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Maxine Waters is awful, encouraging more “leakers” to come forward [video]

Maxine Waters is awful, encouraging more “leakers” to come forward [video]

Maxine Waters is awful, encouraging more “leakers” to come forward [video]

The fair Maxine was on The View. She espoused her regular impeachment rhetoric against Trump and excused the behavior of any leaker that favored bringing forth damaging material against Trump. She dismissed the possibility that this could be a dangerous situation for any president by saying that with other presidents people wouldn’t do this because they would like the president. Oh really? Because I liked Obama sooo much.

Regular folks, conservatives, or er, people with values, but I repeat myself, are at such a disadvantage against people like Maxine Waters. Principles fighting No Principles, it’s just a very hard game to win. Cheaters do win, and when the Democrats can only win by cheating, that becomes their principles. Oh sure, they will lie about it, never admit to it, but that’s what’s happening. I can’t tell you how much I despise Maxine Waters. She’s plain dumb, but just crafty enough to retain her place at the table.

Yesterday, the DOJ announced an invigorating investigation into all these leaks coming out of the White House. I hope it’s not for show. Democrats want to say it didn’t happen under Obama so therefore he must not have said anything worth leaking. BS. Who wouldn’t LOVE to hear what was going on in the Obama White House? I would put money on the fact that that information would be juicy beyond belief. The absence of evidence is not proof of anything, except, maybe in this day, collusion, minus the farcical Russian boogie men.

Madame Waters

California voters, in the name of all that is right and virtuous, come together and take out Maxine Waters. She is a pox on the purity of America and must be purged. Do not let her continue to defile the halls of Congress and certainly do not allow her to live large on the hog for any longer.

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  • Scott says:

    I wonder if her body will ever figure out that her brain died many, MANY years ago…. Her repeated election can only mean that her brand of stupidity perfectly represents her district…

  • Max says:

    I’ve said for years that “crafty” and “smart” are not interchangeable. “Gasoline Maxine” illustrates that concept.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Wow, solicitation/encouragement to commit felonies.

    Right up the alley for Dems. (Re: Detroit mayoral candidates)

    Nothing new in the playbook.

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