Transgenderism Trend May Be Killing Our Kids

Transgenderism Trend May Be Killing Our Kids

Transgenderism Trend May Be Killing Our Kids

The woke scolds seem to be all over Americans who claim the current trend in transgenderism amongst our youth is killing them.

We are the “intolerant”, the “bigoted”, the “racist” masses. We are what is wrong with our society, as their delusional narrative is spun. Transgenderism isn’t killing kids. It’s the patriarchy. It’s the Republicans. It’s the Conservative Christians who are killing our kids, they say. They will point to articles like this one from The Federalist and scoff. Throw out your opinion too much, they will put you in the Facebook gulag for spewing such hate.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see the pattern of increased cases of transgenderism in our youth. This trend, akin to eating the Tide Pods, may be killing our kids, albeit slowly. Casey Chalk of The Federalist cites NPR and The New York Times with their articles about increased suicide rates in non binary youth but poses this question:

Yet what if the opposite is true, that promotion of alternative sexual identities among America’s children is aggravating our national mental health crisis, and increasing the likelihood of self-harm among vulnerable young populations?”-Casey Chalk, The Federalist

It is indeed curious, don’t you think? That over the past five years, give or take, the increase in transgenderism in adults and children has nearly doubled. Education Week, (no surprise here), attributes this to “more young people being comfortable in identifying themselves as transgender”.

Compared to previous generations, today we have more access to language and information on the expansive spectrum of gender identity. That likely contributes to the observed increase in the estimated number of youth who identify as trans in this study. That said, we have a lot of work to do to create safer, more accepting environments for transgender and nonbinary young people.”- Myeshia Price, The Trevor Project

Let’s fix this up a bit. Who provides this access? Students in our schools now have access to language and information on the “expansive spectrum of gender identity”. Why? Because back in 2020, democrats, teachers’ unions, school districts all decided they “had a lot of work to do” and have begun this work while our kids were locked down and isolated, “protected” from a virus that was going to kill us all. This time, in the land of ZOOM meetings from home and CRT book studies (time that should have been spent by schools teaching our youth) was a time for “restructuring”, which gave way for more plans to be laid for funding of curriculum and counselors.

Classrooms were shuttered for months upon months. When schools finally reopened to students, Pride Progress flags were more prominent than our Red, White and Blue. Teachers and administrative staff alike put up the virtuous, “In this Classroom, We Believe…” signs-a nod to students who may not agree with the ideologies they are pushing to be quiet and keep their mouths shut. Everyone is welcome.

At this point, there was a social contagion as well as a viral contagion. Even scientific papers from Brown University providing scientific evidence of the social contagion of transgenderism were labeled as “bigoted” and “unscientific”. This particular study was conducted in 2018, before pandemic. But now, in 2022, medical journals indicate a phenomenon called “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” or ROGD, for short.

Kids returned to school, masked-up and more confused than ever. Johnny was now Joanie. Jill who is Jack’s girlfriend, now wants to transition to manhood and, Jack is now calling Jill his “boyfriend”. “Aubrey” is upset because when he logs into his computer, he sees his birth name, Austin, pop up on the screen. “Aubrey” goes running to his mom, who calls the school to correct this tout-suite because “Aubrey” no longer identifies as “Austin” and is now suicidal and will be in perpetuity until his name is changed. Schools capitulate and get crisis intervention involved. After all, the Biden administration funneled lots and lots of “rescue” dollars to these “Social Emotional Learning” programs. These programs, are not routed in the harsh truths or realties of life which is even more problematic. But, according to the society we live in, people like Matt Walsh, and those who agree with him are the problem:

It’s not enough to have schools on-board with promoting dysfunction and disillusion. We have pop-culture magnifying the dysfunction around transgenderism. Just days ago, singer, Demi Lovato decided to revert back to using her she/her pronouns rather than “they/them” because “she felt more feminine these days”. WaPo claimed that her going back to her biologically assigned pronouns will help “normalize gender fluidity“:

Oftentimes, people might cycle through different gender identities, or different language they’re using or different pronouns, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not their true selves. It’s just sort of part of this larger gender journey that people are on.”-Sabra Katz-Wise, Boston Children’s Hospital

Correction: Demi Lovato is not on a freaking journey. She is a narcissistic twit who is starved for attention. Unfortunately, she gets the attention of the younger crowd and even some grown adults who are parents to young children. We have these parents in the mix of this hot mess also. The “cool” parents of the purple-haired playgroup who bring their latest “accessory” to a soy-latte gathering at the park: their non-binary child. This parent cannot wait for this playdate to tell all of the others about the “heroic” journey to get the kid on puberty blockers.

The best scientific evidence suggests that gender transition is not necessary to prevent suicide. There is no persuasive evidence that gender transition reduces gender dysphoric children’s likelihood of killing themselves.”-Dr. Michael Bailey and Dr. Ray Blanchard

There are hard truths that young people need to understand and accept. It is on mature and realistic adults to convey these hard truths to our young people. Unfortunately, if we look around, grown adults in our schools, in pop culture and even in our neighborhoods are so far gone that they also are out of touch with reality. My fear is that some of these adults will wake up from their slumber when it is too late and see that the push towards transgenderism has obliterated many innocent lives. I hope I am wrong.

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