Michael Sam Released By St. Louis Rams, Media Promptly Goes Nuts

Michael Sam Released By St. Louis Rams, Media Promptly Goes Nuts

As the NFL season begins this week, all the teams need to cut their rosters down to their top 53 players (excepting injuries). And the inevitable has occurred – the St. Louis Rams have cut Michael Sam.


You know who else got cut from the St. Louis Rams yesterday? Mitchell Van Dyk and Christian Bryant.

Who are they? They are two of the other players that St. Louis drafted in the 7th round. (The remaining 7th round draft pick, Demetrius Rhaney, is on the injured reserve list, which means that he likely will not play at all this season after a knee injury in the preseason.) So, just like that, none of the 7th round draft picks that St. Louis took will play for them this year.

But because Michael Sam got cut, it is apparently a BIG DEAL. Sam, after all, is the first openly gay man to play for an NFL team. His drafting attracted HUGE media attention – and even a phone call from President Obama. (Yes, we see where your priorities lie, Mr. President.) And now that he has been cut, as so many other 7th round draft picks are, this is also apparently a BIG DEAL. Every single media outlet has covered his release from the team.

Now that he’s been cut, however, people are remembering the previous critiques of Sam’s football ability. He was a part of a good team at Missouri. But just being a part of a good team does not guarantee you a spot in the NFL. However, because the media is so wrapped up in the narrative of the openly gay man playing football, you’d think he was the only one being left out – which validates former NFL coach Tony Dungy’s concerns that he was lambasted for expressing about Sam being a distraction to the Rams.

Sam, for his part, was classy and gracious.

Other people who know zip about football and just want to keep the media narrative going… not so much.

I think that the Rams really and truly wanted Sam to be a standout player. Sure, the media attention would have been intense, but it would also have meant media coverage and ticket sales. And that is what the bottom line is – ticket sales. Sam would have had to be a standout player in the preseason in order for the Rams to justify keeping a 7th round draft pick. Surely Michael Sam, as someone who believes in his own football ability, would not want to be a media prop for the team. The team exists to win football games. In their consideration, Sam wasn’t good enough to help them win those games. And like so many other 7th round draft picks across the NFL, he was let go.

He might play again, who knows? And yes, someday there will most likely be an openly gay man who makes the opening day roster for an NFL team. But it should be because he’s earned a spot there by being one of the 53 best players the team could buy or draft, and for no other reason. And this year, this time, for this team – that wasn’t Michael Sam.

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  • A.Men says:

    Please, Tim Tebow announce you are GAY. I want to see you back in football.

    God Bless Tim Tebow.

    We love you Tim Tebow.

  • Jodi says:

    Sooooo…he was dropped because he’s a mediocre player. Go figure.

  • While growing up I was a huge football fan. Not a fall Sunday went by that I did not watch my beloved Dallas Cowboys.

    But in the past few years the obnoxious political harangues that “sports” announcers have been giving have soured my love of football. Last football season (well before ESPN and Fox Sports turned themselves into the Michael Sam Network this past spring) I saw perhaps 3 or 4 NFL games – total. What normal person wants to voluntarily sit through Bob Costas trying to ram his warped worldview down our throats instead of talking about the games he is allegedly being paid to cover?

  • Dana says:

    The Rams had a lot of good defensive linemen, and Mr Sam, due to his lack of size – he was a “tweener” — was always along shot to make the team. The other 31 teams can now sign him, and there’s probably a team out there which has weaknesses along its defensive line which might consider him. If he clears waivers, the Rams could sign him to the practice squad.

    Actually, what I haven’t seen are stories that the Rams cut him because he is homosexual.

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