Ukrainian 737: “Unintentionally” Shot Down In Iraq

Ukrainian 737: “Unintentionally” Shot Down In Iraq

Ukrainian 737: “Unintentionally” Shot Down In Iraq

This may or may not be a newsflash to some. I mean, we know Iran shot down a Ukrainian 737 on Wednesday. We just did not know that it was “unintentional“.

The passenger jet, apparently, was mistaken for a “hostile target”. From the Revolutionary Guard:

In such a condition, because of human error and in a unintentional way, the flight was hit.”

And, this is how they’re framing it:

This from Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif. Complete with a broken heart emoji. The Iranian regime is now using broken heart emojis? They’re all about the feels all of a sudden? Sounds much like the talking points of the Democratic Party, doesn’t it? Bernie and Nancy could’ve said the same thing.

It was only a few days ago that Iran was claiming everything but their own missile bringing down this aircraft. Some outfits were eager to blame Boeing. In fact, about 24 hours ago, Ali Abedzadeh, head of Iran’s national aviation department, was “certain” that this aircraft was not hit by an Iranian missile. In fact, Iran was “so certain”, that they brought in bulldozers to clear the site before Ukrainian investigators even arrived on the scene. Yes, they were that sure!

The aircraft, carrying 167 passengers, was carrying roughly 63 Canadians. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau claimed he would “not rest” until Canada had answers. And while most wrongdoing was pointed at Iran yesterday, the tables may turn today as journalists fan this flame. Iran is expressing “profound apologies” to their people, their families and “other affected nations” (ahem-not the United States, we’re thinking that was pointed towards Canada). Iran said it was all a mistake-a mishap because of “US adventurism”. What will this do for the United States’ relationship with Canada? We wait while this unfolds.

It was a sad day. It is always a sad day when innocent people on their way to see loved ones perish for no valid reason. Talk to any of us about a certain day in September almost 19 years ago. But U.S. adventurism leading to disaster? You really want to go there with this? Defending our embassy and allies is U.S. adventurism? Taking out a known terrorist? More U.S. adventurism. All of a sudden, to some, Iran has become this honest, transparent country-and people are thanking them for it. Americans are thanking them for it. Have we gone absolutely mad? Such a wonderful, transparent country, Iran is! Were they as transparent about the 1,500 protesters that were killed in early November of last year? The very protestors the regime demanded the families pay for the very bullets that murdered them? Perhaps these bullets were also “unintentional”? Where were their “profound apologies” then? No broken heart emojis there. Iran is a “virtuous” country, though. They have now come clean about “unintentionally” shooting down a Boeing passenger 737 while intentionally firing off a missile because they were aiming at a “hostile target”.

While those quick to blame our country for all of this mess kiss Iran’s ass shamelessly-so much-it makes my head hurt-Iran is laying it on thick. They are sorry. This was grave mistake. Bad judgement. Unintentional. Whatever. They didn’t mean it. It was all because of U.S. adventurism. They shoot down a plane in their own airspace with their own missiles but they are still blaming us for this fiasco. And the blind sheep here in our very own nation-the very ones who will never have to worry about taking a bullet for protesting in the streets-EVER-are eating this up. This is truly mind-boggling!

Look for more finger-pointing to “reckless American leadership” in the upcoming days. You had better believe the Democrats and our “news” outlets will run with this. Iran has finally decided to not lie to us for once but in the same breath, bends us over and puts the screws to us with their words. Heck, they’re not even kissing us first. And people are falling for this noble honesty. They’re thanking them! In the meantime, their government is shooting off missiles whilst keeping their airspace open for civilian travel and while that missile may not have been intended for that jet, it was intended to land somewhere. In fact, a few of them were aimed at our military bases in Iraq this week, so there’s that. Allow me to translate for Zarif: “We got caught in a lie so we need to spin this as quickly as we can and hopefully some dumb Americans will fall for it. We are sorry we are incompetent but this is really on the United States (and Donald Trump) because, well, we wouldn’t be firing off missiles if it weren’t for them. Oopsie. Sorry. Too bad. So sad.” And there we have it. Iran is intentionally apologizing for an “unintentional” mishap in the hopes that individuals will go along with this ruse. Sadly, some Americans are. More sad days and broken heart emojis ahead.

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  • Charles N. Steele says:

    “Sad” doesn’t describe my reaction. The Iranian regime is a dangerous dictatorship that’s single-mindedly pursuing regional domination and the complete destruction of Israel. Iran is also pursuing ICBMs capable of reaching the United States. If Iran doesn’t collapse fairly soon, either the U.S. or Israel will need to go to war with it. In such an event, the Democrat party is likely to take the side of the enemy. What then?

    It’s hard to know how to deal with these people. They are genuinely suicidal and seem bent on taking civilization with them.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    Iranian citizens are more upset with the regime than are American Democrats. Maybe we could trade our Democrats for their citizens:

  • Charles N. Steele says:


  • Scott says:

    Hmm, wasn’t it Iran that just a couple days ago was saying it was a “Scientific impossibility” that they had shot it down??? So are they as bad as the dims with “science”?? Did the rules of “science” change over the last 24 hrs? Inquiring minds want to know!

    And to hell with those domestic enemies you were speaking of…

    And Jeffery Epstein did NOT hang himself!

  • GWB says:

    I think you’re wrong to put “unintentionally” in scare quotes. It really makes no sense – even thinking somewhat irrationally – for Iran to shoot down a Ukrainian airliner intentionally. What would they gain out of it? Russia’s approval? That seems pretty far-fetched, unless Russia really desires their mid-East ally to be even more of a pariah. There’s nothing to be had from that act of terror. Maybe some other country’s jet – but who flies there that Iran would want to shoot down?

    No, Iran intentionally shooting down that aircraft would require a torturous bit of conspiracy theorizing.

    As to why they covered it up – wouldn’t you? Well, if you were a totalitarian nation bent on conquering the region, you would. After all, they have to maintain their vision of invincibility – internally and externally. Just like so many Democrats’ first instinct is to lie, even when they don’t have to, so it is with the Iranian leadership. “Quick! Cover it up! Bulldoze it! We’re not giving nuthin’ to nobody! We’re a major player and can interpret everything just fine ourselves, and look – it wasn’t our fault!”

    The only reason they’ve admitted to it, I think, is someone in their leadership said “Look, we actually look a lot stupider trying to cover it up than by saying ‘Yep, but it was all that guy’s fault!'” (Which, ironically, is also one of the standard Dem techniques.) They’re not giving up their position of infallibility so much with that tack (in their estimation), weaselly and dishonest as it is.

    The simplest explanation is actually the best here: Their air defenses went on full alert the night they launched those missiles, expecting US retaliation; one of their shooters got scared when he had a return on his radar and pulled the trigger. The real question is whether that guy made it to Evin Prison, or whether his commander shot him on the spot. But, I guarantee someone ended up in Evin by that next evening.

    (As to 98% of your post? Spot on.)

  • GWB says:

    Oh, and…
    US adventurism
    Yes, it’s “adventurism” when we bag a terrorist operating in our warzone, outside of his own country, who is leading attacks on our sovereign soil, with a single shot, and then don’t even invade their airspace to smack their missile launchers committing an act of war against TWO sovereign neighbors.
    Yeah, that’s exactly the definition of “adventurism” Webster meant to write in his dictionary………

  • JSTRM says:

    Some people did something

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