Snake Oil Televangelist Jim Bakker Sued For Peddling Fake Coronavirus Cure

Snake Oil Televangelist Jim Bakker Sued For Peddling Fake Coronavirus Cure

Snake Oil Televangelist Jim Bakker Sued For Peddling Fake Coronavirus Cure

Jim Bakker is a snake oil salesman of the very worst kind. He is peddling cures for the Wuhan Coronavirus under the guise of Biblical authority. Yes folks, the grifter is still around.

On February 12, Bakker and his grifter pals promoted multiple ways to beat the virus. All of which involve money. Beating back fear along with buying the book about the Spanish Flu and purchasingvtheir 90-meal pantry buckets will save us all!

The most important purchase of all? Their colloidal silver products will definitely protect us all from this virus that will decimate the earth! By the way, toilet paper didn’t make the cut.

Sadly people are gullible and many don’t realize that Jim Bakker has already done a stint in prison for fraud. What Jim Bakker and his panel of so-called experts are peddling is nothing but snake oil in order to make money off of people’s fear and panic regarding the Wuhan virus. They are grifting on a national scale for as much money as they can get.

The media and Democrat politicians are bad enough. But what Bakker and crew are doing is just as bad.

Keep in mind that this broadcast of his was on February 12. Labs and hospitals were frantically working to figure out a vaccine as well as how to medically help those affected. Yet Jim Bakker and Sherill Sellman, who is evidently a dr. of naturopathy, were peddling colloidal silver as the cure for a disease they know NOTHING about.

Needless to say, the FDA wasn’t amused.

They issued warnings to seven companies.

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is issuing warning letters to firms for selling fraudulent products with claims to prevent, treat, mitigate, diagnose or cure coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We are actively monitoring for any firms marketing products with fraudulent COVID-19 prevention and treatment claims. The FDA is exercising its authority to protect consumers from firms selling unapproved products and making false or misleading claims, including, by pursuing warning letters, seizures, or injunctions against products and firms or individuals that violate the law.”

Guess what folks, just as with the ludicrous Tito’s Vodka idiocy; essential oils, coconut oil, colloidal silver, boneset teas – manufactured by some dude insisting he’s successfully treated the virus for YEARS, and other whack-a-doodle products won’t keep you safe from the Wuhan virus, nor cure of you of it.

“Dr” Sherrill said this on the show. 

“Asked if the Silver Solution would be effective against COVID-19, specifically, Sellman replied, “Let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus, but it’s been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and it has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours.”

Except there’s a problem with her idiotically dangerous assertion. 

  1. There are no known cures or treatments for the Wuhan virus
  2. There still isn’t a cure for the other coronavirus variants that were the cause of MERS and SARS!

Jim Bakker, Sherrill Sellman, and the rest of that snake oil salesmen group are preying on the vulnerable and they don’t care. They are touting these magical mystery cures to people who CANNOT AFFORD to buy this crap!

It isn’t only the FDA that is ticked off at these jerks.

Missouri’s Attorney General went a step further and is suing Jim Bakker. 

““The 2019 novel coronavirus poses serious consequences to public health, and consumers are concerned as to how they can best protect themselves and their families,” James said in the letter. “Your show’s segment may mislead consumers as to the effectiveness of the Silver Solution product in protecting against the current outbreak.”

The Missouri suit requests a restraining order and permanent injunction against Bakker selling the solution as a coronavirus treatment, according to Schmitt’s office.”

Again, there is no known cure and there isn’t a vaccine for this dammed virus. So, for Jim Bakker and his crew to grift off of the worries that people are dealing with on this is unequivocally heinous.

Listen up folks, the people you DO want to listen to are folks like Dr. Anthony Fauci. While you may not like what he has to say, at least he isn’t peddling a load of horse shit in order to make money off your uncertainties and fear about the Wuhan virus.

The clock is ticking. As of this writing, articles touting silver were still up on his website. I guess that’s ok, because it’s snake oil that aired in 2016 instead of 2020. Yeah, NO. It was bad then, it’s bad now.

Jim Bakker and his grifter crew should be held accountable for their predatory ways. Tar and feathers would be an excellent start.

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  • Charles N. Steele says:

    My Russian science advisors assure me that since most vodka is 40% alcohol and at least 60% is necessary to destroy Covid-19, doubling the usual dose will work well. But they caution us to remember that vodka is for internal use only.

    As for colloidal silver, it definitely works…if we define “works” suitably. Stan Jones of Montana can explain (see how Wikipedia page).

    • GWB says:

      Build yourself a still in your garage, and you can turn that 40% vodka into 60% liquor. Of course, the coronavirus scare will be over by the time you manage to get it right, but it will give you a hobby while you’re quarantined at home. 😉

      Advantage? You now have lots of liquor to share with your family and neighbors. And sharing liquor is much more neighborly than sharing viruses!

      • Charles N. Steele says:

        Great idea on paper, but when we tried that during the Ebola panic, by the time we finished building the still all the vodka had somehow vanished.

        • GWB says:

          Discipline, my friend! Discipline and the ability to postpone gratification!

          That, and having an EXTREMELY large stock to begin with.

    • $SPOUSE$ has a Polish recipe that calls for 180 proof vodka. Only a small quantity, something like two tablespoons – but the stuff was so hard for me to track down that I have six liters of it, unopened. She’s had no time to putz in the kitchen for quite a while, so hasn’t used any. (Bacardi 151 rum is as high as I ever drank. Dang it, just looked it up, it was discontinued in 2016; I’d better ration the half quart I still have.)

  • GWB says:

    There still isn’t a cure for
    You don’t know if there’s a cure or not. The gov’t or Big Pharma could just be hiding the cure. After all, if they let it out now, they don’t get the control/profits they will if it comes out at the peak. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

    While it sounds similar to the sarcasm above, I’m more serious when I say I wouldn’t base my evaluation of whether something is a scam on the opinion of the NY AG. They have what seems to be a predilection to making those decisions on a political basis more often than they should.

    Tar and feathers would be an excellent start.
    Hey, I’m a BIG fan of the old methods of discouraging fraud and other immoral behaviors.
    (While I am naturalist in some ways, I’m perfectly ok with artificial substitutes for the feathers. Real ones are expensive nowadays!)

  • Ben Wilson says:

    Thirty plus years ago Jimmy Swaggart called Jim Bakker “a cancer on the Body of Christ.”

    Rev. Swaggart was wrong.

    Jim Bakker shouldn’t be accorded the honor of being called a cancer.

    He’s more of a fecal parasite chronically infecting the Church of Jesus Christ for what seems decades without end. . . .

  • Bakker and his ilk, along with Jacobs and her ilk, are all fake Christians and pawns of the devil. So sad that they deceive so many people.

  • GWB says:

    BTW, Baker has a minor bit of reality to support his scam, as I was reminded this Sunday:
    Silver actually is germicidal – in a topical fashion. Common communion cups/chalices have been silver-lined for a long time, not because of how rich the church is, but because germs can’t live on silver surfaces.
    (We also are using different wine for communion – 18% instead of 9%! Woohoo! Communion was a rush! 😉 )

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