Unvaccinated Students Numbered With Black Sharpie At Prom

Unvaccinated Students Numbered With Black Sharpie At Prom

Unvaccinated Students Numbered With Black Sharpie At Prom

Unvaccinated students attending prom were marked with a black Sharpie. Yes, you read that correctly.

Last weekend, one high school hosted a prom where unvaccinated students were marked with a black sharpie, and vaccinated students were marked with red.

Parents are outraged at the public labeling, and one state lawmaker who represents the city said she received calls from more than a dozen parents in disbelief at the actions of the school.

It certainly took me awhile to pick my jaw up from the floor after realizing that yes, this did happen.

Think about this for a minute. The fear porn that is Covid is out of control. This incident shows just how out of control the fear and the lack of reality the adults in the room have been exhibiting these last 18 months.

The adults at this school, and I use the term adult VERY loosely here, decided that the BEST way to track students at prom was to mark the vaccinated ones with a red Sharpie, and mark (with numbers) those students who couldn’t show that they were fully vaccinated!!

The school literally required the students to show proof that they were vaccinated. Furthermore, during the dance itself, music was stopped several times and the students were told to report whom they were with. And lists were made.

Yes, lists were made.

Here’s the problem with this “list.” It was not discussed on the prom registration site.

Under the “contract tracing” section of the site, it reads, “Because we are allowing students to dance, it is not the expectation that students will social distance while dancing. There are three dance floors and students who are on each floor will be recorded at regular intervals. It is suggested that students rotate dance floors in order to avoid close contact with other students.”

Understandably parents, once they found out about this, are NOT amused. No, they are angry and justifiably so. The school’s response?

They gave themselves a pat on the back that no COVID cases happened because of prom, said the feedback from prom has been positive, and stated,

We hope the community will understand that while no model is perfect, this model let the students enjoy a close to normal and highly desired experience to cap off their senior year. That’s the experience we want to leave them with.”

There are several problems with this.

First of all, our kids from birth to twenty years old are the LEAST susceptible to Covid. Yet the fear porn led the administration of Exeter High School to develop a vaccine marking system.

Secondly, the marking system itself is incredibly problematic!

A. The marking literally divides the kids. Now they know for sure who is and who isn’t vaccinated. Do the adults in the room understand what that can do to a teenager’s self esteem? In the last year, our kids have suffered because they’ve been locked away from their peers, told to communicate via Zoom only, have been failed by the education system, and have had milestone events taken away because of fear. The statistics regarding suicides and depression are alarming.

B. This type of division can lead to bullying.


C. The fact that a marking system was used, Sharpie or no Sharpie, has grave historical connotations. Who else was marked and told they were different? The Jews. Who else was marked and put in lines that meant they’d either live or die? The Jews.

The irony is, the school prom website has a statement of NON-DISCRIMINATION listed at the bottom of the prom page.

You know what is discriminatory??  Marking teenagers as SAFE or UNSAFE.

I guess it’s a good thing the Sharpie marks aren’t permanent.

Feature Photo Credit: Girls at Prom by kennedyfotos via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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