A Problem With The “Sh*thole” Source? No Way!

A Problem With The “Sh*thole” Source? No Way!

A Problem With The “Sh*thole” Source? No Way!

In journalism school, you are constantly reminded to check the veracity of your sources. I should know, I got that degree. It’s something that the current media, in their rush to have the biggest, ugliest scoop, constantly ignores.

Here we have Jake Tapper, who – despite his leanings – DOES practice real journalism by verifying sources. This time, he’s working his own contacts to get a full context for the sh*tstorm that is swirling around the reported “sh*thole” comment allegedly made by President Trump.

And for trying to actually practice REAL journalism, people started yelling at Tapper.

So, who exactly is claiming that this quote is exact? Um, Senator Dick Durbin.

Durbin has had – ahem! – problems with fabrication before.

News flash: water is wet, the Earth revolves around the Sun, and politicians lie.

In the meantime, the media is madly spinning – and then retracting – stories of resignations by diplomats. First, it was the ambassador to Panama.

Um, no.

And the report that the ambassador to Haiti is leaving? Also wrong.

So, we have a sourcing problem, a narrative being spun and then wrecked, and a media literally frothing at the mouth.

And then the media wonders why the American people believe that “fake news” exists and they lie.

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