The New Boycott Rules [VIDEO]

The New Boycott Rules [VIDEO]

The New Boycott Rules [VIDEO]

Everyone is up to speed on the spat between Parkland student David Hogg and Fox News host Laura Ingraham, right? If not, here is the short version: Hogg has been busy telling everyone on Twitter and CNN about all the colleges he hasn’t gotten in to. Ingraham retweeted a story about it, and said this:

Cue the outrage machine, et al. David Hogg, high on his own power trip, immediately demanded a boycott of all of Ingraham’s sponsors. Ingraham actually did apologize to Hogg, which Hogg refused to accept. Victory Girl Kim covered the back and forth, plus the fact that Hogg is actively avoiding a debate with either Hunter Pollack, who lost his sister Meadow in the shooting, and Kyle Kashuv.

However, we now are operating under The New Rules. The New Rules state that any Parkland student is an ironclad and irrefutable expert on anything they wish to be. David Hogg made these rules. But he probably never expected that his allies would have to live up to them as well.

For example, Kurt “Tentacle Porn” Eichenwald‘s trashing of Kyle Kashuv… before claiming that he had no idea who Kashuv was.

New Rules, Kurt!

For what it is worth, Kashuv tried to let Eichenwald bow out gracefully. Eichenwald couldn’t do it.

And like Sir Robin, Eichenwald “ran away, bravely ran away away…”

Also unaware that the New Rules applied to him, Canadian government employee Max Fawcett.

But when he did…

New Rules, Max!
Now that the shoe has to be worn on the other foot, suddenly CNN’s Brian Stelter is SO! CONCERNED! ABOUT! THESE! BOYCOTTS!

Stelter opened Sunday’s Reliable Sources with an explanation of the ongoing feud between Ingraham and Hogg: Ingraham mocked Hogg’s college rejections in a tweet; Hogg called for an ad boycott of her show; companies began to pull their ads; Ingraham apologized; Hogg declined her apology; Ingraham went on vacation as advertisers continued to pull out.

“Are ad-boycotts the right answer here?” Stelter asked his guests. “I’m personally pretty wary of this. I think it’s dangerous to see these ad boycott attempts happening more and more often in this country.”

“My view is let’s not shut down anyone’s right to speak. Let’s meet their comments with more speech. Lets try to respond that way.”

Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik noted that the Parkland students have a “great moral authority” due to the tragedy they experienced, and questioned why Ingraham thought it was a good idea to criticize them.

Zurawik obviously is in favor of The New Rules. Stelter is at least savvy enough to realize that The New Rules mean him – and that worries him.

Now, I don’t like The New Rules. But I’m not the one that was anointed with media sainthood. David Hogg made The New Boycott Rules, and Kyle Kashuv is smart enough to know that those Rules can work for him as well. The media isn’t used to having to play by the rules they created. Now that The New Boycott Rules are the law of media, who knows who will be devoured next?

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  • Brian Brandt says:

    Reading through this Tweet ‘firestorm” simply reinforces my opinion that Twitter (and Facebook, and Instagram, and all the others) are a monumental waste of time.

  • Tyler Anderson says:

    It’s surprising how far a single tweet can go. If I were to get a tweet like that I wouldn’t get all butt hurt and cry to everyone saying, “She’s bullying me! End her career!”. She was never a bully in the first place and she also did not “attack” David Hogg, she pointed out that she believes he is whining about it. There were so many opportunities for him to be the better man but he was never going to in the first place. Reading his tweets of when he gets rejected they don’t present themselves as whining to me but rather talking about it so I do believe she used the wrong choice of words to describe his reactions (unless I missed something). But he is still making a huge fuss about it and he is the one who is attacking and bullying Ingraham which many people are blinded by.

    • DesiL says:

      David Hogg is not a man…..much less a better one. To me he seems a petulant child, who has to have his way. Destroying someone’s career, for stating an opinion, on a person who put themselves in the spotlight, is not a reason to destroy them.

  • GWB says:

    Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik noted that the Parkland students have a “great moral authority” due to the tragedy they experienced,
    No, you moron, they do NOT. Absolutely NO moral authority is conferred by being a victim of anything. Period.

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