Big Hands and Little Bites. What Is The Definition of “Presidential” Anyway?

Big Hands and Little Bites. What Is The Definition of “Presidential” Anyway?

Big Hands and Little Bites. What Is The Definition of “Presidential” Anyway?

When we think of an individual who is “presidential”, we think eloquence. We think poise. We think class. We think a person of sound mind and body who can rally the masses and motivate the people. We don’t think, necessarily, of someone like Mr. Nickname Generator. We don’t think of stand-up comedy or reality TV.

Donald Trump has thrown out his share of insults and nicknames to his rivals and has recently began to hit hard at John Kasich. Kasich, “Mr. 1-in-41”, was the proud recipient of Trump’s rant today. Ladies and Gents, I present to you, “Pancake Gate”:

Pictures of Kasich eating have surfaced:

Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hillary (THAT one is classic) and now #PancakeKasich. This reminds me of my days in corporate radio when my regulars would call in. I’d have “The Godfather” who sounded like he had marbles in his mouth, “Quarter-Pumping Jeff” who was creepy as all get-out and always called from a pay phone, “Don With The Dogs” who had like 130 dogs in his house (and who I later saw years later on a Hoarders episode). Anyway, I digress. Nicknames are great when you are hosting a radio show with a cast of characters. But do they have a place in the presidential campaign?

Still, we are being told that Mr. Trump plans to adopt a more “presidential” demeanor going further down the campaign trail; that the Trump campaign is evolving with more policy speeches in the works. But first, pizza and pancakes, y’all!

In Trump’s defense, it does appear that John Kasich is not bashful about shoving his face on public television or for a photo op. The man likes his food and probably has no use for a formal silverware setting. Is a politician using a shovel instead of a spoon “presidential”? Perhaps not. But, I find it quite amusing that some of the very people who support Trump (not all, but some) are drawn to Trump because he “tells it like it is” and does not hide behind a politician’s facade. They like Trump because he’s a loud New Yorker and because he’s unpresidential. These very same people who love The Donald for who he is, think John Kasich could not possibly be the future President of The United States because of how he eats a pancake? He just shoved the whole thing in his mouth! GASP! How unpresidential was THAT?!

So, we’re now talking about the way someone EATS and how it qualifies or disqualifies them for POTUS? Boy, are we in for a ride!

Do I think Kasich has a chance? No. But it’s not because he committed the Italian cardinal sin by eating New York pizza with a fork or because he decided to inhale a disc of buttermilk deliciousness in one bite. And really, what is “Presidential” these days, anyway? We have “eloquence” in The White House right now and we see where THAT got us eight years later!

Little bites, Little bites.

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  • Penny says:

    Who the hell is Trumpo to tell anybody how to eat?!? I loathe and despise the Thug Master—-Mr. Cheeto Face—Frog Mouth when his mouth is closed—Fish Lips when he talks.

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