Sally Kohn’s Politically Correct Bigotry

Imagine someone on the conservative side of politics said this: “I’m straight and I want my kid to be straight.” You tell me, how quickly would that…

Michael Sam Released By St. Louis Rams, Media Promptly Goes Nuts

As the NFL season begins this week, all the teams need to cut their rosters down to their top 53 players (excepting injuries). And the inevitable has…

Gonorrhea and syphilis on the rise – all because of “homophobes”

Yes, according to them, it is NOT the behavior that leads to sexual communicative disease that is to blame. It is our fear or condemnation of the behavior…

Man Claims That Being Gay Made Him Abandon His Family For….16 Years

This story has nothing to do with being gay.  Or being religious.  Or being deeply in debt.  Or unhappy in your marriage.  Or being gay…did I already…

Shirtless WA State Rep. Beefcake Mike Hope is Too Sexy For the Constitution

Shirtless WA State Rep. Beefcake Mike Hope is Too Sexy For the Constitution

WA State Rep. Mike Hope, known to gun owners nationally as the “Republican” who is heading up the anti-gun legislation efforts in that state, decided to pose…

If you have a penis, you are a man

It’s sad that this even must be said. But apparently, it must be. Over at Feministe, Jill is upset over a sticky little situation where two trans…

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