The 1619 Project Says We Fought American Revolution In Order To Keep Slavery Intact

The 1619 Project Says We Fought American Revolution In Order To Keep Slavery Intact

The 1619 Project Says We Fought American Revolution In Order To Keep Slavery Intact

For such an ambitious project examining America’s history of racism; the 1619 Project falls short on multiple levels. Right out of the gate, Nikole Hannah-Jones essay misleads on the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.

First, it’s worth noting that NY Times publisher Dean Baquet admitted that since the Russia 24/7 narrative didn’t work as planned, exploring the roots of racism because Trump! is Plan B. Hannah-Jones went further when introducing the project. 

““What if I told you that the year 1619 is as important to the American story as the year 1776? What if I told you that America is a country born both of an idea and a lie?” she asked.”

Hannah-Jones essay kick-starts the entire 1619 Project. I urge everyone to read the essay in its entirety and all the other materials with the project. Historical facts not in evidence.

This is her jaw dropper about the Declaration of Independence. 

“And so in Jefferson’s original draft of the Declaration of Independence, he tried to argue that it wasn’t the colonists’ fault. Instead, he blamed the king of England for forcing the institution of slavery on the unwilling colonists and called the trafficking in human beings a crime. Yet neither Jefferson nor most of the founders intended to abolish slavery, and in the end, they struck the passage.”

Did Hannah-Jones provide a link to the original draft so readers could see what Jefferson wrote? No. Did she provide information that showed the days and weeks of discussion between all parties involved in finalizing what became our Declaration of Independence? No. If she had, she would’ve had to show that all the signers were deeply conflicted about keeping that passage in and ultimately decided to ‘kick the can down the road’ in interests of getting rid of Great Britain’s rule.

Does Hannah-Jones take into consideration that Jefferson’s ownership of slaves involved debt and mortgages that he spent his life trying to climb out from under? How about the fact that Jefferson literally spent his entire life advocating against slavery? Is any of that mentioned in Hannah-Jones essay? NO.

Hannah-Jones also lies about The American Revolution. She writes:

“Conveniently left out of our founding mythology is the fact that one of the primary reasons the colonists decided to declare their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery. By 1776, Britain had grown deeply conflicted over its role in the barbaric institution that had reshaped the Western Hemisphere. “

Hannah-Jones premise is that the colonies would never have revolted against King George if it weren’t for the fact that slavery and the “dizzying profits generated by chattel slavery” gave the colonists the power to do so.

When I read that, I was beyond flabbergasted. The “founding mythology??” WTH? King George’s major tax spree was predicated on Britain wanting to do away with the slave trade? That’s news to American historians everywhere. Yet, Hannah-Jones tells us the Founders wanted to continue to embrace slavery, and, as such, the battle for Independence was all about preserving slavery?? Zero links are provided to back up these assertions.

The first ORGANIZED move to abolish slavery came from Quakers petitioning Parliament in 1783, the same year the Revolution finished. Yet, we are to believe that the sole reason America is the country it is, is because our Founders were worried that Great Britain wanted to abolish slavery?

That’s my problem with her essay. Facts are missing, LOTS of them. Yet this project is now supposed to be taught in our public schools?

The narrative and emotions behind this entire project is one of projection and anger.

Nikole Hannah-Jones ignores the fact that our country was built upon “All men are created equal.” And that many of the states – some of whose signers were slave owners – passed laws abolishing slavery very soon after the Declaration was signed. Well ahead of anything that Great Britain did.

ALL Americans should learn about the history of slavery in this country. We should teach and write about the sins of slavery, but we cannot do so without recognizing that what our Founders put into motion ultimately led to slavery’s abolition. FACTS DO MATTER!!

Moreover, the many examples of men and women such as MLK, George Washington Carver, Clarence Thomas, Duke Ellington, Harriet Tubman, the ladies of Hidden Figures, Dorie Miller, the Tuskegee Airmen, and others who contributed to American greatness because of and in spite of the sinful history of slavery in this country should be applauded. Except that the those great men and women are…nowhere to be found in the 1619 Project.

The 1619 Project is history being rewritten in favor of today’s narrative. Which is the advancement of an extremely radical political agenda, while burying the realities and the humanity of the past.

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  • Scott says:

    Is there anything that comes from the left that isn’t just a big bag of shit wrapped in lies?

    • Jim says:

      They all trained in the Joseph Goebbels School of Truth: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

  • Patrick Chester says:

    It’s just another attempt at dismissing history so the Progs can excuse getting rid of the one thing they truly hate: The idea that governments should be limited in what they can do for and (more importantly) to the people.

    They want control over pretty much everything. Things like the COTUS are against that, so it must be discredited and/or destroyed so the peasants won’t question their oh-so-noble intentions.

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    The term “original sin” (of America) is problematic. It means that you are guilty and accountable for something because of who you are (i.e. who your ancestors were, what you look like), not because of your personal behavior. It’s a form of sanctified (and perhaps sanctimonious) prejudice. As if two wrongs will somehow make a right.

  • sirlaffalot says:

    Uh….”we” did not fight the American revolution to preserve slavery. “We” were not born until 1953.

  • GWB says:

    nor most of the founders
    Interesting word usage there. Does she ever address the ones who do NOT fall into the “most” category?

    in the end, they struck the passage
    Yes. But not because “most” didn’t oppose slavery, but because the small number that were from slave states could bollocks the whole thing by not standing with the rest of the states. It’s called a compromise.

    because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery
    That’s outright bullshit.

    history being rewritten
    Well, c’mon, Nina! This is fresh, new history herstory! Not that stodgy, stale, old history you old people learned! Gotta be fresh for a new generation, you know!

    Now, could you get my left eye out from under the couch? They rolled harder than normal when I typed that.

  • David Byler says:

    seems to me that the left wants ALL of us to be slaves.

  • Marcia L. Campbell says:

    It boggles my mind that some people actually believe this b***s**t.

  • William R. Casey says:

    I guess the editors at the NYT never read The Federalist Papers.

  • an ol exaJARHEAD says:

    The KGB infiltrated Pulitzer + NYT 100 years ago. By ’30 KGB (Actually diff name 100 years ago; and diff again today. but same folk.) controlled both orgs. It was no shock when the hate mongering on the NYT KGB “reporter” was “awarded” a Pulitzer. About 20 years ago the NYT admitted the hate monger was a KGB agent, but that did not detract from his reporting! The hate monger’s name was W. Durante.

    NYT has different owners today BUT THE MANAGEMENT IS STILL RUNBY RUSSIAN EQUIVALENT OF OUR CIA! Pulitzer also still a Russian propaganda org.

    Both orgs aim to destroy America! And have done so for over 70 years.

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