Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Gets Political, Refuses To Take A Bullet For President Trump [VIDEO]

Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Gets Political, Refuses To Take A Bullet For President Trump [VIDEO]

Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Gets Political, Refuses To Take A Bullet For President Trump [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard the stories about the Secret Service. They have the honorable yet difficult job of protecting the President of the United States and his family. Their mission is protection. Period. Their own politics and opinions must never see light of day during their service.

That was then. This is now according to a senior Secret Service agent by the name of Kerry O’Grady, who is not a fan of President Trump.


Despite her excuses, her Facebook post is pretty damn clear. She’d rather go to jail then have to protect and potentially even take a bullet for President Trump.

WOW. Talk about dissing your fellow and past members of the Secret Service!  I believe, if he was still alive Jerry Parr would differ with you STRONGLY.

Tell that to Agent Tim McCarthy, who took a bullet during that same assassination attempt on President Reagan.

Kerry, you might want to pay attention to THIS from McCarthy:

“We would have to admit there was a little bit of failure too, that John Hinckley got six shots off and the president was injured at all. Our goal would be that the president is never injured, and so many security measures were changed after that that would help mitigate that type of attack by the lone gunman, and it’s no coincidence that since that time there hasn’t been an attack on the president by the lone gunman.” [EMPHASIS ADDED]

Kerry, isn’t that supposed to by YOUR goal as well?

The job of the Secret Service is never easy. There are long hours and the very real possibility that their principal could be hurt or killed. Agents are trained to protect and trained to put themselves directly into the line of fire no matter the cost to themselves.

That said, there’s also no greater honor than for Secret Service agents to be named as one who will guard POTUS from any harm. Glenn Reynolds is correct:

One of Obama’s worst legacies is the complete destruction of the ideal of impartial public servants more committed to their jobs than to politics.

Exhibit A is Kerry O’Grady. Think I’m wrong? Not only did she put forth the screed shown above, she’s said quite a few things in recent months.

Last weekend, during the #WomensMarch her profile picture was updated with a photo of Princess Leia and references to the “resistance” which refers to resistance against President Trump. Lovely. The reaction has been swift, even from those who aren’t fans of Trump. Some suggest she should resign. Others are more blunt.

She shouldn’t be allowed to resign. She should be fired. It doesn’t matter that she issued a hypocritical statement about mission and country, this threw additional skepticism on her fitness for duty.

“They enshrine those rights for future generations so we avoid the path of authoritarian regimes that shackle their people with fear.”

Believe it or not, she also said that her opposition to President Trump would NOT affect her ability to do her job. I’ll wait while you finish laughing.

Kerry, as a Secret Service Agent, a Senior one at that, you have ONE mission. Protect the President of the United States. Period. Your personal political views have no place in your mission. In your case, dissent is NOT patriotic, it is dangerous. And that makes you a detriment to the President, to this country, and to your fellow Secret Service agents. You should be fired, immediately.

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  • Laurie Christianson says:

    I hope President Trump fires her. How the heck could he feel safe if she was on his protection detail? These people are beyond the pale. Thank God Hilary didn’t get in.

    • VALman says:

      Verily so. To give any indication that one might have doubts or hesitate to do hew sworn duty is bad enough. To publicly say as much in simply in excusable.

      Agent O’Grady, you’re fired!

  • GWB says:

    Did no one ever watch 24?

    This person needs to be fired for cause.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    HotAir site added the suggestion that she ask for a transfer to plenty of other non-personal-protection jobs within the Treasure Department (assuming she’s not summarily canned.). One other “protection” recommendation HotAir hypothetically offered was to be on Hillary’s lifetime security detail, adding that, based upon many former agents’ testimony about how much fun THAT was, that this fragile Secret Snowflake might want to be careful what she wished for.

    I kind of like that thought.

  • Katy says:

    Where did she learn that she even gets to have an opinion? That she’s even entitled to stage one? Who teaches people this? Is it how they’re raised?

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