#SuperTuesday Again: From Saccharin to Slugfest, Dueling Campaign Ads for Primary Day [VIDEOS]

#SuperTuesday Again: From Saccharin to Slugfest, Dueling Campaign Ads for Primary Day [VIDEOS]

#SuperTuesday Again: From Saccharin to Slugfest, Dueling Campaign Ads for Primary Day [VIDEOS]
Photo Credit: WDTV.com
Photo Credit: WDTV.com

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of poll numbers, name-calling and ridiculing, and wondering which candidate will win which states by what margins, and thoroughly confused by the various delegate-allotment in each. And if the candidates haven’t made it out to your state yet, you don’t have cable, or your internet stinks like crusty old gym socks like mine does, then you haven’t had the joy (repugnance?) of viewing the assortment of campaign ads that many a primary voter are seeing on their television screens and YouTube channels 24/7 ad nauseum. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most recent ad messages, good, bad, or ugly.

If you haven’t seen it, Ted Cruz’s “War Room” is pretty spectacular. Granted, it’s longer than a typical TV ad, and taxes the attention span of your average, input-overloaded American, but it plays like a mini short-film. It’s dark and edgy and, well, it’s a taste of things to come for Hillary should Cruz somehow eke out a convention win. Take a peek:

Perfect. Cruz jabs both Hillary and Trump in the same ad, while simultaneously promoting himself. Talk about efficiency in campaign-dollar spending. Be afraid, Hillary. Be very afraid.

But Cruz is not the only candidate verbally smacking Hillary. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are lobbing grenades her way, too. This ad is from mid-March. Full disclosure: I hunted for a more recent anti-Hillary ad but it seems Trump is more interested in tweeting about his great and yuuuge rallies, and John Kasich’s eating habits, rather than his good buddy, the espionage artist. Sigh. Be warned, it’s gag-inducing:

Does it really require any further commentary?

Meanwhile, Sanders takes an indirect swipe at the evil rich, some of whom are paid $200,000 for an hour-long speech. Gee, golly, I wonder who he’s referencing? Watch:

The ‘ol Bosnian Sniper Survivor provides a target-rich environment of her own making, and deserves whatever comes her way. I suspect these are tame compared with what’s in store for Sir Edmond Hillary. **claps maniacally**

But don’t think that Hillary is the only target at which some of the candidates are firing their muskets. Here Cruz takes direct aim at Trump:

And let’s just throw this in for a 26-second trip down Memory Lane for those who refuse to believe it:

And Hillary thumps Trump:

She could use a healthy dose of her own hypocritical advice.

The candidates, of course, all have ads out promoting their various visions for America, some being less, ahem, substantive than others.

Let’s start with Ted Cruz:

And from the insufferable John Kasich, whose reason for remaining in the race may have finally been revealed late Sunday night:

And the GOP front-runner Donald Trump (did I mention some ads are less substantive than others?):

Nice mood music. And kids. It’s for the kids!

And then there’s the Feel-Good Bernie Sanders’ ads. Warning: They’re syrupy and cavity-inducing, sure to make taxpayer-funded dental plans an executive mandate in a (Lord, help us) Sanders Administration.

I may never watch the Avengers the same way again…redistribute Bruce Banner, please.

Interesting choice of background music, Comrade Creepy.

Not-so-subtle dig at his fellow New Yorker, eh? Say it with me: “Moose-lums.”

And from the Democrat front runner, Hillary Clinton: She’s all about peace and love and butterflies. How very 60’s hippy of her. But then again, have you seen the circus-pants meme?

And, naturally, pandering for the Hispanic vote:

And, finally, this “Pro” Trump ad produced by a clever You-Tuber deserves an extra-honorable mention:


C’mon. Regardless of whether or not Trump’s your guy, you’ve gotta admit that ad is laugh-out-loud funny! Please tell me we haven’t completely lost our senses of humor in this rather nasty campaign season, because self-deprecation is a welcome asset to any serious candidate. Quick! Name that POTUS:

“I’ve written two books, which has surprised a lot of people, particularly up east who didn’t think I could read, much less write,” he said.

Some could use a little less braggadocio, and a little more Dubya.

So there you have it. The best and the worst and everything in between. You’re welcome. Now get back to your poll-watching and your delegate-rule scrutinizing and let’s see what happens this evening. Happy Super Tuesday! Again.

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  • Joe Miller says:

    I don’t get to vote in the primary here in Maryland because I’m a registered Libertarian. And that’s a good thing. I think the felon will win on the Dem side and the carnival barker will win on the Rep side. As a disinterested observer, it seems to me that Cruz is the only actual Republican in the race.

    • Jodi says:

      I think you’re spot on, Joe (though I hope you’re wrong on the GOP side). We scream about wanting a candidate like Ted Cruz, and when we get it, we go for the Kardashian candidate. The world is upside-down.

      Thanks for reading. 😉

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