Shirtless WA State Rep. Beefcake Mike Hope is Too Sexy For the Constitution

Shirtless WA State Rep. Beefcake Mike Hope is Too Sexy For the Constitution

Shirtless WA State Rep. Beefcake Mike Hope is Too Sexy For the Constitution

WA State Rep. Mike Hope, known to gun owners nationally as the “Republican” who is heading up the anti-gun legislation efforts in that state, decided to pose shirtless for some photos in an effort to land some acting roles, because he is far too sexy for things like showing up to vote in the legislature.  Then he told everyone about them so they’d go look.  He says he doesn’t see why this would hurt his political career.  Well, if he was running in San Francisco’s Castro District, it wouldn’t.

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How would a man who is both a WA state legislator and a Seattle Police officer manage to find time to act?  (Then again, he does ‘act’ at being a conservative.) Hope makes laws by day and enforces them by night.  The conflict of interest alone is obvious, but his latest venture underlines what WA residents already are quite familiar with: Hope’s unbridled narcissism and blatant disregard for his position, both as a lawmaker and a cop.

Hope is quick to claim that he’s committed to representing the citizens of the 44th LD, but according to the actual numbers, Hope has the third highest number of missed votes in the entire WA State House.  Must have been all the time spent shooting Vampire Soul, the low-budget flick Hope played a cop in last year.

From your (unwilling and disgusted) constituents, we offer this message to Mr. “Oil Me Up, Scotty” Hope: Less tush-shaking on the catwalk, and more showing up to do your actual job.  Then again, if you’re off oiling those abs you swear are all natural and only due to good eating and clean living, you’re not sponsoring unconstitutional bills, insulting the people you serve, screaming at fellow cops who pull you and your drunk girlfriend over and threatening not to help them or their wives if they ever need it in your patrol area, or just generally being an arrogant, lying, bullying jackass.  Never mind.  Stay on the catwalk.  Anywhere else, you’re way out of your depth.

While many of the commenters over at Slog seem to think Hope’s oil-oozing washboard abs are more fitting for low-budget gay porn than lame zombie flicks, the truth is that Victory Girls has possibly found the first time Hope appeared in front of a camera. Dead ringer? You be the judge. We do love that see-through shirt though.

UPDATE: Mike Hope tweeted earlier that he has been offered yet another movie role as a result of his photos.  Maybe he’ll miss even more votes!


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