Spartacus Fail: Cory Booker’s Senate Shenanigans [VIDEO]

Spartacus Fail: Cory Booker’s Senate Shenanigans [VIDEO]

Spartacus Fail: Cory Booker’s Senate Shenanigans [VIDEO]

Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey, thinks he is Spartacus. The hero of his own mind, Booker announced that he was gonna RISK IT ALL! For the… *checks notes*… sake of public disclosure! By releasing confidential emails! Even though it’s against the Senate rules!


Oh wait, wrong movie.

Booker needs to remember that Spartacus dies at the end of the movie. So, did Booker just kill his own career?

Well…. Booker may have been playing checkers while everyone else was playing 3-D chess.

Talk about taking the wind out of someone’s sails, Senator Grassley. You ruined his moment!

Oh, and by “checkers,” I mean Cory Booker was playing Connect Four.

It’s cute to see how the left is trying to defend their new Spartacus.

But most normal people are not impressed with Booker’s self-own.

So, what happens now to Senator Cory Booker? Senator Grassley absolutely should make an example out of him – if for nothing else than his own massive stupidity for making a grandstanding idiot of himself when the emails in question had just been cleared THIS MORNING.

“I am going to release the e-mail about racial profiling and I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate,” Booker, believed to be considering a run for president in 2020, said.

At another point, Booker said, “This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an, ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.”

But it turns out, Booker didn’t actually break any rules. The Republicans on the Judiciary Committee said they worked with the George W. Bush library and the Justice Department overnight to clear the emails. The restrictions were waived early Thursday morning.

Therefore, Booker’s act of defiance was not an actual violation of the rules because nothing that he released was marked committee confidential at the time of its release.

“The irony is after Senator Booker said basically he was going to release the document anyway… it had already been worked out that this was going to be then released to the public,” Cornyn said.

“Apparently, some just wanted to break the rules and make a scene, but didn’t check their email,” a spokesman for committee Republicans said in a statement. The committee posted the same documents.

“Clearly, he is running for president,” GOP Sen. John Thune later told Fox News, speaking of Booker.

The emails appeared to be cleared in part because of the involvement of Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I will happily work with any of my colleagues from across the aisle to go through the necessary steps and processes to try and get specific classified documents released to the public,” Utah Sen. Mike Lee tweeted.

Of course, now that the release has been authorized, Booker is now tossing everything to the wind to see if something sticks.

However, what matters are the initial documents that he tweeted out as a “gotcha!” moment, not anything else that gets released later. Spartacus there staked his career on that initial tweet and those four documents, which ends up being absolutely nothing – and he ends up breaking no rules, which means that there will probably be no punishment except by public ridicule.

But the question now is: did he not know, and did it anyway; or did he know, and stage this anyway?

I hope Cory Booker never lives down his “Spartacus” moment.

Featured image: screenshot via Washington Post on YouTube

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  • scott says:

    No level of ridicule is too much for this clown, kamala harris, blumenthal, or any of the other members of the dems version of the “insane clown posse” (apologies to the musical group)…that these mental midgets were elected speaks very poorly of their constituents, our educational system,(especially in those areas), and the other members of their own party who do nothing to reign them in… Our Founding Fathers truly are rolling in their graves right now!

  • Wfjag says:

    T-Bone told him to do it.

  • GWB says:

    I think Booker was less Spartacus and more Dathan (Ten Commandments).

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