The Democratic Circus Comes To Town

The Democratic Circus Comes To Town

The Democratic Circus Comes To Town

Let’s face it. The last few weeks have been interesting for the Democrats. In the House of Representatives, the cries of “Trump bad!” have finally led to an impeachment inquiry. Candidates to become the party’s 2020 presidential nominee are scrambling to qualify for the next debate even as so many shoot themselves in the collective foot. Bernie Sanders looked to be down–but is he out?–after having a heart attack. And now we have Hillary Rodham Clinton telling President Trump not to tempt her to get into the race. What’s next for the Democratic circus?

And do we really want to know?

To say the current crop of candidates looks a lot like the clowns climbing out of the little car at the circus is probably insulting those clowns. We have Beto “I’ll take your guns” O’Rourke proclaiming that the only entity competent to possess weapons like an AR at (drum roll please) Kent State University. You remember Kent State, don’t you? The location where members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on students back in 1970. Four students were killed and nine others were injured. But good ole Beto didn’t see anything wrong with his comments.

We’ve already covered Elizabeth “Watch me as I dig the hole deeper” Warren. Since her claim of being a Native American fell short, now she’s all about showing how she’s been the victim of sexual discrimination. She’s one of us! Preach it, sister! Too bad her story has fallen to pieces.

And let’s not forget about Julian “I love me a photo op” Castro. Who cares that the “immigrants” he escorted across the border had already been stopped and turned back once. Let’s not worry about the fact the same thing would happen again. It’s a photo op!

There’s more but the best came about yesterday. Bernie “the Original Socialist” Sanders declared he wasn’t out of the race. But he will have to “change the nature” of his campaign. The Dems’ oldest presidential candidate has to “slow down” due to the current state of his health. But never fear, voters. He is still up to the job of being president even if he can’t hit the campaign trail with the same vim and vigor he once did.

Sanders is 78 years old. Voters must take a look at that and consider his health. Of course, Sanders would prefer we turned the other way.

And my own view is that — and I think it’s the voters’ view — you look at the totality of who a candidate is. You look at what that candidate stands for, the integrity of that candidate, the history of that candidate.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to be fairly confident the person I vote for as president is healthy enough to serve out his term. Otherwise, what he stands for, his integrity, etc., means squat.

But then, no one should be surprised Sanders would take this approach. This is the same Sanders who earlier this week announced his campaign staff would not only be unionized but would offer protections to any illegal alien working or, one assumes, volunteering on the campaign. This includes verifying what the problem might be if the social security number they provide proves to be false. I remember when we expected (or at least hoped) our politicians would follow the law. But when they openly laugh at it. . . .

If that was all that was going on with the Dems, it would be a yawner. After all, the party’s presidential candidates have made the Keystone Cops look competent from the very beginning. But now we have Hillary Clinton entering the fray. Oh, she’s still playing it coy, or as coy as she is able to while still smirking and rubbing her hands together like a movie villain. For someone who keeps proclaiming she isn’t running for office, she’s sure been doing a lot of campaigning.

The latest round started with this Twitter encounter between her and the man she still can’t believe is sitting in the Oval Office, HER office.

Now, on it’s face, that’s not much different from what she’s been saying for some time. Usually just before she then smirks and reminds everyone that he really didn’t win the election. But oh no, she’s not running.

That mask has slipped a little. It started with these recent comments: “The president of the United States has betrayed our country” and that he “is a clear and present danger to the things that keep us strong and free.”

I’ll admit I laughed when I read that. If anyone betrayed our country, it is Clinton. Can anyone spell Benghazi? But we aren’t supposed to ask about that. Or her server and all those deleted emails. They don’t matter. All that does is Trump and how evil he is.

This is the same Hillary Clinton who set Susan Rice up to take the fall, at least in the media, for what happened that terrible day in Benghazi. Think back. Who was it making the rounds of all the news shows immediately after the attack and deaths of our people there? Not Hillary. Nope. SecState Clinton was nowhere to be seen. But Susan Rice was. Rice might not be ready to call Clinton out, but Rice’s mother has no doubt what happened. Her mother wanted to know “Where is Hillary?”

So did a lot of the rest of us.

Rice writes:

I do believe that Hillary Clinton and Tom Donilon appreciated what I did not. . . The first person to tell the public about a highly political tragedy was likely to pay a price.”

It’s a price Susan Rice paid. One Clinton should have. Now the former First Lady and former Secretary of State looks to be positioning herself to enter the choppy waters of the Democratic primary. After all, her main competition from 2016 is down and possibly out, especially if his numbers keep sliding. Warren continues to open her mouth and shoot herself in the foot. Kamala Harris has slid almost to oblivion and has now resorted to telling a pre-law student she should study coding instead, drawing a lot of raised eyebrows on social media.

I have no doubt Clinton sees herself as the savior of the Democratic Party. She’ll ride in to rescue it and win her self-declared rightful place in the White House. Of course, back in 2016 she thought she deserved to be there as well and manipulated the DNC to get her wish. She failed and she’s been whinging and whining since then because all her dirty tricks didn’t work.

Will Bernie stay in the race and, if he does, will he be able to stop his downward slide? Or will Elizabeth Warren be the “savior of socialism” to step forward and give us all yet another reason to vote for Trump, whether we like him or not? Or will we see Hillary once again waddling into the fray? If she does, what new excuses will we see for the deleted emails, for Benghazi and for all the other debacles that have plagued her career?

All I know for sure is this: the current crop of Dems running for president are clowns (sorry, clowns, I don’t mean to insult you). If Clinton does enter the the race, we’ll see the political version of the movie Dumb and Dumber. It will be up to us, as voters, to make sure we aren’t one of the title characters.

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Featured Image: Hillary Clinton – Caricature by Donkeyhotey. Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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  • Lloyd says:

    If Hillary had a shred of character, she would have accepted her loss and gracefully stepped out of the political limelight. She did not, and many, many of her followers (mostly women for women’s sake) will still support her if she chooses to run again. Trump should not take her lightly!

    • Amanda Green says:

      If she had any character, she wouldn’t have run for the Senate or agreed to be SecState. She had her eye on the Oval Office for years, probably before Bill ran. I’ve said from the moment the election returns came in that she wasn’t going to fade into the night. It won’t surprise me one bit to see her formally float the proposition of her coming in to white knight the Dems.

      And, no, we shouldn’t take her lightly. She is bitter and she has shown she is willing to do basically whatever it takes to get what she wants. She has no problem throwing people under the bus, figuratively and possibly literally, in order to do so.

      • Scott says:

        You’re right Amanda, Hitlery would have no problem killing (actually, having someone else do the killing, she’s “above” getting her hands dirty) ANYONE that stands in her way. She has no character or morals, and is definitely not fit to lead this nation. While Obama was all about destroying the nation, to fulfill his fathers dreams, the clintoons are all bout draining it dry, and doing whatever they can to enrich themselves. The fate of the nation matters not a whit to them, only their own personal fortunes.

  • Kate says:

    My mother always told me “if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all”, therefore I won’t say anything about Hillary.

  • Of the Democrat candidates who will be in the next debate, so far as I can tell: not a single one has condemned socialism. When O’Rourke said all Trump voters are racists, not a one objected. Not a one disagreed when SF officials declared the NRA a terrorist group.

    All seem to believe all restrictions should be removed from government, since these block their preferred policies.. None appear to have a personal moral code that precludes using power to crush those who disagree. Under the right circumstances, any of them would be willing to oversee purges of us, I think.

    • Scott says:

      I’d love to argue with your points Charles, but I can’t find a reason to do so.Sadly, I think you’re spot on. The left truly has sold their souls for power

  • Joe in PNG says:

    If Hillary wants to run again, she’d better do it soon.
    But, let’s face it- the Clintons are fairly played out in the Democratic Party. They used up a lot of favors trying to ensure that she’d run pretty much unopposed in 2016, and more yet to shut Bernie down.

    On the third hand, reality and Hillary are not on speaking terms, so she may try for a third time. And I pretty much suspect she’ll be down in the bottom by the time New Hampshire comes around.

  • Alan Potkin says:

    Actually, the obviously ill-trained Ohio NG troops who inexcusably lost it at Kent State weren’t armed with nasty M-16 black “assault weapons”; but with M-14s, the former NATO standard main battle rifle of US forces. Excepting the rare and generally un-distributed M-14E1 version, M-14s were semi-auto only. Been there done that.

  • Jamal says:

    Women gabbing. I couldn’t focus on it because I felt so sorry for Judy Woodruff’s stretched facial skin. I kept thinking ouch, ow, ow. Just let her die. No more face skin stretching. OUCH. OW….OW!

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