To All You “Nasty Women”, Maybe It’s Time You Quit Being So Nasty?

To All You “Nasty Women”, Maybe It’s Time You Quit Being So Nasty?

To All You “Nasty Women”, Maybe It’s Time You Quit Being So Nasty?

Comedienne (and I use that term loosely), Michelle Wolf, took direct aim at Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this past weekend:

To be completely honest, I had no idea who Michelle Wolf was until just a few days ago. CNN claims her shocking “performance” (again, another word I use loosely) was in part to create a stir and promote her new Netflix series, “The Break With Michelle Wolf” which airs on May 27th. Between this and the possibility of adding a series of shows hand-picked and produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, I may need to cancel my subscription! I cannot imagine the comedy genius of abortion jokes by this woman whose voice sounds worse than fingernails running across a chalkboard:

“He thinks abortion is murder which, first of all, don’t knock it ’til you try it — and when you do try it, really knock it. You know, you’ve got to get that baby out of there.”-Michelle Wolf on Mike Pence and his opinion of abortion.

Yet, the left defends once again. An opinion editorial in WaPo said “she got it right”:

That Wolf’s performance was not “normal” for the correspondents’ dinner is a testament to its timeliness and necessity — nothing is “normal” right now, and pretending otherwise out of a false sense of the fourth estate’s friendship with the executive would have been the real disgrace. Wolf called the Trump administration out for tearing down democracy. Then, the people who are supposed to care most about holding autocrats to account called her out in turn for, essentially, not being chummy enough.

It is truly shocking how many individuals have actually come to the defense of Michelle Wolf. Republican women are “dumb” because we assumed Wolf was attacking Sanders and her looks. We turn a blind eye to Trump’s behavior and remarks but clutch our pearls at Wolf’s comments. We don’t recognize Wolf for the pure comedic irony she provided at the event-it was simply “over our heads”. Please. Spare me the ridiculousness of it all. These are the same women who are fine with bringing up the fact that Melania Trump posed for nude modeling photos in the past but neglect the fact that some of their Hollywood colleagues perhaps performed some questionable and regrettable acts to get ahead in the business. Nope, they shame Melania but rally behind their “sisters” with a #MeToo hashtag. This the same petty bunch who makes snide remarks about FLOTUS’ choice of shoes and that she was a “nothing but” a fashion model but refuse to design her clothing or feature her on the cover of one of their vapid, pretentious fashion magazines. This is the same lot who says the First Lady can barely speak English. And, if my memory serves me correctly, the very same “comedienne” who made fun of Melania Trump’s accent also made fun of Sarah Huckabee Sanders whilst wearing a fat suit with a mock make-up tutorial to create a smokey eye so Michelle Wolf’s “roast” wasn’t even that original, now was it? Seriously, Michelle. That joke was soooo 2017. I laughed as I watched Cathy Areu explain away her “sympathy” for Melania Trump last week, too. These immature, poor excuses for women are jokes but not in the way they would find the least bit flattering.

Sisterhood? Empowerment? Equality? Respect? Only if you like crass female body-part humor, abortion jokes and are one of the mean girls, apparently. And, only if you’re a registered Democrat. It’s good that the likes of women such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Melania Trump don’t flinch at the petty attempts at humor, the subtle jabs, the snubs from the mainstream and don’t need the sanctimonious sympathies these little girls throw their way like bread crumbs. These nasty women can only hope to develop a fraction of class when they decide to move on from junior high school bullying tactics.

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