The Discrimination Revolution Is Indeed A Big, Fat, Lie

The Discrimination Revolution Is Indeed A Big, Fat, Lie

The Discrimination Revolution Is Indeed A Big, Fat, Lie

A biracial, bilingual, North Carolina father takes the win with this video from a school board meeting. This dad, calls Critical Race Theory (CRT) or as he says, the discrimination revolution, a big, fat, lie.

Brian Echevarria, is father of three who is running for the North Carolina General Assembly, addressed the Cabarrus County School Board hearing this past week and his comments are nothing short of awesome. Take a look:

I’m biracial, I’m bilingual, I’m multicultural. The fact is, in America, in North Carolina, I can do anything I want and I teach that to my children. And the person who tells my pecan-color kids that they’re oppressed, based on the color of their skin, would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me.”-Brian Echevarria

Echevarria is running for the North Carolina General Assembly. Note the masked in the videos not applauding Echevarria’s blatant call-out of the “discrimination revolution”. Note the law enforcement sent into the room during his time on the podium.

If you believe in CRT … it means you look at your black neighbor and say they’re oppressed and you look at your white neighbor and say they’re evil — regardless of the experience you’ve had with them.

We know that’s not true because we believe the lives we live.”-Brian Echevarria

We could have said things better ourselves. If we look back on the past few years, and we look long and hard, we can see how the “discrimination revolution” had slowly kept into our educational systems. Has it really made a difference? Have things really improved in our schools or have they declined? EdWeek had a theory (of course they did):

It’s a combination of the pandemic; a lack of trust in our institutions, particularly law enforcement; the presence of guns; the toxic, divisive, contentious times we live in. They’re all interacting together.”-James A. Densley, Metropolitan State University

The pandemic, The George Floyd protests and the systemic racism surrounding all of this, they said. These are the elements bringing increasing violence to our schools. What EdWeek fails to point out is the structure of school districts in general and the restructuring and refocusing of their resources, curriculum and staffing.

It is easy to plan a “discrimination revolution” sitting behind protected closed doors and around a conference table with like-minded jackasses. It is easy to posture by passing out the mini inclusive rainbow flags to the 6-figure-salaried administrators for display at their workstations while planning this “revolutionary” shift. It’s easy to say you are a white person of means fighting on the battleground for the “marginalized” in a Zoom meeting with your colleagues. Those sitting in these meetings and these “book studies” on CRT for “professional development” are the driving forces in our school districts and are so far removed from the front lines of what is actually happening in the schools.

While the “brains” behind this “revolution” are planning, are claiming to be “allies” and are spewing their pronouns all over the place, they are taking key resources away from teachers, students and principals alike. Monetary resources are being spent on this new “curriculum” and being taken away from the very students whom they claim to care about. School Resource Officers have now become a “threat” to the educational process, with their presence not welcome in junior highs and high schools because racism or something. As a result, more fights are breaking out. Teachers and building administrators are having to step in and break up these fights. Some are even having to spend their planning periods in school bathrooms grading student work to make sure fights do not break out and drug use does not happen. There is no discipline for these students because of guidance from above to be equitable. These disruptions take up valuable classroom time for the students who actually care. There are no consequences for those who don’t care. And for those who do and are wanting more academic rigor? Well, that’s racist. Good luck. Because now every class now is a “Pre-AP” class thanks to the discrimination revolution.

How is this bettering our kids of all cultural backgrounds? It isn’t. It is failing them and miserably so. Our educational system here in The United States has become a joke.

The community, I think we recognize, now the political juice has been sucked out of the mask distraction, that we have to move forward.”-Brian Echevarria

We do. Before it’s too late and the discrimination revolution takes over. Yes, there will still be the cis-white females of the blue-haired moms playgroup who insist upon their toddlers being anti-racist and changing their 12 year-old’s gender ever other day. The truth is, every child of every color of every background deserves better than what our educational institutions are cranking out. Masks off, gloves off. It’s time to put big, fat lies to bed.

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