Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Point of No Return” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Point of No Return” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Point of No Return” Edition

The thing about reaching the cataclysmic Point of No Return – is that most people don’t notice until they’re well past it.  Who in the doomed Roman Empire knew this on the day of Christ’s crucifixion? Damn few. They had 400 years to squander whatever virtue Rome possessed as the greatest civilizing force the world had ever seen. 

By 364 AD, however, Roman Emperor Valens allowed the Visigoths  to camp on his outer marches seeing them as a great source of recruitment for his legions.  (Sound familiar?) Then Valens let them starve, fester and plunder during a time of famine. Ultimately Rome paid the price when the Visigoths sacked the Eternal City in 410.  No doubt some saw Valen’s folly but were unable to change the course of history. (Feel familiar?) 

Consider these Points of No Return: 

Another Shooter  going postal in Texas with seven dead, and to the delight of Democratic Socialists everywhere – a white guy.  Praise the Lord. 

Making it way easier to ignore Chicago’s bangin’ gangstas. This NBC report is all about CPD plans for containment.  They arrested over 170 people to keep things in check.  Still, halfway through the weekend Chitown also has seven dead  and twenty-five wounded. 

And even easier to ignore yet another insane Moslem using a  knife to murder one, and wound nine in the gun-controlled paradise that is France.  We passed the point of no return on violence when we chose to blame the soulless weapon of choice, rather than the depraved acts of soulless nut muffins. Bad Gun. Bad Knife. Good Muzzie. 

In NYC there’s a video of diamond heist robbers, but there’s no working video outside the cell of the most notorious pedophile in the world awaiting trial. Frankly, if you believe the “suicide”   angle you’ve memory-holed the Lolita Express.  And your common sense has long passed the point of no return. 

In Congress, an American Moslem House of Representatives dung beetle  will escape her due punishment for adultery by stoning in her native Somalia. Ihlan Omar’s Point of No Return includes her ancestral shithole. 

In the land of Lawfare, FBI Thug Comey’s best buddy, a Law Prof leaker of stolen memos—now claims he’s due full attorney-client Privilege.   Our FBI’s Least Wanted sure knows how to work the system.  Comey’s Point of No Return included a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card. 

A local school Principal renowned for banning books diddles in Child Porn. Perhaps our Principal was for a Point of No Return before he was  against it.  Go figure. 

But our schoolyards are still safe from rambunctious play  – forget cops and robbers – making a Bang-Bang You’re-Dead   “gesture” means the slammer. Our children’s’ Point of No Return died decades ago when we forbid them playing cowboys and Indians. 

The empty Speedos of NASCAR now reject gun advertisements just death by Ooooops and crash.  Fold the checkered flag, NASCAR has lapped their own point of no return. 

The diseased state of California” manages to rise out of it’s politically correct excrescence to spit on Katie Steinle’s grave.  While a brain dead justice system takes 20 YEARS to bring the masterminds of 911 to trial —never mind a point of no return—we’re shackled to a corpse. 

Now consider this painting Election Day in Philadelphia by John Lewis Krimmel, “America’s Hogarth”—the vibrant, expectant and extremely civil moment of an election day in 1815. Makes one yearn for better times, for better sensibilities and a celebration of the Republic. The painting inspires. 



What paintings inspire us now?  Those Prog Borg’s Eco Green Weenie Soviet Realism posters?  Blech.  About as inspiring as a colonoscopy. 

But even as the United States in its fat years squanders its magnificent inheritance of freedom – others hear the call. A brave few Mainland Chinese, seem to have reached their own point of no return. Joining those bravest of the brave in Hong Kong who fly the American flag when our own Beta Males would rather burn it. Paladin salutes them.

And will SOMEBODY please tell Kev Williamson the Buddha of No Return—never mind Bidenno one in this country needs “moral self-justification” to vote for Trump. Kev still hasn’t figured out that ANY Democrat is “unfit” for the presidency and will “endanger the nation” if elected. In fact, destroy it. That’s the real point of no return.


Featured Photo:  The Sack of Rome by the Barbarians in 410 by Joseph-Noël Sylvestre, 1890.  Public Domain, cropped.

Additional Photo:  Election Day in Philadelphia 1815 by John Lewis Krimmel, picturing the site of Independence Hall[1]  Public Domain, cropped.




Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.


  • guinspen says:

    “Labor Day weekend means yet another Summer Shooting Season is drawing to a close. Since opening day on Friday, May 24th, we’ve tallied 154 homicides plus another 850+ shot & wounded. This particular weekend, like other holiday weekends, tend to be stupider than most, so we’ll no doubt be adding to those totals before it’s all over.”

    “9:00a Stupidity Tally: 9 killed, 20 wounded”

    • Kathy says:

      And how many drug related deaths? How many vehicular deaths? How many deaths from medical mistakes? Etc. How about some perspective?

      Americans are being pointed at one subject, not the worst. If it bleeds, it leads and the media is not our friend.

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