comply with my beliefs.I will not help people that refuse to learn and continually return to being Democrat voters.They are not willing to learn nor improve, so so assistance from myself.’

      The only way to fix the Electoral system is to totally shut down the economy with a National Strike. New “in-person” elections in all States, all levels.
      Shake the ground and warn them of or they will come for you at 2 am like National Socialists did in the 1930’s

      Non-violent protest is the best way, shut the economy down. So Nancy Pelosi does not get get Ice-cream deliveries

  • Kevin says:

    Conservatives have been lied to every day, multiple times a day, for the past four years. The lies came home to roost yesterday when the traitor threw the protesters under the bus … to protect himself. That’s what tRump has always done … whatever he can to cover his ass. PERIOD. Conservatives can gaslight themselves all they want … there is one person responsible for what happened 48 hours ago … the lies started four years ago and they’ve been spewed daily, unchecked, since. Within the first hour of tRump’s presidency he referenced “American Carnage.” 1429 days later, the economy has collapsed and spiraling further down, there is an out-of-control highly infectious pandemic sweeping through the nation, people were killed in an insurrection, the US Capital building was damaged and vandalized by a mob on a “high” from tRump … sending his followers to US Capital building to stop Congress from certifying the election. tRump’s reference to “American Carnage” is probably one of the only true things he’s said in four years. In tRump’s tiny reptilian brain, he thought all those people would prevent the certification by Congress and he would remain president. I stopped posting on VG years ago … it was so horrific watching the comments, the lack of critical thought, the spreading of lies, to disregard for others, the blind following of a man that probably has never uttered a sincere, caring word about another person who’s last name didn’t end with “tRump.” After years of avoiding VG,I had to come back to see what VG’s response was to the insurrection … an article or two and that was it … and they pretty much placed blame everywhere but the source … tRump. What, no one is bothered by what happened? Are you waiting for the next tRump order to put your lives on the line when that SOB sits in the White House, protected. The lies … the lies … the lies … Mitt Romney, the pariah of the republican party, said it best … “Tell them the truth!” The last sentence of tRump’s pitiful attempt to cover his ass concession speech said, “Our incredible journey is only just beginning.” In tRump speak, what he was saying, “I will continue to send you dozens of fund raising emails every day so you can send your hard earned money to me … me, me, me, me! I know you are unwitting in your support of my crimes, but I only care about one thing … to be on the front page of every newspaper, news program, and social media feed so my ego is stroked so I can feel like a powerful man.” It’s a sad, sad time in America and the devastating part is you look to a man who has never, ever put someone else’s interests above his own. EVER! Now, Mike Pence is the pariah. His cabinet is falling apart. More and more republicans are finally moving away from tRump. Too little too late. Goodbye. The republican party is dead. As long as there’s a person with the last name “tRump” in any place of leadership in the party, it will no be the republican party but the tRumpian party. The old saying, “When you lie with shit, you end up smelling like shit.”

    • Scott says:

      Wow, that overlong ridiculous screed begs the question, are you an anti-American plant intent on the destruction of our Republic, are you completely delusional, or are you huffing paint???

      I ask because not one thing you said above is even close to true, and no person capable of rational thought would believe any of it.

      Please do us all a favor and go back to avoiding VG..

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  • howy says:

    Funny? You didn’t mention all the actual people who breached the capital as blame worthy. Like someone said after the summer riots of 1968. The biggest cause of riots is, rioters.

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