Ted Takes Alyssa To School: We Know Who’s The Boss

Ted Takes Alyssa To School: We Know Who’s The Boss

Ted Takes Alyssa To School: We Know Who’s The Boss

Alyssa Milano has been riding the gravy train of being a liberal authority” on guns, abortion and women’s rights, shamelessly hopping on every single caboose she can to be a relevant figure to include yesterday’s Tango with Ted Cruz.

To most of us, she’s just a twit not worthy of the words we are typing now. I know, who cares about Alyssa Milano? But let’s give Milano credit where credit is due because she is an opportunist. Just yesterday, Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to sound off on the west Texas shooting rampage.

The Twitter storm started with this from Milano:

Can someone cite which passage of the Bible God states it is a god-given right to own a gun?”

Enter Ted Cruz who took Milano to the woodshed with a series of tweets:

An excellent Q, worth considering carefully w/o the snark of Twitter. It is of course not the right to a modern-day firearm that is God-give [sic] but rather the right to Life & the right to Liberty. Essential to that right to life is the right to DEFEND your life & your family.”

The Texas lawmaker continued. Here are some highlights but you can read about them all here:

The right to self-defense is recognized repeatedly in the Bible, eg Exodus 22:2: ‘If a thief is caught breaking in at night & is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed.’ (Note, though, verse 3 says it IS murder if during daylight (ie, not self-defense).”

We think Cruz schooled Milano on the whole concept of Bibical self-defense (and then some). Note Milano steered clear of the fact that her very own husband owns a gun or that armed security guards protected Milano at several public appearances. Self defense much? He didn’t need to make mention of this. Why? Because Milano shines her own light on her stupidity and hypocrisy:

Classy, to say the least. But in all seriousness, the bar is not set very high with this one throwing in 1 Peter 4:8 whilst peppering in the word, bull$hit. Cruz can run circles around Alyssa Milano on the schoolyard. This is one thing I would fork out money to watch on Pay Per View! Above all, love each other deeply. Unless you want to abort them. Then that “clump of cells” is not worthy of your love. You’ve got to love yourself first and move on with your career and have children when you are good and ready. You know, after your soft-core porn days when you can be a “good” mom and teach them about women’s rights and tell them how lucky they were to not be sucked out by a vacuum. Go ahead and deny the “haters” a group hug while you’re at it, too. Love each other deeply, she says. Unless they disagree with you philosophically. Then, you can cuss them out and spew your hateful rhetoric all over the place behind your keyboard in the name of self-promotion and social media followers. It’s no wonder we’re broken-(a word liberals love to drop on a regular basis after a mass shooting). There’s a lesson for Milano and her kids in there somewhere but Hollywood liberalism brain rot has afflicted her so much that she is too dense to grasp it.

We’re not clinging to our religion and guns as they like to claim. However, we Americans will grasp our weapons, if need be, Biblical or not, in the name of self-defense for ourselves, our spouses and our children because it is our God-given right.

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  • GWB says:

    Above all, love each other deeply.
    Yep! That’s why I own a gun. I love others deeply enough to help protect them.

    Unless you want to abort them.
    Yeah, about that…. This is why the pro-abortionists work so hard to get women to believe it’s not a person. It’s no one to love until you hold it in your arms.

    And, yes, Ted Cruz nails it: self-defense is a God-given right by nature of our each being creations of God, individually. And self-defense with the most effective tool.

    Ted does not go on to deal with the issue of self-determination as a state or nation, and protecting ourselves from tyrants. (At least you don’t quote that bit if he does.) That’s a little trickier, biblically speaking.

    • Clean Willie says:

      One of the reasons Cruz is a great debater. He does not wander off topic. Milano questioned biblical rationale for possessing weapons and he responded. Period. He did not try to justify every possible reason for keeping weaponry, he just gave one compelling response to her comment, which is sufficient to make her look like a dumb@ss.

  • Wfjag says:

    In the twilight of her career, she’s auditioning for a new part- Hollywood Spokesperson.

  • Scott says:

    “You know, after your soft-core porn days “.. that is truly her one and only skill… if she gives that up, she’s got nothing.. an time / gravity will take that from her soon enough.. She does seem to take delight in parading her room temp IQ in front of the world…

  • Hey, Alyssa. I’ll see you a 1 Peter 4:8 and raise you a Luke 22:36. (I personally, like the KJV–sell his garment and buy one. Yep, better to be naked than unarmed.)

  • Micha Elyi says:

    Something is wrong in Texas when so many Texans pretend that a white guy, Bob O’Rourke, is a Hispanic and that to get a real Hispanic poor befuddled Texas must to import one from Canada (Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz).

    It’s not just Austin where Texas keeps its weird. All Texas is weird.

  • Clean Willie says:

    Alyssa wants to debate Cruz? Hahahahaha. I would pay money to see that debacle.

  • JeffH says:

    1 Peter 4:9: “Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay.”

    How many homeless folks get hospitality from Alyssa?

  • Phelps says:

    She needs to keep reading 1 Peter 4:15. Also, it should be pointed out that this is an instruction on how to deal with brother Christians, not with the Fallen World. If Milanno has professed the faith, then she should be rightly rebuked on a great number of things, starting with infanticide.

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