The Republican Party Has Reclaimed Its Relevance

The Republican Party Has Reclaimed Its Relevance

The Republican Party Has Reclaimed Its Relevance

Although things look dark for the reelection of President Donald Trump, the good news is that the Republican Party has reclaimed its relevance. The party of Lincoln is once again the party of people and freedom. It is no longer the party of the elitists, globalists and corporations. That is nothing but good news, my friends.

I will admit the closeness of this Presidential race has had me gutted for the last two days. How in the name of all that is good can anyone vote for Joe Biden? Leaving his mental state aside, the man survived the swamp for forty-leven years with no notable achievements and got rich off of it. It boggles the brain. If it weren’t for the “D” next to his name, he couldn’t get a vote. So, I was lower than a well-digger’s boots.

And, then two things happened. First,I blew off lunch with my friend Caithlin. Well, she showed up at my front door with dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls and my friend Rachel who had driven over from Northeast Texas. Four hours of giggling with friends, while frosting drips off your chin, will change your attitude. The second thing was that I read an article in Townhall by the wonderful Kurt Schlichter. His article is about the other winners and losers from the 2020 election cycle. Schlichter lists the populist wing of the Republican Party as one of his winners. From the article:

The battle for the soul of the Republican Party is over and we won. This is now the party of people who work for a living, people who have little companies, people who want their kids to grow up in a world of regular pronouns and where going to church isn’t a hate crime. It is also a party that cares nothing about where your grandfather came from – we are winning black and Hispanic voters to our cause not by condescending “outreach” but by offering an agenda of good jobs and their kids not being sent off to fight idiotic wars. It is not the party of the Chamber of Commerce – hey geniuses, how’s that pivot to the Dems working out for ya? It is not the party of the bow tie dorks who snicker with their lib buddies over pumpkin-infused IPAs in Georgetown restaurant about those Walmart-shopping, Jesus-liking hicks who make up the base. It is not the party of Wall Street. We are a party that happily includes both the Amish and Lil’ Pump. And the Democrats are the party of hedge funders, college professors, Antifa bums, and people who think “The Handmaid’s Tale” is nonfiction.

Naturally, Mr. Schlichter is 100% spot on. But, there is more than what he mentions. After Reagan, the Republican Party lost its way. I love George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, but they were spineless Republicans that never hit back and were in bed with the globalists. We were no longer the party of Lincoln. We didn’t care about working people or the plight of minorities, in the minds of most people. And, nothing made this point than the 1996 photo of then New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman patting down a suspect. Whitman was the epitome of the Country Club Republican. The picture of Whitman, in her track suit, grinning while patting down a black man was repulsive. Her claim that the police offered her the opportunity to pat down the suspect was even worse. My answer would have been, “Um, no, that’s your job.”

And, Whitman spoke this year at the Democrat National Convention criticizing Donald Trump. That’s her party now.

Win or lose, we have Donald Trump to thank for returning the Republican Party to relevance. Not only do we now have Amy Coney Barrett, the first Conservative woman on the Supreme Court, Republican women rocked the 2020 election in Congressional elections:

In South Carolina, for example, Nancy Mace will be the first Republican woman to represent her state. In a New Mexico rematch, Republican Yvette Herrell, a member of the Cherokee Nation, beat Democrat Xochitl Torres Small to become the third Native American woman elected to Congress and the first who is a Republican.

Other new Republican women who will join the House in January include Lauren Boebert in Colorado; Kat Cammack and Maria Elvira Salazar in Florida; Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia; Mary Miller in Illinois; Lisa McClain in Michigan; Michelle Fischbach in Minnesota; Stephanie Bice in Oklahoma; and Diana Harshbarger in Tennessee.

Here is Nancy Mace, Citadel graduate, celebrating her victory.

That, my Republican sisters and brothers, is HUGE. You gotta feed the pipeline for future leaders. These women are the future and they will give other women the courage to stand up to the white, woke women who screech and scream.

We still need to fight for every legal vote for Donald Trump, but future is so bright, I am wearing my Ray Bans. The Republican Party is relevant again.

Featured Image: DonkeyHotey/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Nina Bookout says:

    In Texas all but two of Dan Crenshaw’s Mission Impossible team won their campaigns … at least three, if I have it right, flipped those seats from Blue to Red. More WINNING!!

  • Honorbound says:

    This is great news overall. For the longest time, the ones with the most fortitude in our party were the women. As to President Trump’s reelection chances being dark, sometimes it’s darkest just before the dawn. We just need to show some fortitude of our own.

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