Election 2016 – Trump Rising and Hillary Pandering

Election 2016 – Trump Rising and Hillary Pandering

Election 2016 – Trump Rising and Hillary Pandering

Yesterday, in Orlando, Hillary Clinton made a campaign speech about hiring more disabled people. Donald Trump, was in Cleveland and Toledo, two of the largest cities in Ohio. As Election 2016, hurtles towards its conclusion, both candidates are scrabbling for every vote and every niche. The “polls” show Trump rising after his disastrous July.

John Roberts of Fox News filed this report.


The people who, like totally, understand statistics and the Electoral College can get into the nerdy details of getting to 270 votes. That kind of thing makes my eyes glaze over. And, most polls are still within the margin of error (moe). The momentum has changed. Even without polling data, you can feel it.

Donald Trump, whatever you think of him, is not afraid to touch controversial subjects. Yesterday, in Cleveland, he discussed “stop and frisk” in light of the Charlotte protests and Chicago violence. Reuters reported:

“I would do stop-and-frisk. I think you have to,” Trump said, according to excerpts of a Fox News “town hall” in Cleveland, after a listener asked what he would do to reduce crime in predominantly black communities across the nation.

“I see what’s going on here, I see what’s going on in Chicago, I think stop-and-frisk. In New York City it was so incredible, the way it worked,” he added.

Hillary Clinton, feels the need to pander tell black folks that she is gonna speak to white folk about “implicit bias”. Just listen as Hillary Clinton talks to Steve Harvey about the Tulsa shooting:


“Unbearable”, “intolerable”, “inexplicable”. More Hillary “word vomit”.

And because Hillary does not see Americans as individuals, but groups either to be pandered to courted or dismissed (baskets of deplorables), she then went on to pander to Disabled Americans. The Washington Post reported:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is pushing intensively to win over a group of voters who don’t typically get much attention during elections but who have become an increasingly potent political force: disabled people and their families.

One very visible piece of the effort came Wednesday in a policy speech here devoted to initiatives to more fully integrate those with disabilities into the nation’s economy. It is an issue, Clinton said, that “really goes to the heart of who we are as Americans.”

Doesn’t treating all American citizens equally really go “to the heart of who we are as Americans”? Not to Hillary Clinton, we must be sorted, and slotted into our appropriate baskets.

Pull up a lawn chair and grab your popcorn.
Pull up a lawn chair and grab your popcorn.

The Presidential Debate on Monday, September 26 should be an epic battle. Definitely a lawn chair and popcorn kind of night. Don’t know if the debate will advance our knowledge, but at least it will help make Election 2016 even more entertaining. The polling data after the debate will be very enlightening.

Of course, Sweet Meteor of Death (my fav candidate) could show up for the debate!

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