Trust Fund Baby Big Hamas Supporter

Trust Fund Baby Big Hamas Supporter

Trust Fund Baby Big Hamas Supporter

We are love Capitalism, right. We are not victims of our birth station because with Capitalism we can change that station. Of course, there is that occasional spawn of the uber-wealthy who reject the system that blessed him and becomes a world-hating trust fund baby. Today, we speak of James “Fergie” Chambers, scion of the Cox family. The Cox family of Cox Enterprises, owners of The Atlanta Constitution & Journal and the Atlanta Hawks, among other ventures. Fergie has declared one of his mission is to make Jews fear going out in public. That’s just the tip of this Commie iceberg:

“We need to start making people who support Israel actually afraid to go out in public,” Chambers said in a Friday Instagram post. “We need to make all of white America afraid that everything they have stolen is going to be burned to the ground. That’s what makes them listen.”

That’s rich, coming from a trust fund baby. Denigrating those of us who work our backsides off to EARN what we have, what a charmer. From the Free Beacon:

Anti-Israel groups have long received financial backing from liberal megadonors—one of America’s loudest Hamas apologists, for example, is a subsidiary of left-wing dark money giant the Tides Center. Still, Chambers’s spending and stated mission reflect a troubling new era of fringe activism, one in which well-funded militant demonstrators are eager to break the law and immune to the subsequent financial repercussions.

Palestine Action U.S. members have in particular targeted Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense company that provides the Jewish state with counterterrorism equipment. The group’s members last month clashed with police outside of the company’s Boston office, a demonstration that the group boasted “completely halted” Elbit’s business and led to “multiple arrests.” Within hours of the ordeal, Palestine Action U.S. members were back on the street, having been released from jail thanks to Chambers’s funding.

These “protestors”, these people I would call terrorists, shut down the defense contract that makes counterterrorism equipment that protects the lives of Jews, Arabs, Muslims and other races and nationalities that live in Israel. This is one angry and petulant trust fund baby. His family should have given him a time-out or swat to the bottom many years ago. Although Dad sounds like a real flake himself.

Fergie Chambers disowned his family and took a payout to fund his anarchy:

Earlier this year, avowed communist James “Fergie” Chambers secured “multiple hundreds of millions of dollars” from his family, which controls the Cox Enterprises empire. Now, he’s using his inheritance to bankroll a far-left activist group that’s harassing Jews across the country.

Chambers, whose billionaire father James Cox Chambers co-owns the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, in July revealed that he cut ties with his family, securing a significant payout from Cox Enterprises in the process. Months later, following Hamas’s Oct. 7 terrorist assault on Israel, Chambers began using that money to pay the legal fees for members of Palestine Action U.S., a radical group that is targeting Israeli businesses and other friends of the Jewish state with vandalism and harassment.

Not only does he look like he came from “soy boy” central casting and claim he’s a Communist but he has an homage to the Castro brothers in his house:

Naturally, Fergie supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Here he is interviewed by Max Blumenthal, the son of Sidney Blumenthal, who is an acolyte of Hillary Clinton:

Don’t you just have to wonder what Max thinks of Fergie these days? In addition to his global support of Putin and Castro types in this world and his hatred of Jews, Mr. Chambers also is not a fan of the police. So typical.

It’s easy to see this trust fund baby has some family issues that he needs to work out in therapy. He’s also quite confused. Here is a portion of an interview he gave to the NY Post earlier this year:

The family fortune built by Gov. Cox was bequeathed to his two daughters, Barbara and Anne, Chambers’ grandmother.

Before Anne died at 100 in January 2020, she distributed her shares to her three children, who included James Cox Chambers, who reportedly owns a 17% stake in Cox Enterprises.

After Cox Chambers divorced Fergie’s mom, he married the daughter of Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and fathered another son.

After hearing about Cox Foundation’s Cop City donation, Chambers said he proceeded to call his cousin Alex Taylor — who has served as the president and CEO of Cox Enterprises since 2018 — to tell him, “I don’t want any part of this.”

“I was disgusted by it,” Chambers said of the cop training center, which is expected to occupy 85 acres with classrooms, a burn building and a mock city that will even include a nightclub upon completion later this year.

Chambers went on to score himself an alleged payout more befitting an oligarch than a proletariat.

Exact figures and details of the deal must remain confidential, Chambers said.

“I will be ‘worth’ multiple hundreds of millions of dollars, and I will continue to have a considerable income for the decade or so to come,” he tweeted.

Chambers added that with his exit, he took the “opportunity to extract as much from the Cox capital as I possibly could before I die.”

When The Post reached out to Cox Enterprises for comment, a spokesperson said Chambers “has never had an active role in Cox Enterprises or any of its businesses.”

The spokesperson declined to comment further.

Chambers said he plans to use his purported windfall to support pro-Communist organizations.

He has previously worked with progressive groups like Rise Up Georgia, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta and a number of other action-based collectives across Georgia and New England.

This is one angry grown man. We all get to paid for his family’s lack of parenting. Lord, protect us from this trust fund baby.

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  • SFC D says:

    “I will be ‘worth’ multiple hundreds of millions of dollars”.

    Kid, you ain’t worth a pinch of shit, and you’re gonna die broke and homeless after you piss away your money on “the cause”. Good luck.

  • Scott says:

    By his comments, he seems to be encouraging illegal activity. If the FBI actually did it’s job, instead of harassing Jan 6th protestors, they could very likely find plenty of laws this scum has broken, and let him enjoy his money in prison…

    Or maybe he’ll have the conviction of his beliefs, and actually attack some Jews himself, hopefully ones who are armed and believe in self defense, and he can take his ride to hell sooner than expected..

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