The Trans Lie Comes for Jesus

The Trans Lie Comes for Jesus

The Trans Lie Comes for Jesus

We are all familiar with the metaphor of how to boil a frog. And, while successful across too many institutions, it looks like our Leftist Betters, now in control of the Anglican Church, twisted that knob a little too hard.

The frogs are yelling.

Joshua Heath delivered a homily from the pulpit of Trinity Chapel in Cambridge, England, in which he showed several images of medieval paintings of Christ and suggested that Christ had a trans body and that the wound in his side was vaginal.

Understandably, the congregation, which included children, was unhappy. Shouts of “heresy” rang out several times during the sermon. Several congregants left the building in tears.

Where to begin on why this is so particularly offensive? That the equation of a vagina to a violent stab wound is yet another attack by Trans Rights Activists (and let’s be clear, this Joshua Heath is nothing but a TRA in PhD clothing) on women. As one church member wrote

“I am contemptuous of the idea that by cutting a hole in a man, through which he can be penetrated, he can become a woman.”

Interestingly enough, transexual surgery is exactly about “cutting a hole in a man”. Time was that such a surgical transition was required before a male could obtain legal status of female. Now the Queer demand is that a male merely state the magic phrase “I am a woman” to make him so. Not only do these males become women, but Uber Women — dominating women’s spaces at their leisure and pleasure.

And if we dare to disagree, we are hateful bigots who should be stripped of our livelihoods and Constitutional rights.

Trinity College’s dean Michael Banner is not moved at all by the complaints. He actually defends Heath’s cultural vandalism as “legitimate” speculation based on medieval religious paintings.

You know, painters who were engaged in symbolic depictions hundreds of years after the Crucifixion of Jesus. They were all about Jesus and his “trans body” and no one ever sussed that out until the brilliant Heath came along.

This isn’t about Jesus, you know. What better way to destroy Christendom than to usurp Jesus? Banner gives it away with his support of the philistine “providing us with ways of thinking about issues around transgender questions today.”

Oh goody, even going to church now we are not allowed a moment to contemplate Christ’s martyrdom, but we are to focus on Jesus’ non-erotic penis and vaginal wound.

Writer Lincoln Brown at PJ Media makes the case for labeling Heath’s sermon as “old heresy in new clothes”. And while I appreciate his POV and that reducing God and/or Jesus down to fit in a little box of our own creation is at work here, I find that a rather benign interpretation.

This isn’t benign. It is malignant evil.

At the heart of this is a LIE. The basic lie of transgenderISM. We cannot change our sex. Whatever our feelings, we were conceived as male or female and we’re stuck with it. I understand in this age of instant gratification, entitlement, and the hysteria that arises at even the smallest bumps on the road to living a charmed life; but we can no longer tolerate these basic lies because we are witnessing the cancer metastasizing right before our eyes. There is little more basic, a foundational touchstone as it were, than we are born male or female.

As Helen Joyce puts it here at about the 54:30 mark:

I see that [male can be female] as introducing zero equals one into your mathematical universe.

What happens is that you reach a point where math itself collapses under the progressive weight of accepting 0=1. Here we’ve gone from a live and let live approach to men who want to wear a dress in public to putting male rapists in women’s prisons and lopping the breasts off 16 year old girls.

We should have drawn a line years ago. Is it too late? Only if we keep accepting it. Jesus wasn’t a wimp. Take a clue.

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  • Cameron says:

    Shouts of “heresy” rang out several times during the sermon. Several congregants left the building in tears.

    OK, that’s where you people went wrong. Heretics are supposed to burned at the stake.

  • Lloyd says:

    Good point, Cameron: We have been conditioned to tolerate the intolerable !!

  • em65 says:

    What did Jesus say? Every knee will bend to His Father.

  • GWB says:

    “I am contemptuous of the idea that by cutting a hole in a man, through which he can be penetrated, he can become a woman.”
    So, for hundreds of thousands of years (at least) war was really just “gender-affirming care”? Oh, I am gonna use that!

    Now the Queer demand is that a male merely state the magic phrase “I am a woman”…
    Remember that Progressivism is basically “man = God”. Therefore man should be able to alter his “reality” merely by willing it to be so. It is why they are so interested in warping the language – by changing the words you change reality.

    “legitimate” speculation based on medieval religious paintings
    If he were hanging in a dorm room with some other dudes smoking cheap weed or downing several bottles of cabernet, maybe. But not when he’s spewing this “speculation” from a pulpit. That is reserved for the actual word of God, rightly divided.

    This isn’t about Jesus, you know.
    But, ultimately, it is. Ultimately it’s about removing the need for Christ’s salvific work by removing the concept of sin from man. It’s about elevating man to the position of God. And Christ’s deity and work must be made of no account for that to happen.

    the philistine
    Because one of the prime pillars of Progressivism is hedonism. To do what you want, to please yourself, with no consequences.

    I find that a rather benign interpretation.
    While putting God in your own box is not “benign” but the essence of rejecting God, I also found Lincoln Brown’s post to be … inadequate to what was being done by Heath.

    There is little more basic, a foundational touchstone as it were, than we are born male or female.
    I would say it’s even more fundamental than that: We were created with a purpose and transgenderism denies that purpose by claiming that you can remake reality when it suits you.

    Jesus wasn’t a wimp. Take a clue.
    I’m perfectly fine with making whips out of cords and driving the blasphemers out.
    It’s What Jesus Would Do.

  • suburbanbanshee says:

    To be fair, the wound in Jesus’ side has been compared to breastfeeding, because His Blood nourishes us. It has been compared to the site of giving birth to the Church, as Eve came from Adam’s side. And Jesus compared Himself to a hen hiding her chicks, so people picture themselves hiding by Jesus’ side, or even in His side as a cave or ‘the cleft in the rock” that also gives a spring of water.

    But you will notice that this is all about giving life to children and feeding them, and none of it is about sex as pleasure. Trans ideology is the opposite of seeking new life by bearing children.

    But it has always been compared

    • suburbanbanshee says:

      Sorry for that trailing line. And notice that they do not regard misgendering God as a crime, although the UK prosecutes people for hate speech for that sort of thing.

  • Howy says:

    In the Catholic Church only ordained ministers, priests and deacons, are allowed the give the homily at mass. Maybe the Anglican Church needs to rethink returning to this liturgical rubrik. Although the pastor in charge of Trinity Chapel in Cambridge bears much responsibility for this and may want to consider a return to the Catholic position.

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  • Fen says:

    I’m confused. It’s not upside down, it’s only backwards. Right?

    I mean, we can’t really defend Western Civ by shooting first. That’s Han Solo territory. We have to let them try to destroy everything for it to be possible to stop them from trying to destroy everything.

    So we wait, patiently watching everything erode beneath our feet – oh look, there goes another support – and give them enough rope until it’s too late to overcome our inertia. I mean come on, we haven’t converted a 3rd down in 58 minutes. No one really thinks we’re suddenly going to rally and put 3 touchdowns on the board in 2 minutes, right?

    And then what? There’s no point in fighting them after that, the damage is done. Damn if Yeats didn’t nail the lack of intensity in Good Men. How did he see that so clearly?

    This is how I failed Chem. It’s too soon to start studying, wait no…now there’s not enough time to study. Darn. So deal me back in an pour me a cold one.

    This is how the world ends. Always erring on the side of caution, never over playing our hand. Why stain our souls with blood for what’s probably a lost cause anyway. At least we go out gracefully.

    But I keep hearing a voice in the wind yelling something. Sounds like Solzhenitsyn . And I thought we weren’t supposed to forsake this world for the next? I can’t remember where I read that.

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