Gonorrhea and syphilis on the rise – all because of “homophobes”

Gonorrhea and syphilis on the rise – all because of “homophobes”

Yes, according to them, it is NOT the behavior that leads to sexual communicative disease that is to blame. It is our fear or condemnation of the behavior that spreads these diseases.

“Homophobia” is a made-up word word frequently used by the “politically correct” (another made-up word) to name call those that do not find the gay, and homosexual, transgender lifestyle acceptable.   Well, Pajama Boy, I have a news flash for you.  “Homophobia” is not to blame for the spread of STD’s.

Behavior, choice, and irresponsibility is the cause of the spread of STD’s.  You reap what you sow and if you sow indiscriminately and without protection, bad shit happens.

Hey, it’s personal responsibility, not your sexual orientation, that’s causing problems.  If you want to explore  romantic possibilities with any gender or mammal, don’t blame the deadly results of your foolishness on “homophobes”.

From the Bloomberg article:

“While all three diseases are curable with antibiotics, many people don’t get tested as recommended, said Gail Bolan, the director of the CDC’s STD prevention division. That’s especially the case for syphilis, where the rise is entirely attributable to men, particularly those who are gay or bisexual.”

Those who suffer the consequences stated in this article, are those who created it. Period.  Quit laying the blame (and the bill) at the feet of people NOT INVOLVED WITH YOUR SEXUAL CHOICES.

Also from the article:

“We know that having access to high-quality health care is important to controlling and reducing STDs,” Bolan said in a telephone interview. “Some of our more-vulnerable populations don’t have access. There are a number of men who come in to our clinic for confidential services because they’re too embarrassed to see their primary care doctors.”

They SHOULD be embarrassed.  Not for being gay or bi-sexual.  But for being stupid and irresponsible.

So let me get this straight. Drinking soda pop must be restricted since it raises health care costs. But the consequences of stupid sexual behavior is not (to the contrary…they are promoted), and their resultant diseases MUST be covered under Obamacare, so those who drink soda pop can pay for it.

Which makes perfect sense to the leftist, Obama-worshipping,  syphilis-ridden free-loading embarrassed hedonist.

We are being forced to pay for condoms, birth control, abortions, sex-change operations,  and other forms of personal choice.  And when the consequences of these choices come home to roost, in the form of disease, both physical and mental, we then are called homophobes and expected to pay for those consequences too.

I don’t care if you sleep with an goat, but don’t blame me and others that might have an opinion contrary to your proclivities then demand we pay for the goat porn as well as treatment when you get goat gonorrhea.  My apologies to goats.

Hate to break it to the gay rights crowd, but there will always be ‘homophobia’ (just as there will always be “straightphobia” to those who pay close attention to  gender and sex politicking),  so it’s time to come up with a better solution for the spread of population threatening diseases other than, ‘it’s your homophobic fault I have an STD, not my own’.

Perhaps they could start with responsibility for their choices and not risking the lives of others.  Or raucously demanding someone else pay for it.

And, by the way, does THIS still make any sense?


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  • Lucy says:

    Many years ago, when most churches still did not do same-sex marriages, the religion editor at the St. Paul newspaper wrote an article about a homosexual Christian minister of his acquaintance who was dying of AIDS. The man had had sex with a whole bunch of different men, and back in those days AIDS was pretty much a death sentence. So whom did Mr. Religion Editor say was at fault for this unfortunate man’s situation? Not the man himself, who had had sex with so many different men. That would be blaming the victim! No, the real culprit was his church, which did not countenance same-sex marriage. If this man could only have married another man, the reasoning went, then he could have lived happily ever after… but his church wouldn’t let him marry a man. Therefore he obviously had no choice but to have sex with a whole series of other men, and so he ended up getting AIDS. There’s liberal logic for you.

  • GWB says:

    “We know that having access to high-quality health care is important to controlling and reducing STDs,”

    Ummm, no. Controlling and reducing STDs is done *before* you catch them, by not doing stupid stuff. Afterward, you can treat them, but you can neither control nor reduce them at that point.

    “Some of our more-vulnerable populations don’t have access.”

    How in the world do they not have access? How does anyone in America “not have access”? Are we talking that poor guy out in Appalachia somewhere that can only see a doctor if he walks 15 miles to the nearest road, first? Just who the heck “does not have access”? Oh, wait…

    they’re too embarrassed to see their primary care doctors

    I see now, it’s not access, but embarrassment. You don’t want access, you want approval.

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