Roundup Time: Happy v The Left

Roundup Time: Happy v The Left

Roundup Time: Happy v The Left

It’s Thanksgiving week and most of us are – hopefully – full of happy expectation of celebrating with family and friends. However, the fookery by the Left and their hangers-on never rests.


TDS-induced mockery proves prescient

Oliver, like a lot of Woke comedians (sic), stopped being funny when they stopped being happy. How dare Trump point out a slippery slope! “X” will never happen! Then “X” happens.

A statue of Thomas Jefferson — America’s third president and the author of the Declaration of Independence — was removed Monday from City Hall in New York City, where it stood for nearly two centuries, because Jefferson was a slave owner



Biden admin happy to tell you why you must accept $5/gal gas

VG Nina Bookout writes about the alms Creepy Joe is tossing you for Christmas with the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The second most annoying, inappropriate cackler in this illegal administration, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, wants you to know that destroying the oil industry is hard work …

… please be patient while they transistion you out of your car, your home and your ability to travel.



Mad King Newsom’s French Laundry 2.0

Governor Hairgel refuses to give up any of the emergency powers he seized for himself in March 2020. By another executive order, he extended them to March 2022. You know the drill, the hoi polloi of California are to hunker down alone in their hovels while the Royal Family fly out for a Mexican vacay!

Here’s hoping some real reporters get some partying-sans-mask action again.



Inflation? Pfffft, be happy by skipping the turkey!

NBC in a forehead-slapping, let them eat cake moment

During Monday’s edition of ‘The Today Show,’ there was a segment about cutting costs this Thanksgiving and the top tip was to “forgo the turkey.”

Not only will you save money by not buying a turkey, by not buying a bird this year you’ll likely have guests you invited cancel on you due to your lack of a turkey. No turkey and fewer guests mean saving quite a few bucks.

Why, yes, they really did say this.



Unhappy people want you unhappy, too

Those paragons of Truth and Good Cheer at the New York Slimes will only be happy (for about 30 seconds) when masking becomes a permanent thing.

The piece cites scientists who say the general public “should be prepared to put masks back on in the event of future surges” and that older adults should continue to wear them anyway. (snip)

“Before the pandemic there was a stigma associated with wearing masks in this country, but I think it’s become normalized in a lot of places,” noted Dr. Linsey Marr

Of course there is a stigma to face-diapers as SOP. Wearing a ski-mask while skiing is appropriate. Wearing it when walking into a bank in Los Angeles is highly suspect. General masking is like a burka – it renders the wearer a thing, not a human. It also will denote class.

“Experts also expressed hope that new mask-wearing norms might outlast the pandemic,” states the article, suggesting that face coverings will become permanent fixtures when using airplanes or public transport.

Anyone believe that Newsom, Pelosi, Cuomo, et al, would be caught dead on public transportation?



Buy that turkey, have a second helping of pie, hug your loved ones, tell them the real story of Thanksgiving and, most of all, be grateful and happy.

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