Traitor Chelsea Manning Files to Run for U.S. Senate

Traitor Chelsea Manning Files to Run for U.S. Senate

Traitor Chelsea Manning Files to Run for U.S. Senate

Released felon and traitor Chelsea Manning filed paperwork to run for the United States Senate in Maryland on January 11, 2018, reports the Washington Post. Manning plans to run as a Democrat and challenge the senior Senator from Maryland Ben Cardin.

Cardin is expected to win handily not having felon, traitor or dishonorable discharge in his resume.

Ready to run: torn stockings, Adam’s Apple, polished man hands and five o’clock shadow

Just what is on Manning’s resume.

1. Born Bradley Manning in 1987. Enlisted in the U.S. Army. During Basic Training, Manning is injured and medically rolled to another training unit. Bradley Manning’s military specialty was 35f, Intelligence Analyst. Deployed to Iraq in 2009.

2. During his deployment, Manning punched a superior NCO:

Captain Casey Fulton, who served in the same unit, said on Sunday that during one late night shift in May 2010 she found Pte Manning pinned to the ground by his female superior, Specialist Jihrleah Showman.

“[Showman] said he had struck her and she had a big red welt on her face,” Captain Fulton said.

and sent a picture of himself dressed as a woman to a supervisor. All the while, the busy little Private was downloading more than 700,000 documents which he gave to the, allegedly, very smelly Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Manning kitted out for deployment. I want to punch this picture.

3. Arrested and convicted of violations of the Espionage Act, Manning was sentenced to 35 years in Federal Prison aka Stony Lonesome. But, Bradley believed himself to be a female trapped in a male body and staged a hunger strike until the United States taxpayers (that’s you, dear reader) were forced to pay for hormone therapy and surgery preparations and whatever. Bradley, in addition to being a man trapped in a woman’s body, believes himself to be super special. Traitor, convict and egoist.

4. In January of 2017, on his way out of the door, President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Bradley Manning. Not for any humanitarian reasons, no, Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence because Obama thought the sentence was way harsh. Why go through a trial and sentencing phase? Just ask that other egoist what Manning’s sentence should be.

5. Calling himself Chelsea, Manning is now a hero of the Progressive and Transgender Universe. Profiled in magazines such as Out and Vogue. Chelsea is part of the hot group now, fake chicks with dicks.

From his Vogue magazine profile. I am gonna punch this one.

Felon, traitor and fake chick with a dick. Egoist Manning thinks he is qualified to run for the United States Senate. Our friends at the Twitter handle Razor had a little fun with Manning.

While the fusty, blue noses were wringing their handkerchiefs over our fearless leader saying “Shithole” (Deanna wrote about that here), they won’t question Mr. Manning about his “F**k the police” tweet.

Are you getting the impression that Mr. Manning has problems with authority figures?

One would think that being convicted of espionage and serving time in prison would cause one to pause and question one’s choices in life. Not Bradley. Bradley is a special kind of traitor. Bradley wants to sit in the United States Senate. Even if he can’t get a security clearance (Dear God, I hope not.). One would hear and see things and, thanks to people like Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Dick Durbin, nothing is secret anymore. How quickly would Bradley Manning forget anything he ever learned about Operations Security (Opsec) and Communications Security (Comsec). Right about the first time someone tells him no.

Bradley is living the dream right now. The way America is going, he may just end up a U.S. Senator or with any luck back in Ft. Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. I know that would make many military personnel and the families who love them happy.

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