UNCW Prof Mike Adams’ Pre-Resignation Statement Will Make Lib Heads Implode

UNCW Prof Mike Adams’ Pre-Resignation Statement Will Make Lib Heads Implode

UNCW Prof Mike Adams’ Pre-Resignation Statement Will Make Lib Heads Implode

The tramping of free speech on campuses across America has found its way into the news as of late. From indoctrinating freshman on “microaggressions,” disallowing conservative speakers on campus, to punishing students who hand out copies of our Constitution, the ugliness of fascism—yes, true fascism, not the self-unaware AntiFa’s definition—has been on full display. But one brave prof at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington deserves praise for fighting all of that, winning lawsuits and helping pass legislation that will hopefully lead to crushing the anti-free speech movement on campuses nationwide. And his pre-resignation statement will send the enemies of free speech into a tizzy. From the Daily Wire:

Mike Adams, Professor of Criminology, TownHall Columnist (Photo Credit: UNCW)

After 15 years of waging a highly successful campaign against progressive fascism in academia, Professor Mike Adams just announced in a piece for Town Hall that he will soon be submitting his official letter of resignation to the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. The announcement not only highlights his free speech victories, but also the defiant spirit that kept him in the fray all those years despite being massively outnumbered in the notoriously anti-conservative academic world.

Adams explains that he felt it would be helpful to provide to all his supporters some of the reasons he’s decided to call it a day. “In a nutshell, as of last week, I have now accomplished the five main objectives I have set out to accomplish since the administration started to aggressively fight against the free speech and due process rights of professors and students in the UNC system,” he writes. With those five goals completed, it’s time to “start enjoying life instead of fighting against my employers in federal courtrooms and state legislative halls.”

You can read the pre-resignation post in all its hilarity below, and please do so:

Ha! Kudos to Professor Adams for his unwavering commitment to helping preserve our First Amendment rights. His post outlines all the wars he’s won on our behalf. So to him, here’s a giant thank you! And a massive guffaw for its conclusion:

Saying he still hasn’t decided exactly when his resignation will take place, he promised it wouldn’t be later than “August 1, 2050.”

“In the meantime leftists, feel free to start another of your annual petitions to fire me,” he concludes. “If you ever do succeed, it will mean more time on my hands to write the things that make you angry and keep sane people entertained.”

In case you weren’t aware, conservative pundit and liberal enemy numero uno, Ben Shapiro, is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire. Shapiro is well aware of the growing trend of shutting down conservative speech on college campuses. It’s happened repeatedly, the most visible and recent affront being the Berkeley riots targeting oh-so “dangerous” Milo Yiannopoulos. Why is Shapiro so well-versed in censorship on campus? Because he’s often the target of said suppression:

Rules for Radicals: it doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be oft-repeated.

Now why would enlightened campus liberals and their staff enablers want to shut down conservative speech? Wouldn’t they want their comrades to listen to that which is so out of the mainstream, so “extreme,” that no one would ever take them seriously anyway? Wouldn’t conservative speakers just be mocked for their oh-so-warped worldviews? Or…are they afraid that the message will be heard, and worse, absorbed? What are they so afraid of? This: we all know which policies work, and which have not, you know, in the History of Ever. And, in case you missed it, this is the type of progressive-think smack-down that liberals don’t want heard (if you have time, watch it all; it’s beautiful!). Exhibit A:

Ouch! I hope the Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur has overpriced, high-deductible ObamaCare coverage. He’ll need it to treat that third-degree burn.

Here’s hoping the tide is turning in favor of free speech, particularly on university and college campuses where freedom of expression and association was once encouraged, celebrated, and robustly defended. If not, more universities, following in the unadmirable footsteps of the Mizzous and Evergreen State Colleges of the nation, will continue seeing their student body numbers plummet. If nothing else, money talks. And so does violating the law, and our First Amendment rights.

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