SOTU Features Rush Limbaugh And The Sobsisters In White

SOTU Features Rush Limbaugh And The Sobsisters In White

SOTU Features Rush Limbaugh And The Sobsisters In White

President Donald Trump gave his third State of the Union Address. It was an historic moment. The first time an impeached President gave the SOTU on the eve of his acquittal in the Senate. You just knew that the Democrats were going to sit on their hands, with sour looks on their faces, like the lowdown and trifling weasels they are. And, you already knew that Trump has done great things this year. USMCA, lowered Veteran unemployment and the like. It doesn’t matter what Trump says or does the truly evil Democrats can’t give him credit..

On Monday, radio great Rush Limbaugh announced that he had advanced lung cancer. Hours before the SOTU, President Trump announced that he would be awarding Mr. Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Majarushie attended the address. It was distressing to see him in a wheelchair and looking fragile. It was beautiful to see him sitting next to the stunning First Lady, all in black. When the President gave the First Lady the honor of presenting the medal to Mr. Limbaugh, the onion ninjas were present at my house.

Of course, the onion ninjas stayed when President Trump introduced the prematurely born Ellie Schneider and her mother. Mom Robin squealed, and scared little Ellie, when the President announced funding for neo-natal care and legislation against late term abortion. Thank you, Mr. President. Every life is precious. Nancy Pelosi was not amused.

And, speaking of that frozen faced relic, she couldn’t be bothered to applaud for little Janiyah Davis. Janiyah was attending a low performing school. President Trump used the SOTU to announce that a scholarship had become available for little Miss Davis. Nancy, all in white, was unmoved. Right after that, it looked like she was trying to slap Vice President Pence when she was trying to signal to her minions.

And, speaking of women in white, most of the Democrat women wore white. First of all you hags, you did that last year. Boring. And second, wearing white after Labor Day is too tacky for words. The foul-mouthed fool, Rashida Tlaib, wore white with an even bigger message:

What an evil, anti-Semitic troll.

The women wear white to honor women’s suffrage. Their unruly behavior, they stood up and protested, screeching something. They make me think that we should end women’s suffrage and not allow women to take positions of power anywhere.

You really should watch the SOTU. If you missed it, here it is:

But, oh my stars, when President Trump introduced a young Army family, it was standard stuff. And, then he announced that the husband, Sergeant First Class Townsend Williams, was home from Afghanistan and the onion ninjas got me again.

And, one final note, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped up the President’s speech as soon as he walked off the dais. As if her behavior during the speech wasn’t bad enough. A great broad would never ever behave so badly.

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    This is such fun- the Dem cock up is like watching the school bully trying to pull a super mean spirited public prank on someone, and it backfire spectacularly… and somehow, in the process, he manages to lose his clothes, covers the mean girl clique in his own filth, and then somehow set his car on fire.

  • Sadie McQueen says:

    Are we allowed to refer to Pelosi as a bitch? Because that’s what she is. If we are not allowed to refer to her as a bitch, then I apologize. lol

  • You missed how many of the Vile Party refused to honor Brig. Gen. McGee – a man, somewhat darker than many other Americans, who fought for his country, not against it.

    Although I am hoping that his descendant never realizes his dream of attending the Air Force Academy – in five years, he should be in the first or second class of cadets in the SPACE Force Academy. We need people like his family has raised.

    • Andrew X says:

      I have this weird alternate universe fantasy that they would decide to build a Space Force Academy, and go ahead and base it at one of the most wonderful and I believe underused facilities in the country, the Presidio at San Francisco (essentially at the base of the Golden Gate bridge).

      You, of course, know where I am going with this, as it would eventually evolve to become….. Starfleet Academy.

      But back in real world, San Francisco has now been full ownership taken by criminal low-lifes, full-bore idiots, and outright stone Bolsheviks, so I guess that rules that out.

      Killing our future on multiple levels, today’s Left is.

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