The WHCD Should Be A GOP Ad [VIDEO]

The WHCD Should Be A GOP Ad [VIDEO]

The WHCD Should Be A GOP Ad [VIDEO]

After the tasteless display at “Nerd Prom” last night, more than one person on Twitter made the point that the left just handed a whole lot of campaign ad material to the right.

In case you were wondering what they are talking about, here is a blessedly brief sample.

And you know who realizes just how bad this was for the left? The media.

No, really.

But get the popcorn, because the left is not united on this at all.

Except Wolf really did say it.

The GOP, if they have any brains in their PR Department, will start making ads using these clips from the White House Correspondents Dinner, along with clips of Nancy Pelosi’s “crumbs” and many other examples to get the voters motivated. If the midterms are all about turn out, then whoever gets the most turnout will win.

You just got a whole lot of material to use, Republicans. Do you have the smarts to use it?

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