#SuperBowl: Hoping To Regain Ratings The NFL Plays At Patriotism Using Medal OF Honor Recipients [VIDEO]

#SuperBowl: Hoping To Regain Ratings The NFL Plays At Patriotism Using Medal OF Honor Recipients [VIDEO]

#SuperBowl: Hoping To Regain Ratings The NFL Plays At Patriotism Using Medal OF Honor Recipients [VIDEO]

The NFL just can’t help themselves. They’ll use anything and everyone to shore up their tanking ratings. During tonight’s Super Bowl, they once again took a stab at pretending to put country over politics by inviting 15 Medal of Honor Recipients to attend the game and participate in the coin toss.

Believe me, to have the opportunity to meet those great yet humble heroes is something on my bucket list. So why, when many of us really want the NFL to stop with the politics and the blatant disrespect of our country when kneeling during our National Anthem, would those 15 Medal of Honor Recipients appear on the field during an NFL game? Even if it is the Super Bowl? Why would they attend when the NFL made it clear that a simple ad from a highly regarded Veterans organization asking all to #PleaseStand was refused because the NFL -all anthem kneelers and pig socks notwithstanding – insisted they don’t engage in politics.

Herschel “Woody” Williams, the last living MOH recipient from WWII provided some interesting perspective.

“To be honored in this way, it’s just almost like a miracle,” Williams said. “It really is because you don’t ever dream or think that this kind of a thing could happen to you, and then all of a sudden you’re it.”

“It’s so far-fetched and such a tremendous honor to be the 52nd person to flip that,” he told media. “I hope I’m serving a purpose and to influence and encourage people to serve each other.”

“I hope we can maybe raise the bar a little bit of how important it is that we respect our country, that we respect our flag, that we remember and respect and pay tribute and honor to those who never got to come home,” he added.

Who are the 15 Recipients who will be on the field? Including Williams, they are:

Bennie Adkins, Army, Vietnam

Don Ballard, Navy, Vietnam

Sammy Davis, Army, Vietnam

Roger Donlon, Army, Vietnam

Sal Giunta, Army, Afghanistan

Flo Groberg, Army, Afghanistan

Tom Kelley, Navy, Vietnam

Allan Kellogg, Marines, Vietnam

Gary Littrell, Army, Vietnam

Walter Marm, Army, Vietnam

Robert Patterson, Army, Vietnam

Leroy Petry, Army, Afghanistan

Clint Romesha, Army, Afghanistan

James Taylor, Army, Vietnam

All men whom, under unimaginable circumstances facing insurmountable odds; did something that not a single one of the anthem kneelers will ever understand.

Could Colin Kaepernick have the guts to STAND and run into a hail of gunfire and grenades to take out not one not two, but SEVEN pillboxes with who knows how many enemy within as Woody Williams did?

Could Kevin Stills continue to fight and save other men as Private First Class Sammy L. Davis did in Vietnam?

Malcolm Jenkins claims this is all about reform.

Well, could Malcolm or any of the rest of the kneelers presevere against odds like Leroy Petry (who lost a hand) Sal Giunta or Flo Groberg, did in Afghanistan?

Perhaps those are unfair questions. On second thought, no. No they aren’t.

The NFL’ s ratings are in the tank. Actually, they are in the sewer. Not only did the regular season see a significant drop, the playoff season saw ratings plummet. Furthermore, a poll from several days ago found that there was a 24% drop in viewers. Those viewers who are no longer watching? The league’s core group – men aged 18-49. Every pundit along with NFL insists that the kneeling has nothing to do with the ratings plunge.

If so, then this shouldn’t be a concern.

American Legion and VFW posts, restaurants and bars, and even a bowling alley have decided they will not broadcast the Super Bowl game in their establishments — out of respect for veterans and law enforcement.

I can only hope that many of the attendees at the game will take some time to learn about men who took a stand for their fellow men and their country under hellish circumstances. JJ Watt understands.

These men, these brave honorable men, whom you can read about here, are the REAL heroes of the Super Bowl.

The NFL tried to use them to regain viewers while playing at political patriotism.

Medal of Honor Recipients: 1

NFL: -20

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  • GWB says:

    Had to look up “GOAT”. Not an acronym I’ve seen used in that way. But the sentiment is absolutely right.

    I wonder at what point the MoH folks got the phone call about the coin toss? How long ago was that?

    As to the protests: they’re not about anything but virtue signaling. They’re about “Oh, look, I have deep (uninformed) opinions about something, and I’m going to make a point of it during something that shouldn’t be about me at all.”

  • Timmy says:

    They should have said no. The NFL used them.

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