#Veritas: 3rd O’Keefe Vid Shows Dem Ops Implicating Hillary Clinton, DNC in FEC Violations [VIDEO]

#Veritas: 3rd O’Keefe Vid Shows Dem Ops Implicating Hillary Clinton, DNC in FEC Violations [VIDEO]

#Veritas: 3rd O’Keefe Vid Shows Dem Ops Implicating Hillary Clinton, DNC in FEC Violations [VIDEO]
At least two Democrat operatives are out of work following the release of James OKeefe's most recent Project Veritas videos. (Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune)
At least two Democrat operatives are out of work following the release of James OKeefe’s most recent Project Veritas videos. And now, potential FEC violations by Hillary Clinton herself. (Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune)

Last week we showed you a trio of James O’Keefe’s undercover videos exposing Clinton Campaign operatives bragging about their role in orchestrating oft-violent protests at Trump rallies—a charge the Clinton Campaign has not denied—how to commit mass voter fraud, and planting women inside Trump rallies who would incite violence against themselves. To say that the vids blew up social media and sent a tidal wave barreling toward Hillary Clinton is an understatement. Well, after the three videos went viral on social media, those who call themselves “journalists,” who were mostly ignoring the videos, were shamed into covering what are obviously huge stories. Then, over the weekend, James O’Keefe promised a fourth video, hinting at direct involvement on the part of Hillary Clinton herself:

As promised, O’Keefe released this video today:

Just another dumb duck idea from a woman who “screws up” everything she touches. Not to mention very likely in violation of campaign laws.

Remember, last week Robert Creamer stepped down from his role in the Clinton Campaign after finding himself caught with his hand in the cookie jar by Mr. O’Keefe. Mr. Creamer, previously in prison for “bank fraud and tax violations,” is the same man who visited our White House over three hundred times, dozens of those in private powwows with the Community-Organizer-in-Chief himself. I wonder what they were discussing? How to incite violence at Trump rallies, perchance? Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to be held accountable.

Donald Ducks: Brain child of Hillary Clinton. (Photo Credit: Washington Times)
Donald Ducks: Reported brain child of Hillary Clinton. (Photo Credit: Washington Times)

Indeed it is. The last eight years have wrought mass corruption of the entirety of our federal government. And as the continued accumulation of evidence clearly shows—for anyone who wants to see—a Hillary Clinton presidency promises to continue Obama’s “legacy.” From murdering full-term babies in the womb, to open borders, to using the power of federal agencies to attack political foes, to attacking freedom of speech and religion and our inherent right to self-defense, Hillary Clinton is a clear and present danger to every one of us, regardless of worldview.

While the media is hyper-focused on Donald Trump daring to question the outcome of a close, “rigged” election—they’re still hyperventilating since Debate Number Three like a bunch of wide-eyed tweens riding their first rollercoasters—and super-busy attacking the messenger…

…the drip-drip of the Real Hillary Clinton continues to flow. The question is: is it too late to halt her coronation? If we had a fair and honest press, who cared about informing the electorate about just how ugly their Golden Girl is, that question wouldn’t even be necessary. But thanks to Project Veritas, and Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, we now know just how cozy the media at large is with Hillary Clinton. And to what grotesque lengths she’s willing to go to achieve power.

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  • GWB says:

    “Implicated”? There is no controlling legal authority for this. And even if there was, there’s no evidence she did anything wrong. And even if there was, there was no intent. Besides, she doesn’t recall anything about it. It’s nothing but a vast, right-wing conspiracy.

    But vote Hillary because she’s the most qualified!

    • Chris in N.Va says:

      Memory leaks….

      What I have often called the Butterfly McQueen defense (from Gone With The Wind): I don’t no nuthin’ bout (fill in the blank)

      So, vote for me, the smartest person in the room (but only if it’s a bathroom stall).

      Just like her Fearless Leader.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    oh dang….

    “no” => “know”

    (but what to I knough?)

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