Tulsi Goes Big, Goes Conspiracy, Will Go Home

Tulsi Goes Big, Goes Conspiracy, Will Go Home

Tulsi Goes Big, Goes Conspiracy, Will Go Home

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is all-in on two things – her presidential bid, and her 9/11 coverup theory.

First, her presidential bid. Tulsi Gabbard is an interesting character in many ways. Most of the time, she sounds very rational and has tended to be more moderate in domestic policy. Her continued military service is to be commended and honored, and she is putting her money where her mouth is – Gabbard is fully committed to her presidential run, and announced recently that she will not seek re-election to the House of Representatives in 2020.

What could her political future look like? She’s definitely an outlier candidate for vice-presidential consideration, and if not that, statewide office within her home state of Hawaii. Will she be president? No. There are two major reasons for this. First, name recognition. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have that. The media is trying to make sure Elizabeth Warren has it. Kamala Harris wonders why she doesn’t have it. Tulsi Gabbard was known for very little – mostly for hanging out with Bashar al-Assad – on the national level before annoucing her presidential bid. While she’s intriguing, she doesn’t have the engine behind her to get to the top.

And then we get to the other thing Tulsi is hot about right now.

The 2020 Democratic presidential contender sent out a campaign email Tuesday that hinted at a conspiracy at the highest levels of the U.S. government to stop the public from fully knowing the role that longtime U.S. partner Saudi Arabia played in the attacks.”

“We deserve all the information on 9/11,” read the subject line. In a video linked to in the email and posted on Gabbard’s website alongside a petition asking President Donald Trump to declassify “all information related to 9/11,” Gabbard wrote: “The American people still don’t have access to the truth about Saudi Arabia and who helped Al Qaeda carry out these deadly attacks … It is absolutely unacceptable that our government’s investigation into Saudi ties has been kept from these 9/11 families and from the American people.”

But Gabbard’s email does not make clear what precisely she wants to be declassified. The George W. Bush administration classified one section of the initial congressional inquiry into the attacks — known as “the 28 pages” ― but President Barack Obama released those pages, with some redactions, in 2016.”

According to the New York Post, Tulsi was in New York with 9/11 families recently, talking about this very subject.

Last week, Gabbard advocated for relatives of 9/11 victims who filed a federal lawsuit seeking the release of documents they think link the attackers to Saudi government officials.”

“We are 18 years removed from this terrible crime, and the victims of this crime, the families who are here today, the American people deserve all of the evidence to fully come to light,” Gabbard said at an event in New York with the plaintiffs.”

There, she said she was looking for “not a highly redacted version of this information that makes no sense but a declassified version that actually speaks the truth of what led to the attack on 9/11.”

Let’s leave all tinfoil aside for the moment, regardless of your beliefs about Saudi Arabia, 9/11, and anything left to be declassified.

The leftist media REALLY does not like Tulsi Gabbard. And it definitely comes out in the coverage. We saw this when Hillary Clinton tossed out her theory that Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian asset and the media allowed it to linger. We’ve seen it in how YouTube looks to have been manipulating searches for Gabbard. The question is, why?

Tulsi would probably say it’s because she isn’t “controlled” by the Democrat higher-ups, or that they don’t like her stance on Syria. Both might be true. Is it because she is still actively involved in the Army National Guard? Definitely possible. Is it because she smacked Kamala Harris down during the second debate and has no problem being a loose cannon (and an entertaining one) onstage? Also possible. Maybe it’s a little bit of everything, plus the tinfoil hat.

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  • Joe R. says:

    Even worse (perhaps), is that Tulsi went pantsuit. Damn evil POS (D), tell your boss satan to get you all a new tailor and wardrobe designer.

  • GWB says:

    Most of the time, she sounds very rational
    Only when you stand her up next to the current Democratic presidential primary clown show.

    The Saudi involvement in 9/11 has been a sore spot with lots of people over the last two decades. They were definitely dirty (the kingdom actively supported jihadist clerics in the US) and part of Bush’s failure was to let any of them leave the country in the aftermath. (It goes hand-in-hand with his “We’re not at war with Islam” malarkey.)

    I’m going to guess there’s lots of ‘reports’ – documents of all kinds – outside of the congressional report. Maybe there’s some that were never seen by congress. She might not be as crazy as she sounds. That’s the truly scary part.

  • Nicola Vandiver says:

    She is as radical as the rest of her cronies. She voted for reparations, she voted for assult weapons ban, and she voted to move forward with the impeachment query.
    Its really concerning to see the right paint her as a victim of the left when she is well entrenched with the left.

  • Drew458 says:

    I’m not sure what she’s looking for. We’ve all known for many many years that most of the 9/11 attackers were Saudis. We’ve also known for nearly as many years how the Sauds fund madrassas in our country, and how they influence the schoolbooks our kids read, fund CAIR, etc. While I certainly don’t like this one bit, it isn’t a secret. We knew how a bunch of them were flown out of our country just days after 9/11, when no other planes were flying in the country. Ancient news. Yes, our country is in cahoots with the Sauds. Just look at Obama bowing to them. We buy a whole lot of oil from them and they buy a whole lots of military gear from us. Plus they give us tons of info into that world which we could never otherwise get. So when trillions of dollars are involved, “little things” like active jihad get swept under the rug. And they do it by proxies mostly, so it’s the old plausible deniability game, so we can all make nice-nice in public. Again, nothing new here. They are pretty much our only dependable Arab ally, “dependable” being defined down a bit to fit the Arab world. Certainly they are more of an ally than Pakistan or even Turkey.

  • James Raclawski says:

    like her MMA beat down and ground pound of madam behar…. but she is left-progressive …free healthcare… free college… abortion defender … 2016 backer of “the bern”…. thanks for your service … but nope… got you some “bad brainwork”….
    Semper fi …

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