Rand Paul Versus John Roberts And The Deep State

Rand Paul Versus John Roberts And The Deep State

Rand Paul Versus John Roberts And The Deep State

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) tried, two times over the last two days, to ask the essential question of this sham Impeachment Trial. There is one question that would answer why we have had to go through this National Psychodrama for the last six months. Were there partisan actors who conspired to develop a plot to have President Donald J. Trump impeached? Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert spiked the question both times on behalf of the Deep State Establishment.

I have been screaming at my television set as I binge watch this awful C-span telenovela, “You have the wrong person as the villain. The villain is the bug-eyed, fruit loop that you are portraying as a hero.” I want the villain unmasked in this farce. The Republicans have been polite and respectful. They have maintained the decorum of the Senate. The Republicans are the clueless dupes. The House Managers twirl their mustaches and spin tales of Evil Incarnate in the human form of The President of the United States.

One man, an unlikely champion, Rand Paul finally appeared, although off-stage as a voice only. The Senator is an unlikely champion because he is short, slight, and has a checkered history with President Trump. On Wednesday, he (Paul) announced that he had a question. An extra ran the question up to the dais. Justice Roberts refused to read the question. On Thursday, the performance was repeated. Martha MacCallum talked to Senator Paul last night:

Six friends worked together to try to bring down the President. And, Martha just thinks that’s a valid question. That is the question. What was the origin of this badly written play? Here is the question from Rand Paul’s Twitter account last night.

Justice Roberts, sitting at his dais, is playing Zeus on Mount Olympus. He interferes in the lives of those puny little people before him. If Paul didn’t mention any names, what gave John Roberts the right to deny a sitting Senator, a democratically elected public office, his question. John Roberts is a full on member of the Deep State Establishment. He sees himself as the SCOTUS swing vote. Never, ever forget that Roberts was the one who found that the personal mandate in Obamacare was a tax, after Democrats said it wasn’t. Roberts isn’t about “truth, justice and the American”. Roberts is for the Swamp and by the Swamp.

This cheap, serialized Impeachment Show is continuing today. Rand Paul will get to speak briefly, probably about three in the morning. No one else will step in to the role of champion. We are set in this satire of republican government. The characters are set into their places on stage. Because of the cowardice of the players, even if we win and the President is acquitted, we lose. The villainous House Managers will exit grinning. There will be no Deus ex machina happy ending for us, The Republic or The Constitution.

The only real question will remain unasked. This is a farce.

Featured Image: Official Portrait of Rand Paul/Public Domain

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  • Scott says:

    Every republican in the senate should send a question, asking Chief Justice Roberts why he won’t read Sen. Rands question…

  • Flying Dutchman says:

    Rand Paul may not be everybody’s cup of tea but he’s shown real stones with this line of questioning and, in the past, with his proposal to audit that ne-plus-ultra of swampiness, the Federal Reserve. Also he’s literally gone to the hospital for sticking up for limited government.

    He is to be commended.

    And, someone on the left HAS to have pictures of John Roberts in a sex romp with a 14-year-old, or something.

  • grnberet says:

    Could Roberts using the Epstein express have something to do about his behavior.

  • Jack_of_Spades says:

    This makes me glad we have people like Rand Paul, and angry we have people like John Roberts.

  • csmats says:

    The absolute farce of establishment types pretending to not know who the fake whistleblower is by demonstrating in stark relief that they know exactly who it is proves once again that truth is stranger than fiction. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • James Raclawski says:

      offered for your consideration…. a system exists which collects nearly every electron involved in today’s dense&deep ocean of “communications” … it suctions 24/7 etc., etc., the data is available for mining and can provide quite the treasure trove of “intelligence” nuggets — think carter page… think questionable fbi contractor access (not just recently -but chronically over the life of this capability…)

      if you were an unscrupulous head of state bound & determined to ENSURE you had the upper hand on your potential political naysayers&detractors….. then you would exploit any & all tools at your disposal… why … even IRS data might provide that certain bit of needed incentive….

      the good justice may just be … in fact… merely a deepstate squishy dude just doing his deepstate thing protecting the family business…. OR due to his “data” being of value …. it placed him on speed dial for those occasions needing just a “wee bit of a push…” in the correct direction.

      either way…. his past instances & this current egregious action tends to leave no doubt in my evaluation…..
      bent…. keep him to your front

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