Dems Ignore Another Mass Shooting, Anti-Semitism That Doesn’t Fit Narrative

Dems Ignore Another Mass Shooting, Anti-Semitism That Doesn’t Fit Narrative

Dems Ignore Another Mass Shooting, Anti-Semitism That Doesn’t Fit Narrative

The headlines dominating mainstream media over the past few days are centered on two things: a catastrophic hurricane, and another heartbreaking mass shooting in Texas. The breathless narratives much of the media are regurgitating regarding both stories are 1) climate change is making hurricanes worse! (it’s not) and 2) we must impose gun control now! (shut up, you innocent gun owners).

Which brings me to my not-so-obvious point: Democrats don’t care about black Americans. Nor does the majority of our mainstream media. It’s why they ignored yet another deadly weekend in Chicago—who just replaced its former Democrat mayor…with another Democrat mayor. Exhibit A, over the long Labor Day weekend:

Despite August crime numbers showing a drop in murders in Chicago, it’s been a violent Labor Day weekend.”

“Police added extra officers to combat this end of the summer violence, but the numbers paint a bleak picture of the holiday weekend with 36 people shot, seven fatally.”

The dead include Dovantae Jackson, a 15-year-old boy who will never get to experience high school, college, career, marriage, or his own children. It should enrage all of us.

Sadly, it doesn’t. Particularly the gaggle of Democrat presidential candidates currently crowing about the Texas mass shooting, and doing everything they can to demonize white men and innocent gun owners.

But Chicago is not an anomaly. Our liberal-dominated media routinely ignores important stories, choosing instead those that fit a predetermined narrative.

Exhibit B: I’m betting you didn’t see anything about this. The crime for which this young man was arrested happened last Friday evening:

A bond hearing was held today for Deangelo Parnell who is charged with 9 counts of attempted murder. Parnell was taken into custody over the weekend in connection to the mass shooting that occurred at a high school football game at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Friday night.”

“On Friday, August 30, 2019 at 9:25 p.m., a shooting occurred at Ladd-Peebles Stadium…where a high school football game was held. A total of nine people was [sic] shot and one person injured. No one’s injuries are considered life-threatening at this time.”

Even more disturbing is the fact that this young man, who tried to murder nine people, was awarded bail. Zero outrage from the Righteous Indignation Media.

And then there’s this, the fourth allegedly antisemitic attack in the last few days:

Police say a Jewish man was attacked in Brooklyn Saturday, marking the fourth attack on the Jewish community in the borough this week.”

And further antisemitism:

So why isn’t the media in a full-blown frothing fury—while demanding that we are too—over any of these alleged crimes?

Simple: because it doesn’t fit their White Men Are Bad/America Is Racist/Donald Trump Epitomizes Both narrative. Not to mention they’re too busy covering for the anti-Semitic antics of AOC and the Gang.

And why aren’t Democrats like Fake Mexican, Beto O’Rourke—who lacks the human decency to wait five minutes before yammering about gun confiscation like a rabid hyena (disarming Americans, particularly minority Americans, is nothing new for Democrats, I might remind you; they’re just less racist about it today)—focusing on Chicago, and highlighting this particular mass shooting to address the many issues facing far too many black Americans?

Again, simple: the Democrat party doesn’t think it needs to court the black vote. They believe they have it locked down. So is it any wonder that the only attention they ever pay our black and brown fellow Americans is when they want their votes? And even then, their focus is not on improving lives and addressing the out-of-control violence, as well as its root causes (much of which lies in the consequences of liberal policies, mind you, which explains why they point to GUNS!!! as the sole problem), that is a daily occurrence in many communities. Rather, they race-bait and fear monger—Joe Biden is the leading expert—and try to convince people of color that they need Democrats. We’ll solve all of your problems, they promise. The fact that they’ve done nothing of the sort during their entire existence be damned.

And on that same note: frankly, I’m a wee bit surprised that the New York Times—who did its best to bury Nazi atrocities perpetrated against Jews amid WWII, and just recently published despicable anti-Semitic cartoons—didn’t ignore the story of brutal anti-Semitism right in its own back yard. Kudos to them. Or maybe it’s just to save face given their editor’s own anti-Semitic leanings…I can’t say the same about the majority of the rest of the mainstream media, who mostly ignored the story. Had the victim been Jussie Smollett-like, maybe he’d have gotten some air time. A fake “hate crime” against a preferred “minority” is much more interesting. Not to mention advances said predetermined, America is Racist/Vote For Democrats narrative.

But here’s the truth: the Democrat Party is a fraud. And so is everything it’s selling. And it’s far past time it was exposed for its long and sordid history of racism and bigotry. And it’s far past time every American understands that the root of most of our problems lies with both failed liberal policies (when have they every worked?) and the exponential growth of government that’s occurred under the leadership of both parties. And it lies with the liberal media who are little more than divisive propaganda-pushers, and history re-writers, for the DNC.


Party of Racism: The Democratic Party passed Jim Crow laws, and imposed Black Civil Codes, forcing Americans to use separate facilities (Image Credit: Wikimedia; public domain)


So we have an opportunity: next years’ election will be a watershed moment. It’ll likely determine the future of this country. And it’s also a golden opportunity for our black and brown brothers and sisters to walk away from the party of racism and bigotry that’s exploited and ignored them for eons. They, and their media counterparts, have nothing to offer any of us but more of the same. And that’s a future filled with more poverty, more hopelessness, and more death and despair in liberal-run cities.

So let’s stop buying their lies, America. It’s time to kick the party of racism, slavery, and anti-Semitism into the dust bin of history, and embrace proven policies that work for all Americans. Because as the current president has repeatedly asked: What have we got to lose?


Feature Image Credit: The Library of Virginia, via Flickr, common usage, image cropped.

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  • Drew458 says:

    Nice post, but you’re behind the times already. There was another all black mass shooting Sunday at a kindergarten party in Alabama. At least 7 people hit. This one was over an argument at another football game a few days before.

    To be a realist about this is to be branded a racist. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, East St. Louis … it’s a constant, daily, never-ending thing. It isn’t news, it’s just the way they are.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Well, that’s what I get for blinking. I’m so very shocked that this story was ignored, too. But then again, it proves the point of my post, doesn’t it? “It isn’t news, it’s just the way they are.” And therein lies the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Sad.

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