Super Bowl? More Like the Hypocrisy Bowl

Super Bowl? More Like the Hypocrisy Bowl

Super Bowl? More Like the Hypocrisy Bowl

By now you probably know that the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl. Maybe you’re happy about it, maybe you’re not. Or maybe you don’t care. But what should really infuriate you is that celebs and fans didn’t wear masks. Yet California kids will return to school tomorrow covering their faces — again.

This Super Bowl was the Hypocrisy Bowl.


Mask Rules at the Super Bowl

First of all, let’s take a look at the announcement that the Los Angeles Department of Health posted. It read:

“Headed to the Big Game? Masks will be required at the stadium. Fans will also need to show vaccination proof or a negative Covid-19 test prior to entry. Enjoy the game and stay safe!”

However, this was the reality at SoFi Stadium during the big game. Do you see anyone in the stands following the mask rules? Me neither.

Super Bowl

And celebrities had lots of fun being seen at the Super Bowl without their masks on. Well, of course they can’t wear them! Don’t you know who they are?

Meanwhile, the Powers That Be made the LA Youth Orchestra, who accompanied singers at the game, put masks over their faces while outside. But the performers didn’t need to, of course.

Super Bowl

Screenshot: Libs of TikTok/Twitter.


What About Mayor Eric Garcetti?

Naturally, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made his appearance at the Super Bowl. So did Mr. “I Held My Breath” wear a proper mask during the game? To show that he was obeying the rules his health department established? To set an example for everyone else in SoFi Stadium?

Not on your life. Garcetti went sans mask at the game. Maybe he silently rooted for the Rams without exhaling or something.

Or maybe he followed the same rules he followed at the NFC championship game two weeks ago when he excused his lack of mask like this:

“I wore my mask the entire game, and when people ask for a photograph, I hold my breath and I put it here and people can see that. There’s a zero percent chance of infection from that. I put my mask right back on … to make sure that there is no spread. And I think that we should all follow that advice until we’re out of this period.”

Suuure, you wore that mask at the Super Bowl the whole time, Mayor. Who should we believe, you or our lying eyes?


Pushback in Skies Over the Super Bowl

However, Angelenos, like the rest of the nation, are getting fed up with the masks. They’re angry about the hypocrisy of their kids being forced to cover their faces while celebs go without.

So someone organized this sky message over SoFi. Brilliant.

Super Bowl

Meanwhile, someone ran an ad in the Los Angeles Times pointing out the hypocrisy of those who make the mask rules and then don’t follow them. However, the LA Times changed out the images of Garcetti and Gov. Gavin Newsom going maskless at the NFC game with stock images of Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed. So I wonder how that happened, don’t you?

The things that make you go hmmm.


A Kid’s Heartbreaking Reaction

A random Twitter user — you know, just a regular American like you and me — posted this heartbreaking tweet:

“If you’re wondering if kids are paying attention & notice that rules don’t apply for others & restrictions are only on them – my sister just texted me what my nephew said watching the #SuperBowl this is what we’ve done to kids.. normalcy doesn’t look normal to them anymore”

And what did the nephew say to his mom? This:

 “_____  just asked me if the crowd was cardboard cutouts cause they can’t be real cause they aren’t spaced out.” 

No, sweetheart, the crowd was very real. In fact, that crowd was full of hypocrites and celebrities who don’t mind making you follow onerous rules that they don’t have to follow. Because they’re more important than you. And in the morning you will trudge off to school with your beautiful young face covered by paper.

But they don’t care what they’ve done to you, do they?


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Featured image: Mayor Eric Garcetti at the Super Bowl. Screenshot: Libs of TikTok/Twitter.


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  • Well, I didn’t know who won the game. Because I didn’t care in the least.

    The only part of it that I have watched was the Anthem singing – which, while Mickey Guyton was quite ignorant (thinking she was the first black woman to sing it at the Subpar Bowl) – was very well performed.

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  • Janet S says:

    Love your site! I’m as contradictory as you are, maybe more so. Ivy League grad, registered as a dem my first election to piss off my dad but still voted for Nixon anyway. Fortunately saw the light a few years later in grad school. Third generation Jewish Republican and my kids are the fourth. Thirty plus years in California, where I realized they don’t like kids – try raising your kids there, it’s an exercise in fighting the system the entire way. Left there six years ago when youngest graduated high school and headed to my hometown in the Midwest. Wouldn’t go back there for all the tea in China. The politicians are vile and self-serving and the Superbowl just shined a national light on it.

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