#JeSuisJuif and the Hunt for Suspect Hayat Boumeddiene

Following up on the previous stories of the day, detailing the end of the Kouachi brothers during their last stand near Charles de Gaulle Airport, and the…

Hamas Uses Obama’s Anti-Semitism to their Advantage

Hamas Uses Obama’s Anti-Semitism to their Advantage

The support for Hamas perplexes me. I just can’t fathom the thought process. How could one possibly think that a terrorist organization whose goal is to kill…

John Kerry, smart diplomat, had a huge hissy fit on Fox News Sunday

And much was revealed by a Secretary of State and an administration completely incapable of assessing and acting upon stepped-up aggression from the most brutal regimes on…

Odessa Jews Pen Emergency Evacuation Plan as Ukraine Crisis Escalates

As Friday’s anniversary commemorating the 70th anniversary of Soviet Russia’s victory over Germany in WWII fast approaches, the escalating violent clashes between Ukraine and pro-Russian forces has…

East Ukraine Jews Receive Leaflets Ordering Registration

As if the hostile takeover of part of a sovereign nation by its neighboring country is not alarming enough, the news coming out of Ukraine this morning…

Daniel in the lion’s den

Daniel in the lion’s den

If you want to know what bravery looks like, this video shows you. It’s almost hard to believe the response to this one lone Israeli flag and…

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