Happy Thanksgiving! Top 10 Things Conservatives Should Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! Top 10 Things Conservatives Should Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! Top 10 Things Conservatives Should Be Thankful For

I have been thinking over the last few weeks that I am more hopeful than I was this time last year.  With all the many things that are obviously wrong in this upside-down Orwellian world, there is much we Americans must be thankful for.  Last year this time, within 24 hours, I lost my cat Nancy and had to put my beloved dog, Teddy, to sleep.  Trump had lost* the election and I was so bitter about it, I flew to Florida to pick up Orange Man Bad; a Maine coon kitten I hoped would rival his namesake.  November was also the beginning of the year-long (and continuing) saga of my favorite sister refusing to speak to me.  So it can be a challenge some days to remember that we are still incredibly blessed.  I also see some trends in the world that lead me to believe we have much to be hopeful about.  Let me count the ways!

10. Be Thankful for the COVID Rebellion

I flew to Seattle last week to say hello to my latest joy infusion.  A sweet little 1965 Ford F100 I am calling Daisy!  While sitting in the VERY last row of my SWA flight, I struck up a conversation with the lady next to me.  I don’t know how not to inject my politics into a discussion, but as I tip-toed forward with this woman, it became clear that she was a kindred spirit.  From SEATTLE!  It started with the admission that these stupid masks we were wearing were pure theater.  She has five kids and is home-schooling all but the eldest.  She is afraid to stand up for herself, but she is doing her best to stand up for her children.  I told her courage is a lesson she must teach her family; she agreed.  I pointed out that Southwest Airlines employees displayed courage in a BIG way just last month.  Follow their lead!

Just because she makes me happy, I want you to say hello to my little friend!  She is looking forward to escaping Washington State for Texas!


9.  Be Thankful for Sinking Ships and Running Rats

With Biden’s nose-dive in the polls, Democrats in the House are fleeing like rats on a sinking ship.  They know how to read the writing on the wall and all signs point to a blood bath in 2022.  So far, 17 Democrat House members are “retiring” as compared to 11 Republicans.  As CNBC points out in their article: 

“When a president is deeply unpopular, their party tends to sustain heavy losses in the midterm elections,” McAdams said. “Smart Democrats are fleeing the House because they see Joe Biden’s approval ratings dropping like a lead balloon.”

As Glenn Renolds likes to say, Don’t Get Cocky, but we can be thankful that the 2020 election cycle put redistricting into safely conservative hands across the country.

8.  Be Thankful for the Dem’s Taking the Red Pill

I must confess, I have always liked Bill Maher.  Unlike libs, it is great re-enforcement to my own ideological growth to listen to people who disagree with me.   I used to watch Politically Incorrect all the time when I lived in Los Angeles.  So it makes me smile just a little bit each day to see him roll his eyes at the Wokenistas that surround him in LaLa Land.

But Bill Maher is not alone in defending what many call “classical liberalism.”  We have my favorite lefty writer, Matt Taibbi, spending the last few years cataloguing all the ways Russiagate was more like Watergate.  Then you have Glenn Greenwald, Bari Weiss and Alex Berenson abandoning their posts to join Substack as they realize their voices were being silenced as they spoke out against “The Narrative.”

Chris Best, co-founder of Substack, sums up their purpose beautifully.  I am thankful for the alternative:

Best believes that Substack is a new way forward for the world of media, and the herald of a new, democratic world. Social media broke journalism, and Substack is here to save it. When they launched Substack, Best and his cofounders, Hamish McKenzie and Jairaj Sethi, drew comparisons with newspaper impresarios from 200 years ago, saying their innovation was of equal importance. It was designed to shunt the media out of what the cofounders saw as a vicious cycle of pursuing clicks through outrage because it goes viral on social media. “The incentive structure that gets created because of that doesn’t support and reward great writing. It supports and rewards things that make us crazy,” Best says. “And that’s a failure, both for us as individuals who care about what we read and care about having a good view of the world, and for society at large because it’s deranging us.”

7.  Be Thankful for Conservative Media Kicking MSM in the Groin

My husband likes to tease me about watching “Morning Joe” before I met him.  I was duped, like many other conservatives, by the idea that the round-table team gave me a “measured” sense of what was going on in the world of politics.  Granted, that was a decade ago, before Joe Scarborough went full on Commie, but I still cringe to realize how blind I was to the garbage they fed me daily.  There seems to be evidence that many are waking up to the BS and finding new news sources beyond the Alphabet Soup.  But while other outlets like Newsmax, OAN, conservative podcasts, and conservative news aggregators are exploding, Fox News is just killing it against the other “big boys.”   Fox News is spanking MSMBC and CNN’s ass!

6.  Be Thankful for South Texas Democrat(s) Flipping the Narrative AND their party

South Texas Democrat, Ryan Guillen jumps to the GOP!  Mark Jones, a fellow in political science at the Baker Institute at Rice University, sums it up nicely:

“I think South Texas has historically been a bastion for Democratic votes, so Democrats could count on winning 80 or 75% of the vote there, and with President Trump winning close to 40% of the South Texas vote. It’s no longer that bastion.

Also, we’re starting to see some losses. [Republican] John Lujan won [a state House seat in San Antonio.]. He won a special election and flipped the Democratic seat. And now you have Rep. Guillen flipping that seat. And with the redistricting, there’s an open congressional seat that runs from McAllen up to Sequin, that the Republicans have drawn to give themselves a hope of flipping that seat as well. So an area that Democrats used to be able to take to the bank in terms of knowing they were going to win all those seats is now in play, at least for a few seats.”

Biden and progressives think that ignoring our Southern Border will win them untold votes in upcoming elections.  They might be right, time will tell.  But even Yahoo News seemed shocked by a Republican (a REPUBLICAN???) win by Javier Villalobos in McAllen, TX’s mayoral race this past June.  

“Javier Villalobos’ victory Saturday in Mexican American-majority McAllen, Texas, comes as some Latino Democrats say their party has been ignoring Mexican Americans in Texas, New Mexico and California as the Republican Party makes dents in areas once solidly blue.”

Democrats also think calling various Hispanic groups “LatinX” will curry favor amongst a diverse crowd.  But I must tell you, when I went to CPAC this past February, my Cuban Uber driver had a different story to tell me.  In our broken Splanglish conversation, he detailed his move to America.  He loves this country more than any Congresscritter on the left and volunteered to drive me to and from the conference the moment he heard I had a chance to see Donald Trump live and in person.  No one, other than my father, exudes more love for Trump than he does! 

5.  Be Thankful for New Jersey’s Truck Driving Bad-Ass

I have a new-found respect for truck drivers these days.  In a mid-life crisis a couple of years ago, my husband quit his job of over a decade.  As we bandied about new career choices George Constanza-style, I had to let him down gently when he suggested World Ruler would top his list of job titles.  I also reminded him that he hates people and loves driving.  So, we embarked down a long road (pun intended) of truck driving school, health setbacks and life on the road.  Three months.  That’s as long as he lasted.  Apparently, that’s the statistical average for new truck driving careers.  It takes a special person to haul our crap across the country and so my hat goes off to Edward Durr and his upset win in New Jersey!

4.  Be Thankful that Parents Are Mad as Hell, and They Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore

I have written much about CRT and the indoctrination of our children.  History will prove this is the great failure of Conservatives in 100 years.  We gave our youth away to the left without batting an eye.  But if I have to give a silver-lining award to COVID for just one thing, it would be the impact of allowing parents across the country to see what the hell our children are being taught.  And boy howdy are they PISSED!  Conservatives and Liberals alike apparently are NOT fond of segregating our children by race, telling black children they are victims, and America sucks.  Kory Yeshua’s TikTok video went viral this year as he spoke truth to power!  Let’s be thankful for ALL the parents out there sharing their righteous indignation at school boards across our great land!

3.  Be Thankful for Virginia Election Repudiation

Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears get most of the media play for their upset wins in the Virginia races earlier this month, but they weren’t the only Republican wins in the state.  Oh no!  Virginia’s blue streak just took one hit after another as races down the line went from Blue to Red as a repudiation to all the hell Democrats have unleased upon their citizens over the last decade.  Obviously, the big-ticket Governor’s race stands out, followed by Lt. Governor, but let’s give a big ‘ol heaping shout out for Attorney General Jason Miyares, the FOUR House of Delegate wins for the Grand Old Party!  

Screen Grab From NYT

2.  Be Thankful Trump Ain’t Going Anywhere!

We can debate all day long as to whether Donald J. Trump should head the 2024 Republican ticket for President.  I have thoughts.  But like it or not, he’s still the front running contender and several polls show he’d win in a landslide if do-overs were a thing.  

“Former President Trump leads President Biden by 11 points in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up in Iowa, according to a new poll.

Trump’s lead in the new poll appears to be driven by support from independents in the state, who broke for the Republican 45 percent to 37 percent. Biden has 95 percent support among Democrats, while 91 percent of Republicans are backing Trump.

The new survey also comes amid a string of poor polling numbers for Biden, whose approval rating has slumped since this summer, partially due to a resurgence of COVID-19, the U.S.’s messy withdrawal from Afghanistan and rising prices throughout the nation.”

1.  Be Thankful for %$#&/Let’s Go Brandon!

As I look forward to eating some culturally appropriated Indian Food (Curry, not Corn) on paper plates that will kill the globe, I have no better way to leave you than the compilation video below.  Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Featured image: Orange Man Bad with his cohort, Melania, hiding in her hole



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