TikTok Cites “Human Error” After Banning LiveAction

TikTok Cites “Human Error” After Banning LiveAction

TikTok Cites “Human Error” After Banning LiveAction

Just like that and out of the blue, social media app, TikTok banned pro-life organization, LiveAction for “multiple community guidelines violations”.

For those of us who are not in the demographic, TikTok is a popular social media platform used between mainly teens and tweens to share videos. In a statement from LiveAction founder, Lila Rose:

Why did TikTok ban LiveAction? Because of a video the organization posted on the site. This video was a short compilation of lives saved by raising awareness of the importance of speaking out on abortion. This wasn’t the first time LiveAction was blocked from a social media site. Back in June, the organization was blocked from Pinterest after a “whistleblower” reported content as “pornographic”:

Your account was permanently suspended because it went against our policies on misinformation. We don’t allow harmful information on Pinterest. That includes medical misinformation and conspiracies that turn individuals and facilities into targets for harassment and violence.-Pinterest

Backlash ensued after word got out that LiveAction was banned from the TikTok platform. This is the video that caused the stir:

How this is construed as “hate speech” is beyond my comprehension but still, trolls gonna troll:

TikTok, a Chinese company, reinstated LiveAction soon after the ban, citing “human error” without much more of an explanation, according to The Federalist. A big oops. Nothing to see here. Literally. The video was deleted. But TikTok apologized for the error, so that makes everything in the land of lip-sync okay, we guess.

And this is yet another one of the reasons I detest social media platforms that are aimed at our younger generation. Years ago, an app called Musical.ly was all the rage. My son was in 5th grade at the time and girls and boys in his class got together to do their little music routines on the app. Musical.ly eventually became TikTok and kids continued to dance and lip-sync with their “squads” for the world to see. And I mean, the world sees it all. TikTok videos are especially cute when twelve year-old boys are mouthing f-bombs whilst impersonating Post Malone because they think they’re the next big hip-hop artist. Parents beam at the little studs that they are. They’re so talented! They lip-sync! And, I am sure some moms are damn proud of their little 10-year old girls showing their creative prowess and booty shaking for their many followers. Many followers they do not know and many followers that I am certain are not other 10 year-old girls but most likely pedophiles posing as other young girls and ready to pounce when the time is right. Does TikTok care so much about these types of violations upon our children and our communities? No. TikTok moderators pull off an innocent pro-life video because “standards”, or something. My son’s social media stint was brief, thankfully, but I did browse one child’s profile that was public for the two hours he had an account. This boy happened to be the neighborhood troublemaker who was causing my kiddo all kinds of grief. He had close to 400 “followers”-several of them, pot shops in the local area. (Cannabis industry recruiting kids much? You betcha!) I still remember his lip-sync to the Chain Smoker’s “Closer” where he literally pulled the sheets right off the corner of his bunk bed. He was such a little gem, this one. Did I also mention…this was back when these boys were in 5th grade?!

TikTok and the social media world’s message is loud-and-clear to our younger generation: be as vapid as you wanna be. Girls, go out and be promiscuous. Guys, go and act like little douchebags because girls love the little douchebags-especially when they’re rocking a gold chain, a white-boy man-perm and can mime a mean Travis Scott lip-sync. And then, parents, when they come home with the “and I oop” after the gyrating goes a bit too far and the sheets DO get ripped off the corner, don’t worry. Planned Parenthood is in your community and right down the street. Care no matter what. Yep, lots of “human error” going on here. TikTok puts it all on display.

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