Between Two Ferns: Hillary Clinton Comedy Skit With Zach Galifianakis Is Epic FAIL [VIDEO]

Between Two Ferns: Hillary Clinton Comedy Skit With Zach Galifianakis Is Epic FAIL [VIDEO]

Between Two Ferns: Hillary Clinton Comedy Skit With Zach Galifianakis Is Epic FAIL [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton had a very busy schedule on September 9, 2016 that included a national security briefing and two fundraisers. One was spearheaded by good friend Barbra Streisand at which the now infamous “Basket of Deplorables” line came into being, and then toddled off home to get ready for the 9/11 Memorial Service on Sunday.

Well those weren’t the only things she had scheduled for that Friday. One, she had a doctor visit somewhere and ‘supposedly’ diagnosed with pneumonia. Then she attempted comedy. Attempted being the operative word.

I know, I agree. That was beyond painful to watch. Who is she trying to reach? The millennial voters? Those very same millennials who’d rather choose Bernie Sanders over Hillary? If I were them and had to watch this attempt at comedy, I’d run screaming for the hills instead of voting for her!

In all seriousness, this particular episode of “Funny or Die” definitely lived up to the “Die” part of the title.


The Twitter compilation below gives you a sense of how bad it was if you weren’t able to handle actually watching the video above.

Ok THAT one was funny. I wonder which pantsuit he’d wear? Maybe this one?

Hillary and Cher
Hillary and Cher

But wait! There’s just one more and then I’ll stop…maybe.


In 2005 Hillary fainted during a campaign speech, but wasn’t taken to the hospital and the narrative then was strikingly similar to her 9/11 pneumonia narrative now. So this little riff at the at the 3:55 minute mark of the sketch should raise some MAJOR eyebrows!

Galifianakis asked a jokey question about whether Trump wrote his own vows, and if First Lady Michelle Obama wrote Melania’s vows, a reference to the plagiarism scandal at the Republican convention. Here’s what Hillary said in response:

“I really couldn’t see or hear very well, so I’m not quite sure what his vows were.”

— Hillary Clinton, on experiencing health problems at Donald Trump’s wedding in 2005

WAIT WHAT??!! She couldn’t see or hear very well??


According to a variety of news reports from that time, Hillary was seated on the front row, so vision shouldn’t have been a problem! As for hearing, either she couldn’t hear because the Trumps spoke their vows so quietly or she actually COULDN’T HEAR. Either way, given Hillary’s most recent health troubles and the fact that she was diagnosed that afternoon with pneumonia, the wedding portion of the skit isn’t funny at all.

The only reason one would know that bit about her health is in the skit is if you actually watch the entire thing. However, if you just follow the media, you’d never know what her response was. The Washington Post provides a prime example of this here. Yes, its true once again. The media is forever and always will be WITH HER. Swell.

Here’s another uncomfortable truth about this entirely SAD! comedy skit.

Exactly so. Many of those millennials she is so painfully attempting to reach are the ones who are responsible for the looting, thievery, and violence in Charlotte, Baton Rouge, Baltimore, and Ferguson. Those are the same millennials that she tacitly encouraged with her tweets and comments yesterday. 

This was yet another desperate attempt to reach young voters, and it face planted spectacularly. Hillary should stick with her day job that includes the oh so special talents of lying, hiding servers in her bathroom, failing at Russian resets, and scrubbing emails with Bleachbit and leave the comedy routines to the professionals.

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